Stack Exchange forum for Electric Vehicles?

Stack Exchange forum for Electric Vehicles?

Do you think it would be a good idea to have a Stack Exchange site for Electric Vehicles? If you do, maybe you can follow this proposal for a new site and hopefully ask some questions over there.

jordanrichard | 15 februar 2019

What is a "stack", in this context?

NoMoPetrol | 15 februar 2019

And why do we need to enter Area 51 to participate?

blue adept | 15 februar 2019

I've heard they do "probing" there...

I've no interest whatsoever in being "probed" and I don't even what to consider whatever a "stack" might have to do with something like that!

blue adept | 15 februar 2019

(insert 'nail biting scared faced' emoji here)

Xerogas | 15 februar 2019

@jordanrichard: "What is a "stack", in this context?"
It’s the name of a website where programmers exchange ideas.

EVRider | 16 februar 2019

No thanks. I already spend way too much time here.

reed_lewis | 16 februar 2019

What usefulness would that have to anyone?

nit1995 | 19 februar 2019

Place to learn

blue adept | 20 februar 2019


Ah, but you can "learn" here as well, particularly of a variety of things specifically Tesla-related at that!

I even think there's a growing thread discussing, in a round-a-bout way, the veracity of Einstein's special-relativity theory.