Frunk won't open :(

Frunk won't open :(

I clicked on "Open" on the screen of my Model 3 and the front trunk didn't open. I can hear the mechanism moving, but it's not popping open the trunk. It shows on my screen and the app that apparently the front truck is open, but its not.

I tried the app also multiple times. Not sure what to do. It's frustrating because my laptop is stuck in there. Any suggestions I can try? There is no service appointment available for another 10 days.

Teslaguy | 3 februar 2019

I would drive to service and ask them to open it. Try a little downward pressure on the hood while actuating the release.

rishabh0428 | 3 februar 2019

@Teslaguy Yea, I have to go there first thing in the morning before work. Sucks though as I have meeting and need my laptop. I tried that already and still nothing. Its just super frustrating. I have had the car barley 4 months.

CST | 3 februar 2019

I have mobile service fixing the locking mechanism tomorrow, front pops up one inch, won't unlock.

rishabh0428 | 4 februar 2019

I wonder if they can somehow just open it manually so I can get my laptop out.

jesus | 4 februar 2019

Druck me frunk

surfpearl | 4 februar 2019

@rishabh0428 - Yes, they can. Either a ranger or SrvCtr. Some disassembly required.

globalMan | 4 februar 2019

"I have mobile service fixing the locking mechanism tomorrow, front pops up one inch, won't unlock."

CST: how long did it take you to schedule the mobile service? How many days between making the request (phone? online?) and their expected arrival?

4fannings | 4 februar 2019

Same thing happened to me but my PURSE was trapped in there. I drove straight to Service and they were able to get the purse out. Then Mobile came to my house and replaced the part.

CST | 4 februar 2019

@gllivyl - took about 3 days for a call back from the mobile service team, and about a week wait for the appt.

Fuzzball | 4 februar 2019

Been there...took into service to have it fixed over 5 months ago.
Its a known issue. I was told 3 days wait and could not be serviced via Mobile. Things may have changed since.

jforbes77 | 4 februar 2019

Also noticed this issue yesterday, opens a couple inchs but wont unlatch

Magic 8 Ball | 4 februar 2019

If it opens a bit there are videos on youtube that show how to open it fully using a tool. Here is one of them:

michael.j.mccabe | 23 februar 2019

The frunk on our 2017 model S wouldn’t open and we were on a road trip. It would open 2” only. My very clever wife got it open by sticking g her finger through the rubber gasket and pushing the release lever to the right (towards driver side). We have done it twice now so it works in a pinch...just don’t pinch your fingers

dane.kantner | 13 april 2019

Having the same issue, need to get it open to fill washer fluid and about to take a 12 hour journey cross Support line says they're not open and to call back when they are, except the hours provided are now. Picking the "emergency" option the guy told me to go to and pick support. Appointments at service center are 10 business days out for the earliest appointment. Not very convenient!

dane.kantner | 13 april 2019

This is on a 48,000 VIN model3 (mid 2018~ production)

jimglas | 13 april 2019

one way to open stuck frunk:

apodbdrs | 13 april 2019

Try using your phone to open it!

SalisburySam | 14 april 2019

As a very not-patient person, my 2-step method to open a stuck frunk lid would be:

1- crowbar
2- warranty claim

Krsmithone | 14 december 2019

Went to pick up $100 worth of takeout. Put it in frunk - and now it’s stuck. Tried everything indicated above, but still won’t open. It pops open like it normally does - but there is some type of latch or something preventing it from opening.
Called Tesla Pittsburgh, a sales guy was very nice and tried to help. Suggested I call Roadside - sat on hold trying to get through with them for 25minutes. They scheduled me mobile service and said “they should call you Monday, but not sure”.
This is so frustrating that this stupid latch on the frunk can’t be manually opened. Wonder what this take out Lebanese food is going to smell like in a couple days...

ytr3wq | 14 december 2019

I don't know if this still works (or ever did really, never tried it)

Krsmithone | 15 december 2019

I got it open! As I mentioned the hood would pop open a little but the latch was preventing it from opening all the way. You can take the bolts out of the U shape on the hood. If you reach in you can fill the two bolts holding it onto the hood. I got a mini ratchet set at Lowe’s. The bolt is a torx T40. Using the mini ratchet you can sneak it into the opening and with your free hand guide it onto the bolt. Remove both bolts and boom the hood opens. With the hood opened you can easily use your finger to flip the latch and get the U piece out and reattach it to the hood. Shout out to Matt and Dave for their help.