Sentry mode

Sentry mode

Did anyone receive this latest update from Tesla? 2019.5.1. I’m assuming it also includes the blind spot warning chime and geofenced automatic mirror folding that was reported on by a few sites several days back. Anyone get it yet? If so please post shots of the release notes.

jrzapata | 14 februar 2019

I have not received the update but from reading the posting from Tesla already have a request.
It would be nice if there was a way to set this to be the default parking mode or a shortcut to set it up faster:

Sentry Mode must be enabled each time a driver wants to use the feature by going to Controls > Safety & Security > Sentry Mode.

SteveWin1 | 14 februar 2019

according to TeslaFi, 0.2% of model 3s have gotten 2019.5.X.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 14 februar 2019

Activate from App controls screen.

Wanderer | 14 februar 2019

Tesla is rolling out this update on "creep mode" perhaps!

Linebet | 14 februar 2019

I understand a formatted thumb drive needs to be inserted in a front USB port in order to use Dashcam or Sentry Mode. Any thoughts on best size drive to sue?

Linebet | 14 februar 2019

Ooops. Best size to USE. (Can prior posts be edited?)

Wanderer | 14 februar 2019

I am using 16gb Sandisk and no issue so far. It constantly records 1min video clips automatically. The video quality sucks though - it isn't even 720p. Not sure why it is recording such low quality videos.

Linebet | 14 februar 2019

@Wanderer, perhaps because of the camera resolution.

reposado2 | 14 februar 2019

Anyone who thinks Sentry mode will stop a homeless meth-head from a quick smash and grab of your car in the Bay Area is naïve.

At best you'll have a video of the incident(good luck getting the SF police to care) and a broken window.

jimglas | 14 februar 2019
kevin_rf | 14 februar 2019

I for one am excited about the coming auto-folding mirrors...

JAD | 14 februar 2019

It certainly won't solve all issues, but if the car gets hit at work, you will know which co-worker to blame. :)

Also, if the videos start showing the same person targeting a bunch of Teslas, the Police may be more interested. One video, no, 100 yes.

It is a very nice FREE improvement. If you don't like it, don't use it. If it helps in some circumstances, great!

ODWms | 14 februar 2019

“...and plays music at maximum volume from the car’s audio system.”
Wait, whaaat!!!??

jimglas | 14 februar 2019

I hope it doesn't blow the speakers
I would prefer it to repeatedly announce loudly "Tazer Activated!"

synfendia | 14 februar 2019

@kevin_rf - Why are you excited about the geo-fenced folding mirrors? I don't understand the need for this feature. You can have the mirrors every time you leave the vehicle. I can't imagine a realistic scenario where you definitely don't want the mirrors folded while parked.

Cabassi | 14 februar 2019

@synfendia I’m excited for the geofencing mode (if it’s what I hope it is) because I have to manually fold my mirrors every time I enter my garage, and unfold them whenever I exit. I assume with geofencing, they’ll automatically fold when I’m near my house, and unfold after I leave.

Cabassi | 14 februar 2019

That is, I have to fold them before I enter the garage. The opening is very narrow.

guydude | 14 februar 2019

Does anyone have any footage of Sentry mode?

M3phan | 14 februar 2019
ST70 | 14 februar 2019

@teddy.tseng- no

can't anybody answer the OPs question??? :-)

sroh | 14 februar 2019

I still marvel at the fact that the community raised this as an issue, and Elon and company are doing something about it and rolling out this feature to all owners for FREE!

It certainly won't stop all incidents. But once word gets out that it will be very obvious when someone breaks a Tesla window, perhaps they will decide to go after an easier mark.

M3phan | 14 februar 2019

No : )

bermuc | 14 februar 2019

Just got the update. Feels a bit clunky so far, tried to rattle the car but alarm didn’t go off. Also it continuesly displays “recording”, thought it only has that when minimal threat is detected as per release notes:

Zidarich | 15 februar 2019

Do you need to have EAP?

vufamilyof4 | 15 februar 2019

I didn't get the notice for update yet... still waiting...

lbowroom | 15 februar 2019

No, you don't need EAP. No, the car still doesn't have a shock, motion, or glass breakage sensor.

mrburke | 15 februar 2019

@lbowroom - "the car still doesn't have a ..., or glass breakage sensor."
It does however have microphones for voice commands.
Breaking glass is a very distinct sound. I bet they are working on it as we speak.

RES IPSA | 15 februar 2019

So you still need some sort of removable USB storage device plugged into the car to record video during Sentry mode? Similar to record dash cam footage?

