Battery Charging and other Safety features

Battery Charging and other Safety features

Hi Tesla,

Kindly consider the following:

1. Charging: Tap the energy from the wheels or other moving parts while driving.
2. Safety: When either turn signal is activated an image of the rear of the vehicle is shown on the 15-inch touchscreen.
3. Safety: Add pivot function for the 15-inch touchscreen.
4. Convenience: Please remove center console - Prime Real Estate.
5. Convenience: Please provide wireless charging for headphones.


eddypremala | 3 februar 2019

as above

jordanrichard | 3 februar 2019

Do you actually own a Tesla?

1. You already get energy (re-gen) form the wheels, upon lifting/easing off the accelerator. If you are proposing getting a charge while accelerating/cruising, that’s robbing Peter to pay Paul. The drag created by the process of generating electricity would negate anything gained.

2. Why is a image on the screen showing your blinker going off, a “safety item”?
3. Here again, how is having the screen pivoted towards you a “safety” item?
4. The center console is there because that was one of the biggest complaints about the MS, lack of a center console.
5. Just how would the wireless headphones be secured in place while charging and which style of headphones should they custom build place holders for?

Yodrak. | 3 februar 2019

I can see how a pivoted touchscreen on the Model 3 could be helpful to allow different size drivers who use different seat settings set it to the best viewing angle for each individual. Same as the with the rearview mirror.

Maybe the center console could be designed so as to be an option, easily installed during vehicle assembly and easily removable after.

Agree that regenerative braking already exists, and that if the OP is asking to take energy from the wheels at times other than when the vehicle is slowing down he has a basic misunderstanding of physics.

jerrykham | 3 februar 2019

Awesome another perpetual motion thread!

lilbean | 3 februar 2019


Mike83 | 3 februar 2019

Might just be a kid that wants a Tesla and doesn't know.

lilbean | 3 februar 2019

Sorry it's mclary.