Model 3 Wiper Blade Replacements

Model 3 Wiper Blade Replacements

Has anyone else found it difficult to find replacement wiper blades for their Model 3? Personally I have found very little information online about what exact makes and models of wiper blades fit the Model 3. I tried the Bosch Icon 19OE and 26OE and they did not fit. The connecting adapter simply does not slide in the socket. Tesla support said they can send someone over to change them, which is nice, but I can and want to do it myself. Anyone else have this struggle and/or have exact information on what wiper blades to buy and where to buy them?

Seanderson | 23 februar 2019

Already replacing your blades? Are you in Vancouver or Seattle?

Lester Green | 23 februar 2019

In Chicago. Wipers almost a year old and a little streaky.

lbowroom | 23 februar 2019

There is a thread on a different forum that describes how to modify the adapter on the Bosch icon. Involves snapping a piece of it off with pliers. Otherwise OEM is your only option

Lester Green | 23 februar 2019

I’ve seen that post, but I find it unreasonable that I have to cut plastic to make wipers fit. I would buy OEM wipers, but I don’t see that Tesla sells them. My only option is a service appointment. It works, but IMO I should be able to order some wipers and put them in at my leisure.

Lester Green | 23 februar 2019

Has no one on this forum replaced their Model 3 wiper blades?

ST70 | 23 februar 2019

Tesla always replaced mine for free on my S....haven't taken the 3 in yet

lbowroom | 23 februar 2019

Let me recap what we know. The only aftermarket wipers that fit are the icons but they require a modification that you find unreasonable.

Albert Lee | 23 februar 2019

Have not found a 3rd party wiper that can clear the Model 3’s washer jet assembly. It’s non-standard from what I can tell, so you’re stuck with OEM.

Modifying the clip is not a big deal - you already have the wipers. You may as well snap off the clip and give it a shot. The Icons are superior to the cheap OEMs... you’re not doing yourself any favors by staying with the stock ones.

Lester Green | 24 februar 2019

I appreciate everyone that provided helpful responses. I agree it’s not difficult to modify a piece of plastic, but I believe that most people would agree that it’s unreasonable to have to cut an out of box wiper blade adapter to make it fit a 50k car. Plastic can break easily and now your out $20 of you make a mistake. Tesla should sell replacements or work with other manufacturers to make replacement blades available. It is a simple maintenance item and request. Also, as a stock holder I do not believe it’s cost effective to send a service technician free of charge to peoples houses to simply change a wiper blade. On most cars this is a 60 second job per blade. I was hoping this post would help other people when they google for “Model 3 wiper blades”, but alas this was a fail.

Magic 8 Ball | 24 februar 2019

People have reported going to a TESLA SC and buying replacements, have you tried?

gmr6415 | 24 februar 2019

@Magic 8 Ball, that's what I've heard too, but that wouldn't be very convenient for people a long way away from a SC.

Has anyone taken the OEM blades off and looked for a manufacturer and/or blade model #. I'll do that later on today.

Lester Green | 24 februar 2019

I talked to customer support via email and they could not give me any specific information on part numbers. They referred me to the mobile service center. I looked at the OEM blade, but I will look again.

Magic 8 Ball | 24 februar 2019

The model S blades are available from TESLA online, I suspect the Model 3 blades will be online soon.

lbowroom | 24 februar 2019

Tesla should sell them online, but don’t yet. Getting them through service in the meantime doesn’t seem as troublesome as you make it out to be. No OEM is obligated to work with aftermarket to provide specs for replacement parts. You’re also inflating the risk of losing $20 by breaking the clip during modification. Most people who can change their own wipers can handle this.

Lester Green | 24 februar 2019

Magic 8 Ball, I see that now, thanks for the heads up. I bet you're right, but what's the over/under on the date?

gmr6415 | 24 februar 2019

I haven't had a lot of time to research this, but a little white paint relief finds the following:

Short Wiper (19"):
Made in Belgium

Long Wiper (26"):
Made in Belgium

In the little bit of digging I've done I'm finding PIAA may be making them, but they don't yet list one for the Model 3.

Lester Green | 24 februar 2019

That's some great research gmr6415, thanks for your help. When looking at the PIAA website it appears their "A clip" adapter is close, but probably would need to be cut to work. It appears the wiper arm of the Model 3 might be "too custom" to fit any of their standard adapters.

striker.michael7 | 27 maj 2019

Found this after a failed attempt to attached Michelin Stealth wipers to my Model 3. Hope it helps! It appears there are two needed adapters to connect the wiper replacements to the Model 3 wiper arms.

cnsf | 27 maj 2019

Best bet is to get them from Tesla service. I replaced mine after 9 months and also got a free "once over."

lbowroom | 28 maj 2019

Cnsf- well yeah, the OEM ones from the service center work, that's pretty obvious. Thanks.

borodinj | 18 september 2019

Got mine replaced today at my local SC. $69!!! These must be some magical wiper blades.

