Tesla Wave

Tesla Wave

We should start a Telsa wave like the Jeep wave. It's simple to do just wave to any other Teslas on the road. It's fun and makes you smile. I was at a stop light and a model S was next to me, I waved but no look or anything. Our cars are already fun to drive why not add the wave for some smiles and fun :).

dbakernc | 23 februar 2019

By dbakernc - Loving my TeslaModel3

ReD eXiLe ms us | 23 februar 2019

It has been suggested, years ago, that 'The Tesla Nod' be adopted for similar reasons...

Sslnight | 23 februar 2019

I always wave! Started it on my WRX STi years in 2004. Tesla FTW!

jrlevy | 23 februar 2019

I still wave every time I pass another Tesla. S, X, or 3. It seems like less and less are waving back. :-(

Bighorn | 23 februar 2019

There has been a Tesla wave or flash for years, but it’s waning with the increasing ubiquity. Supercharging culture is changing too—used to be a big meet and greet. Now, not so much.

Teslanene | 23 februar 2019

When I got my m3 a couple months ago, Like bighorn said I thought I would get too a supercharger and most of them would be chatting but everyone just stays in their vehicle.

ElectricAlex | 23 februar 2019

Always wave, sort of a 3 finger salute. Most of the time get a wave back, but I live in a smaller community.

Yes I am aware it is corney, but I like my 3 finger wave.

wiboater4 | 23 februar 2019

Would be fun to have some road rallies . Have not seen that many other Tesla's near me yet but I'm not on the road a lot either. Still haven't used a Super charger and I got my car in early September.

Magic 8 Ball | 23 februar 2019

@wiboater4 Drive a few miles along Hwy 280 any day of the week, it is a Model 3 road rally here everyday. It is weird in that we will be cruising along and before we know it we are in a hunter pack of Model 3's. Yesterday I got caught in a mini pack of bimmers and had to show the M6, after he revved up his noisemaker, who is boss. I love taking out bimmers.

dbakernc | 23 februar 2019

Oh! a Tesla nod? ok... I'm in the Raleigh Durham area. I might wave and nod ha. It's easier to see a wave for me anyway. I haven't seen either yet, but I've had mine for less than 2 weeks.

Tesla2018 | 23 februar 2019

I dont like it when people wave if I dont know them. Most people wave or honk in case they notice a problem with your car like a tire going flat or a gas tank door not closed etc. Was pulling out of a shopping center 10 miles from home and someone was pulling in at the same time with a Tesla. It was a women in her 60s and I had no idea of who she was but then realized later that it might have been a neighbor that lives a few houses away from me. I didnt wave back since there are too many nutcases bothering me all the time.
A guy that works across the street from me was on the Tesla wait list but cancelled. He said he saw me driving next to him the other day. So if he honked and was behind me, I would have thought he was an impatient idiot.
Teslas are kind of generic now and not rare, except for the Roadster. Two people I work with have identical Toyota SUVs but they didnt even notice it until I mentioned it so most people dont really care about other similar cars.

Mike UpNorth | 23 februar 2019

Yesterday, on a ~10 Mile drive in Mpls, MN - I saw 3 X's, 3 S's and 3 TM3's...... pretty awesome.... probably nothing to you CA's but that's impressive in winter here in MN.

I always wave.....I'd say 50/50 on response.

Goofy Runner | 23 februar 2019

I think the cameras on the car should look for other tesla's and flash the lights when it detects another nearby. Also, a chime to the driver to let them know that another tesla has been detected. Likewise, as an added easter egg a bmw detector which would play a little evil empire music clip when one was nearby :-)

jjgunn | 23 februar 2019

Magic 8 Ball | February 23, 2019
@wiboater4 Drive a few miles along Hwy 280 any day of the week, it is a Model 3 road rally here everyday.
I think @wiboater4 lives in Wisconsin.

But yes - drive anywhere in the Bay Area but specifically I-280 near & through Palo Alto. Tesla's are becoming as plentiful as Toyotas or Hondas.

M3phan | 23 februar 2019

@Tesla2018: “there are too many nutcases bothering me all the time“ - really? What’s attracting them?

I wave every time. Agree, it’s about a 50/50 response. Too bad. Of any car brand, ours should be fostering some of the strongest community out there.

kevin_rf | 23 februar 2019

I don't get it, with EAP just aim your Tesla at the oncoming Tesla and see who's computer blinks first.

gballant4570 | 23 februar 2019

When I lived in the northern Alabama countryside every car you met would wave. There weren't that many driving around to meet, so it wasn't nearly as busy as it sounds.....

Not much like that here in Maryland, Tesla or no. I have gotten some form of recognition from one or two Tesla drivers in the last couple of moths though.

Tesla2018 | 23 februar 2019

M3phan. My other car is a Lotus so people bug me for money thinking its some type of supercar and that I am rich since I have to wear a suit to work. or I have drug dealers thinking I want to make a purchase. I am in So Fl which is the drug rehab center of America so the druggies and beggars are at every intersection.
At least I dont have to take the Tesla to a gss station and get hassled but I have people come up to me when I am at traffic lights all the time.

charles.a.braun | 23 februar 2019

If yall wave at someone and the response you get is a middle finger, that is just my way of saying "drive your car and leave me the f^*k alone.

Drive safe everyone.

jjgunn | 23 februar 2019

Or your IQ....

Be safe out there!

kevin_rf | 23 februar 2019

I think this about sums up this thread...

aptwo | 23 februar 2019

Waving is nice when the car is rare but damn here in California we see a Tesla every block I drive through. Especially in in Bay area.

TranzNDance | 23 februar 2019

In the Bay Area, we can play Tesla Bingo by arranging the order of cars to spell something, where 3=E.

gcklo | 23 februar 2019

See a Tesla every few sec here in the Bay Area. Would be very tiring if we wave at everyone.

ODWms | 24 februar 2019

I always throw up a peace sign. They almost always wave back.

Sasquatch2001 | 24 februar 2019

I'm thinking the Spock wave, or if there is not universal agreement, a subtle "nanoo nanoo" would do.

don.lind | 24 februar 2019

Lakebay, Washington... kind of in the boondocks. I THINK I saw another black Model 3 a couple of days ago at the Home bridge. I would have waved, but he/she was gone before I recognized the car as a Tesla... Not too many Tesla's out here yet.

slingshot18 | 25 februar 2019

Model 3 owners wave back. S and X do not.

Mike UpNorth | 25 februar 2019

I don't wave at the S or X....But have had 1 S initiate a wave. I reciprocated.

AWDTesla | 25 februar 2019

I try doing this with other owners like the Subaru crew does, but its been 0 for 4 so far. lol. No love back.

kallian | 25 februar 2019

I always wave or nod if stopped at traffic light. Kind of hard to pay attention on the highways.
Yes, bay area is like having a Tesla flood like Toyotas everywhere else.

MRNot01 | 25 februar 2019

If I've snubbed anyone, I apologize. My previous car is a Subaru WRX, and I got used to the idea that Scooby owners waved. I have done it with the 3 as well, however, not consistently. In traffic around here in MD, I am often past the other car before even realizing it's a Tesla. I'm going to blame it on the immersive driving experience of the car. I have definitely gotten recognition from both 3 & S drivers, however.. (possibly an X as well.. Not sure) Here in the mid Atlantic, there are others around, but not very many.

lordmiller | 25 februar 2019

I did a 3 finger wave the other day and got a one finger salute back....... ;(

Mike83 | 25 februar 2019

I still like the Tesla Nod. I still enjoy talks with some owners at Superchargers