If so, can't the criminal just take the USB storage device?

Will Tesla ever enable cloud storage for video recording?

tripplett | 15 februar 2019

Tesla Raj posted this video of Sentry Mode, DOG mode, and the lane alerts. Looks like the update isn’t ready for prime time IMO. I hope they refine it a bit more before it’s rolled out en mass.

tripplett | 15 februar 2019

In Teslas defense for one of the problems he had - I don’t believe they expected users to enable both Sentry and Dog mode at the same time.

Hal Fisher | 15 februar 2019

Rushed updates like this never get the testing (aka time to think through all the possibilities) they need. Pity the people and animals stuck in the car when that speaker alarm goes off. Why do you think they never put sirens in cars? Not like that hasn’t been thought of and dismissed before by every major manufacturer.

LikeEVs | 16 februar 2019

I got 2019.5.1 installed. Tried Sentry Mode once, that worked fine. However, DashCam stopped working!

LikeEVs | 18 februar 2019

2019.5.3 came 1 day after I installed 5.1. DashCam still does not. It was working fine before 2019.5.1 got installed.
My conclusion is there is a regression when the USB drive is full. Dashcam used to work fine before 2019.5.1 but stop ped working after 2019.5.1 if the USB is full. Sentry mode still seems to be able to record though!

Alameda EV Guy | 18 februar 2019

For those with Sentry update, does it keep the cig lighter adapter on? I have aftermarket Dash Cam (BlackVue) powered through it, it goes off when car is exited.

Wondering if Sentry mode will keep Cig powered and thereby eliminating need for wiring to always on for parking mode (which I have not done)

gmkellogg | 18 februar 2019

I'm still on 2018.50.6

Whdame | 18 februar 2019

@gmkellogg - It's okay. I'm in the Early Access Program, have been for the past (6-7months), and I am still on 2018.49.2

gmkellogg | 18 februar 2019

That's not much of an early access program.

Hal Fisher | 18 februar 2019

Question. If people or pet is in car, does it arm when phone leaves (can you leave people in car)?

kevin_rf | 18 februar 2019

@Cabassi As an FYI, you don't need to unfold the mirrors after you pull out. As soon as you hit 30 mph, they unfold automatically.

Can't wait to no longer manually fold them as I slowly roll up the driveway. Now if they would also include turning on the backup camera as I approach the garage.

Resist | 18 februar 2019

In it's current form, Sentry Mode only uses 3 cameras, so it doesn't have 360 degree coverage. And since the video is stored on a thumb drive in the car, it can be stolen. Tesla should have put a less accessible USB port in the Model 3 specifically for this.

kessler | 18 februar 2019

I don't seem to get notified on the app when the alarm goes off. BTW, if the car is locked in sentry mode you can set the alarm off by just knocking on the glass of slamming shut the trunk.

Hal Fisher | 19 februar 2019

I advised tesla to move just the internal siren to be the manual entry each time, and leave the rest on autoenable (unless car is set to be unlocked). An internal siren has been tried by all but consider to be too dangerous. If they should take this advise there should be no further delays.

BradnLaurie | 19 februar 2019

Installed new update 2019.5.3e31b992 yesterday. Enabled Sentry mode and as @LikeEVs stated, dash cam stopped working. Will try formatting usb drive to see if that helps.
Continue to love this car!

BradnLaurie | 20 februar 2019

Update on dash cam USB. Formatted the current USB, made a new TeslaCam folder. All is well with the world again. Dash cam and Sentry Mode all working fine.

Brad has reminded me many times to not 'slam' the trunk closed. After reading about the possibility of the alarm triggering with a forceful close I am learning to have a gentler touch.

bwong24 | 20 februar 2019

I'm looking forward to receiving Sentry Mode. But you engineers might want to change the red Sentry Mode screen graphic. As an RN, every time I look at it, I think I'm looking at a stoma. Don't know what that is? Google it for an image.

CharleyBC | 20 februar 2019

It looks like HAL to me.

winthurein | 22 februar 2019

I still waiting for Sentry mode, I did not get yet, do you have any suggestion? last month my car was broke in. Thanks

rxlawdude | 22 februar 2019

It's HAL's stoma.

kensyo | 22 februar 2019

Just got 2019.5.4. Dashcam not working, need to reformat the flash drive.
Do I download video clips from Sentry Model like what I do for dashcam by pressing the dashcam icon?

kensyo | 22 februar 2019

Ok, just need to press the dashcam button to download sentry video..