Model Y

Model Y

I wonder if there is any speculation about what might be the cargo capacity of the pending Model Y. I ask because I'm hoping for the ability to take a 6' long load and a width of as close to 4" as possible.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Thank You,
Jay Carsman

jaycarsman | 14 februar 2019

Currently, we own a Model 3 Dual Motor. White interior and midnight metallic paint. Honestly, in 50 years of driving, I've never been so happy and impressed with any automobile. Absolutely perfect car, not a single visit to the Santa Barbara Tesla Store for service issues. No squeaks, rattles, and the most delightful ride and handling I've every experienced. That includes our BMW 328i Coupe, Lexus sedan, Mercedes E350, and others too numerous to mention. If the Model Y will carry my large-scale Steam Locomotive, I'll order it as soon as it becomes available.

EVRider | 15 februar 2019

Until the Model Y is unveiled, people can speculate but no one can answer your question.

jimglas | 15 februar 2019

EM has said it will seat 6 if that helps

reed_lewis | 15 februar 2019

What EM has said before means nothing until the car is announced.

carlk | 15 februar 2019

What Elon has said still means whole lot more than anyone on this board says.

jordanrichard | 15 februar 2019

No, the Model Y won't be able to handle something 6 ft long.

Rather I highly suspect it won't and here is the reason why. The Model Y will be based on the Model 3 which is literally one foot smaller than the S. In my MS it is 6 feet from the back of my seat to the rear of the car's trunk. I am 5' 9" and don't have my seat way back. Now with that said, it depends on what the object is. I have hauled 8ft lumber long lumber boards, but had them positioned between the 2 front seats and came 5 inches from my center screen.

Uncle Paul | 16 februar 2019


Think that for loads like that you are going to be waiting a bit longer...until the Tesla Pickup is released.

I have simply been amazed, however, at just how much stuff I can get inside my X. Tesla runs, including big screen TVs are a breeze. When I moved, I transported tons of household goods (not forgetting the trunk) between the two houses, saving a ton on professional movers. I even fit two full sized Hobie Kayaks inside, plus a passenger.

Not having an engine or drive line, fuel tank and exhaust systems make a fresh build EV super space efficient.

PS. My dog loves it back there.

reed_lewis | 16 februar 2019

I agree with @carlk. But what anyone says before the reveal means nothing.

sosmerc | 17 februar 2019

I'm excited about what the Model Y MIGHT just be. And obviously, I am not the only one eagerly waiting for the "reveal". This may turn out to be the year of the EV for many.
I think the Y could end up being even more important to Tesla than any other Tesla product. | 17 februar 2019

6 feet by 4 inches should be easy, depending on the width. In my S, which is 1 foot longer, I've carried 10 feet long conduit and 10 feet long 2 x 4s, all inside the car. You may need to tilt the passenger seat back and feed the long items through the passenger window if it is more than 8 feet.