Supercharger Open Schedule

Supercharger Open Schedule

I wish they would provide a better date and location for the "coming soon" supercharger. There is supposed to be one coming to Dothan AL -- and that is a gateway city to many of the Florida Panhandle beaches. I wish I know when (and where) this was going to open!

Also Tesla - it would be great to put SC in popular vacation spots as many large condos do not have them -- I could not find one in Panama City Beach and sadly I had to drive an ICE instead of my Model 3 this past long weekend.

Anyone have any idea when that SC will be opening?

hokiegir1 | 19 februar 2019

There are a few in the PCB area on Plugshare that are listed as "Access restricted" that may be accessible if you ask at the front desks, but unfortunately I think that Dothan one has been listed as "coming soon" for quite a while.

noleaf4me | 19 februar 2019

@Hokiegirl -- thanks. I did see that but we were really busy (we are looking at some property there) so we had little time to leave the car outside of overnights. If I could have charged in Dothan I could have probably have made it down and back and recharged there again. For me the trip is about 280 miles each way -- so I just think it is too close to risk without a quick charge along the way.

BTW - the condo's there are awful about charging for EVs. There were 4 hotels that offered charging for guests. I think Tesla could make some $ putting SCs in popular vacation spots. Sad that there was not even a chargepoint or other 3rd party charger in the area.

jordanrichard | 19 februar 2019

Noleaf4me, There are so many things out of Tesla’s control when it comes to building the superchargers. So it would be irresponsible to peg a date to a particular location to only then have a bunch of owners get upset when it doesn’t happen.

The Tesla supercharger team has a plan in place on where they want chargers to be placed. Then they search for properties that meet their criteria and then approach the owners of said properties and see if they will lease Tesla a set of parking spots. Then they have to see if there is enough power at the location to handle a SC site. Then they have to approach the local Town Zoning board to apply for a permit. If that all goes well, then it’s a quick 3 weeks from breaking ground to completion, but then things slow down or outright stop because they have to wait for the local power company to not only deliver a transformer, but to connect the site to the grid. Then the local inspectors have to sign off the site. Then the Tesla supercharger team returns to do it’s own testing of each stall and if all is well, then the site goes live.

Here in CT, we had a site that was physically complete but sat for about 8 months before being turned on. There was an easement issue that had to be resolved.

noleaf4me | 19 februar 2019

Thanks Jordan. I just wish they had an estimated completion date -- they have been through this enough to have a better estimate than "2019"

Bighorn | 19 februar 2019

Every site is different. There is no absolute predictability. Many moving parts out of Tesla’s control.

jim | 19 februar 2019

You might want to check out:
It provides more detailed info on the status of upcoming superchargers including whether a permit has been pulled and if construction has started.

noleaf4me | 20 februar 2019

Awesome! Thanks Jim!!

noleaf4me | 20 februar 2019

Should I be concerned that Dothan AL is not even on the site !!! What's the deal Tesla? Beach season is upon us!!!

Bighorn | 20 februar 2019

No because only posts owner discovered facts. Superchargers can open without anyone having noted a permit or construction phase. Also, don’t know if Dothan is a serious build site.