Does a silver wall mount charger have any charging advantage (can it handle higher AMP's) over a mobile charger plugged into a 14-50.

stevenmaifert | 17 februar 2019

If you are comparing the silver HPWC to the UMC that comes with the car, then yes, the HPWC can handle higher Amps and charger the car faster. | 17 februar 2019

Actually it depends on your model. M3 Medium and standard range are limited to 32 amps. All others can charge at 48 amps or more depending on the model and how it is equipped.

So a HPWC provides no charging speed advantage on cars limited to 32 amps. This limit does not affect Supercharging speeds. | 17 februar 2019

That should have been 40 amps above to include the classic model S with one charger.

jordanrichard | 17 februar 2019

Pamanley you didn’t say what car you have. There have been so many changes over the years. For a period of time for the Model S, an optional second onboard charger would get one about 60 MRH (miles of range per hour) when plugged into a HPWC, which was double of what the standard 14-50 would provide.

Uncle Paul | 17 februar 2019

The Wall Mount can provide more current than a 14-50.

It will depend on your own vehicles configuration whether or not that will result in faster charging.

Usually owners do not worry so much about the difference, as most of the cars can get enough charge during the owners sleeping hours that faster speeds are not necessary, however if you need, from time to time, faster charge your car, like if you come home battery low, but need to goright back out again soon, the wall mount may provide some value.

SUN 2 DRV | 18 februar 2019

The Wall connector has lots of advantages compared with the current Gen2 Mobile Connector:

Faster charge rate using the same circuit size as a 14-50. (except M3-MR and M3-SR limited to 32 amps)
Even faster charging if you install it on a 60-100 amp circuit.
Hardwired instead adapters with two sets of connectors
Fewer connectors means better safety and more reliability
No wall plug, prevents kids from getting shocked/electrocuted
Heavy duty charge cable, much less heating of the plug and cable.
Built in cable strain relief, no support bracket to custom fashion.
Holster for the plug end when not being used.
Much safer and more reliable than having TWO extra sets of connectors for the Mobile Connector adapters.
Can then leave the Mobile Connector in the car where it belongs for road trips.
Looks much better than the MC dangling from an outlet, keeps the SO happy.
Two to four Wall Connectors can share the same circuit and charge multiple cars simultaneously.
Avoids confusion of finding adapters to other outlet types besides supplied 14-50 and 5-15 adapters

Dramsey | 18 februar 2019

Aren't all new Teslas limited to 48 amp charging? Considering that you can pull 40 amps from a 14-50, the extra 8 amps provided by a HPWC isn't _that_ big a deal.

My 2016 Mod S can charge at up to 72 amps from the HPWC, a decrease from the 80 amps my 2013 Model S could take. Dunno why Tesla keeps dropping the charging rate. Normally I charge at 50 amps, but several times a year the 72 amp rate comes in REALLY HANDY. | 18 februar 2019

@sun - I agree with just about all the advantages of HPWC. The one disadvantage is the thicker/heavier cable when changing at 40 amps and below. I have a HPWC still sitting in the box for the last two years as I've never needed faster charging than 30 amps and dislike the HPWC cable. No kids, so that's not a concern either. Anyway I sure a HPWC is the best solution for some, but perhaps not all.

reed_lewis | 19 februar 2019

Here are the advantages to the HPWC in my mind:
- It is installed in your garage so it looks cleaner
- It is very easy to grab the plug, and plug it into the car
- If you wire it to a 60 amp circuit (with appropriate wire of course), then you get 48 amp charging on current cars (except for the mid range model 3)

- It costs $500 whereas the one in the car is included
- As TeslaTap points out, the cable is much thicker and in cold New England that cable gets rather stiff.

So the decision is yours alone. There is no Right or Wrong answer. Just a decision as to what it right for you.