How long can you leave your X unplugged?

How long can you leave your X unplugged?

I am going on a trip and want to leave my X at the airport. How much energy will it use per day unplugged?

Vawlkus | 12 februar 2019

Lotta variables there. At a guess, plan for 5-10% loss per day, double that for extreme weather.

Better idea: find a 120 outlet to leave it hooked up to.

raffidesigns | 12 februar 2019

It depends on a few factors. Your settings, weather and how often you check the app. If you have always connected off, you shouldn’t see too may drastic effext when unplugged. Weather is also a factor. In New England USA, we’ve had a few cold days. 1 degrees being the lowest.) I went from 77% parked at work at 7 AM to 60% at 5 PM. If outside temp is 80+ and you have Always connected off. Expect zero effect on day. 1-2% loss in two days.

Always try to reach the airport with as much battery as you can. If the Airport has a charger, plug it in. If there’s one nearby, charge it there, then park at Airport.

domgina1 | 7 marts 2019

I need to park at the airport for a full week. Temps expected to be in the 40's. What should I expect?

jjgunn | 7 marts 2019

Arrive at the airport with 80% - You'll be no worse 55%-60% after 7 days (168 hours)

Redmiata98 | 15 marts 2019

Go to the user guide and find all the options that save power and execute them. Don’t give in to the urge to check the state of charge numerous times during the day because each time you do, it comes out of deep sleep and uses more power. I have a 2016 P90 and given your 40’s temp, I would expect to lose no more than about 14-20 miles at most for that period. At that temp, it will probably not wake up to warm the battery. Try to select a space with a higher density of vehicles rather than being the lone car in the middle of the lot, your car will be warmer and likes company ;-)

poloX | 16 marts 2019

Left my at the airport with 150 miles left. Engaged range mode, disabled overheat protection....after 2 weeks, I had 16 miles left. Arrived at the closet SC station with only 1 mile left.

jjgunn | 16 marts 2019

That's weird.....must've been cold. You lost 50% in 2 weeks? Very unusual.

Jonathantuba | 16 marts 2019

If you have any apps, such as TeslaFi connected to the car, disconnect while leaving the car parked. They ping the car, stop it sleeping and use more power

bp | 18 marts 2019

Just completed an 7 night/8 day trip with our X 100D (MCU2) parked at the airport in temps that were in the 40-70 range while we were gone.

Range loss was around 7 miles per day (about 2.3%). We set the vehicle in range mode - but did not turn off the climate system (which might have further reduced the energy loss).

We're planning a 16 day trip later this year, and based on our experience over last week, we're confident that if we leave the house with close to a 100% charge, we should have enough charge to park our X at the airport.

Though the parking charges may be high enough to warrant getting transport to/from the airport instead of driving ourselves and paying for the parking...

wluk | 18 marts 2019

I will be parking my X100D at the airport for a 3 weeks trip. I am planning to charge it to 95% and with 2-3% a day loss, I should be still able to make it. From what I read, I should change the setting to the following.

range mode on
climate control off
not ping the car with app (too frequently)
pin to drive (for safety only)

How about power off the car? I have never powering off the car before. Will that power back up immediately after powering off?
How about remove the TeslaCam USB?

jjgunn | 18 marts 2019

TeslaCam power usage is so minimal - unnecessary

Powering off the car - never tried it but one would think you would come back to maybe 2-3% loss at most?

bp | 19 marts 2019

Does powering off the car disable the ability to maintain the battery pack temperature in a safe range for storage (not too cold or too hot)? If it does, then powering off may not be a good idea when parking outside or in unconditioned garage.

Redmiata98 | 21 marts 2019

No, the car monitors the safety temperature zone for the battery.

paul | 21 marts 2019

I graphed this on a long trip a year or so ago. Below is a copy of a post I made on TMC about it.
Bottom line... you can leave the car a long time.

I have an MX75 and a while ago went on a long (3.5 week) business trip.
I parked my car in a parking building and walked away (I didn't change any settings).
Here is the graph of vampiric energy drain.

As you can see - energy dropped more quickly for the first week, then the car seemed to go
into deeper sleep, except when checking for updates.

poloX | 21 marts 2019

Paul, how do you know it checks for updates? what updates by the way S/W?