Safety while charging in a Supercharger

Safety while charging in a Supercharger

Today, while charging my Tesla, a car approached faster than normal, stop by my side and the driver tried to hand me a CD and tried to speak with me. I didn't open the window and he started to swear and left. A month before, I think the same guy stopped and try to give me a CD, when I didn't open and I just saw him upset saying that if I can buy a Tesla I could bla, bla, bla.

Definitely I do not feel safe charging my car alone if no one is around, particularly at this Supercharger that is not the best area in Chicago area (Country Club Hills, IL). Does any one has similar experiences and / or recommendations?


DTsea | 21 februar 2019

I recommend you charge at home. Or not there.

Tesla2018 | 21 februar 2019

I am in Florida and when I get gas in my other car, I always get hassled by people. Its a Lotus and people think its some super expensive car. Maybe its because I get gas right of of I 95 where all the people with signs begging for money hang out. One idiot kid followed my car into the gas station and tried to sell me drugs and wouldnt leave me alone. Idiot didnt see the F.O.P. sticker on my car that usually stops me from getting hassled. Wanted to beat the crap out of him after the station owner came out after he heard me yelling since 2 of my friends kids have died if overdoses recently but figured the idiot probably had a gun and would have shot me if I got to close.
Homeless people came up to me at a traffic light today too.

I wear sunglasses and turn my radio up loud and pretend to talk on my cellphone and just ignore them if I am in my car. I noticed that a lot of women joggers and walkers are always on cellphones. Makes it look like you are talking with someone who can get help if someone tries to abduct you. If I am driving across the country and stopping at rest stops and taking a nap, I wear T shirts with their logo on it that I bought from a police department near Newark when they had a fundraiser 20 years ago. Dont know if they still sell them since people here in FL got arrested for impersoning an officer for wearing similar shirts. But it stops the druggies and panhandlers from approaching you since they think you might be an off duty cop who might arrest them.
My neighbor got approched by a bunch of thugs at a light who started banging on her windows and trying opening her doors to carjack her. She opened her sunroof and fired off a warning shot!

TranzNDance | 21 februar 2019

If you aren't adverse to engaging with him, you could point out that you could buy a Tesla because you don't buy random things because someone asked you to.

TranzNDance | 21 februar 2019

Also, that your Tesla doesn't have a CD player.

carlk | 21 februar 2019

Tesla2018 I've never being in those situations but pretending that you're on your cell phone is a good idea.

jordanrichard | 21 februar 2019

Sorry, but your thread title comes across unnecessarily alarming. What you described could happen at a traffic light.

Yodrak. | 21 februar 2019

Is there some public place nearby that you could go to, so you don't have to sit in the car where you're an easy target?

fernandez.alberto78 | 21 februar 2019

Thanks Yodrak, going to a public place is a good idea vs just siting in the car
Thank Carlk, good idea
Jordan, I agree this could happen at a traffic light too. The difference is that you can’t move while the car is connected ...

Firma_MC | 21 februar 2019

Watch out for these guys

jordanrichard | 22 februar 2019

No, but you can wail on your horn to draw attention or call 911 if you feel that threatened.