The future of rest areas coming to CT

The future of rest areas coming to CT

For those that travel a lot are very familiar with the mega truck stop chains like Flying Js, TA, etc. There is another truck stop chain called Pride and it was just recently discovered that they are building a truck stop/rest area here in CT just outside of Hartford, right off RT 91. Here is the Tesla connection. Unbeknownst to anyone except Tesla obviously, they have installed 12 superchargers at this yet to be opened truck stop. This was not on Tesla's map of future charging sites.

The reason I say it is the future of rest areas is because the truck stop covers all "fuels" for road going transportation. Several gas pumps, several diesel pumps for the truckers, a hydrogen filling station and again, 12 Tesla chargers. I have not personally seen the site (thought I do live 15 minutes away) but I have seen pictures. So, I can only imagine that there will also be chargers for other EVs.

This is a very smart move on the part of Pride. I and others have been saying for a long time that it would be a smart competitive move to covering all types of "fuel".

With this newly discovered site, this makes CT have a very dense population of superchargers. 15 mins. west of Hartford is an 8 stall site, in downtown Hartford are 6 "urban chargers", 15 minutes east of Hartford there is a 16 stall site in Manchester. Now just 1 mile north of where RT 84 and RT 91 intersect, we have this 12 stall site.

Word has it that the Hadley MA site is also at a Pride property, so perhaps Tesla worked out an agreement with them.

Anyways, just thought I would put the word out for those traveling through CT, especially on RT 91.

Yodrak. | 11 februar 2019

Interesting. I have not seen or heard of this Pride outfit, but I wish it well if it plans to expand throughout the US.

jordanrichard | 12 februar 2019

It may be just a Northeast thing. Here in CT, I am more familiar with TA and Pilot, not that I frequent them but you see there signage along the highway.

Yodrak. | 12 februar 2019

Looks like they are all on, or on lesser highways parallel to, the Rt 91 corridor from Hartford to Amherst. Very localized.

bish | 17 februar 2019

Thanks Jordan,
It will be good to get a 12 station supecharger by 91. Those 4 station superchargers in the little rest stops on the Merritt Parkway get iced often. I had to wait about 10 minutes for a stall to open up on my way back from Boston recently.

jordanrichard | 17 februar 2019

Bish, which route were you on coming back from Boston?

jpcollins9 | 18 februar 2019

In our trips we've stopped at a number of truck stops with Tesla Superchargers (Texas, Alabama, Florida, Virginia.) In a conversation with a manager at one of them i mentioned that we appreciated them having supercharging because it gave us more time to look at all the stuff they had for sale, including food, snacks and maybe even a longhorn belt buckle! His response was that it was exactly why they did it since they make practically nothing off the gasoline they sell!

bish | 18 februar 2019

I forget the exact route I took. But no matter what route you take from Boston to NJ on Sunday night, it stinks. If you have a top secret one without bumper to bumper traffic, please share!

jordanrichard | 18 februar 2019

Bish, to avoid RT 95, coming out of Boston, head West on the MA pike to RT 84 West. Stop for a 90% charge in Manchester CT. That will get you enough range to get out of CT. I live all of 8 miles north east of the Manchester SC and when we go to NC, the nav system says my first needed stop is Cranbury NJ. So again, charging up to 90% in Manchester will give you enough to bypass the remaining chargers in CT. Follow 84 to 91 South and then get on the Wilbur Cross Pkwy which becomes the Merritt which will get you into NY.

bish | 18 februar 2019

Thanks Jordan. I will try that next time.

jordanrichard | 18 februar 2019

I will also add that my car is a S85 so 90% SOC may be different than your car.

moholsonali456 | 18 februar 2019

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