Bighorn | 18 september 2019

Bosch wipers from Autozone for the S were over $60

rxlawdude | 18 september 2019

@amusee, spam FLAGGED.

zx6rman | 18 september 2019

Rain X wipers from Amazon work perfect. Install no problem. I went a little smaller than stock, 24” and 18”, and couldn’t be happier with the auto wipers. I don’t even think about them anymore. They just work perfectly in the background. SC and Bosch?? Rain X FTW ;)

bruce.x | 4 december 2019

I just installed a pair of Trico Flex blades for $32 without modifications. There's a slight gap between the end of the wiper arm and the stop on the blade mount, but it fits snugly.
I also asked at Amazon about XTechnor blades:
4 confirmed buyers told me that they were a perfect fit for $28 and free delivery. Maybe next year.
There are at least 6-10 more discussions on wiper blades here.
Try googling " wiper blades" for more info.
It would be nice if Tesla would introduce a search box directly. It would save a whole lot of overlap.

T L | 4 december 2019

Made an appointment with the SC and they sent a ranger. Cost about ~$70. Yikes.

LWH | 6 december 2019

Stopped at a service center at 48k miles for wipers. Was going to just purchase them but they offered to put them on for me and plug the car in to check it out. No labor charges. Tesla Dedham rocks!

LWH | 6 december 2019

BTW that was my first service visit.M3 DM

coleAK | 6 december 2019

Wanted to change ours this fall. Called cLosest SS to try and get them to ship them to me since I am >2,200 miles away. They wouldn’t ship so I reached out to my mobile service guy. He is coming up next month and will bring me a set.

Tesla are going to have to figure out their parts department sooner rather than later. From everything I’m reading thought they are working on it.

FISHEV | 6 december 2019

I put a new Tesla wiper on driver's side as the 6 month old wiper was leaving a line right at driver's line of site. Fixed it for a week and now the new wiper is doing the same thing and leaving a film on the windshield.

I'm going with these as replacements.

roger.klurfeld | 9 december 2019

These fit perfectly and include the proper adapter for the Model 3. They are silicone blades, not rubber, so they last twice as long.
They are working great for me.

jebinc | 9 december 2019

These “direct replacement” blades work puuuuuurfectly.
XTechnor Tesla Model 3 Windshield Wiper Blades, All-Season Original Equipment Replacement Wiper Strips for Tesla Model 3 2017 2018 2019 (Set of 2)

j3oehle | 9 december 2019

BOSCH Aerotwin Front Windshield Wiper Blade PAIR 650/475mm 26 19 A102S

They appear to be the OE product and they came in a set of 26" and 19" for $38.50

syclone | 21 december 2019

I replaced my the blades on my M3-RWD at the local SC. The cost was ~ $36.00 just for the blades, no installation. Installation took about 5 seconds per blade.

determination | 18 januar 2020

XTechnor Tesla Model 3 Windshield Wiper Blades FTW - fit perfect

jfaubl | 24 januar 2020

Just installed XTechnor. Works great and easy to install.

LostInTx | 24 januar 2020

As for the cost of having a Mobile Unit replace wipers - egad!

I made an appointment to get my tires rotated in late February - quoted $97.50. On a whim, I asked what they'd charge to also replace wiper blades onsite. Jumped from $97.50 to $166.80. That's a healthy jump, except I presume they'd be the exact ones originally installed. Weighing their offer.. hmm..

finman100 | 24 januar 2020

I installed the Xtechnor's this past weekend. installed in 5 minutes, fit great and work just like OEM. I love when a plan comes together.

Dogrocket | 27 januar 2020

Here's what worked for me today... correct adapters and all!

Bosch 26PUV for the driver's side and 19PUV for the passenger's side. I purchased them at O'Riley's Auto Parts but any store that carries Bosch wiper blades should have them. They were $19.99 and $17.99 respectively.
As a 20-year auto technician, I've always been a fan of Bosch blades.

Dogrocket | 27 januar 2020

Forgot to mention... PUV is Bosch's line of "Pure Vision" Blades to go with their plethora of other styles.

TeslaYVR | 27 januar 2020

Where I live, it rains a lot. From the suggestion of another poster on this forum, I applied Rain-X on my windshield once a week, every week, for about 1 month. Now the windshield seems to have built up a good base coat of Rain-X. As a result I have never used my wipers in the "on" position, and probably cycled my wipers (by pressing the left stalk button) less than 100 times. Rain-X water repellent spray works great on my 3.

FISHEV | 27 januar 2020

"Bosch 26PUV for the driver's side and 19PUV for the passenger's side. I purchased them at O'Riley's Auto Parts but any store that carries Bosch wiper blades should have them. They were $19.99 and $17.99 respectively."

I'm going to try one of those for the driver's side. Tesla's leave a line right at my eye level. I got Michelin beam's which turned out to be what Tesla sells and it did the exact same thing.


Varricks | 28 januar 2020

Is the Tesla glass coated with something? I see it beading pretty well on its own, and Tesla doesn't want the glass treated.

syclone | 28 januar 2020

In case it wasn't seen earlier, If you have a Costco in your area, they will rotate your tires for ~$20.00 (you might have to supply jack pads). Also, you can buy OEM wiper blades at the SC for under $50.00 and install them yourself. It takes about 1 minute, including reading the instructions.