Why are we still dealing with a stupid car door design?

Why are we still dealing with a stupid car door design?

I would guess that 100% of the people that use an automobile will agree that the design of the door must be changed. Everybody has been a vitcum of the automobiles bad design doors.

I've sent letter to auto makers for years about this. I have seen some smart aftermarket designs over the years. But the auto makers still are not paying attention.

Yes I understand our safety designs and structures. but we have better materials and tools to do better.! Every year I see the new cars come out just like the years before with a stupid door deign.

The gull wing design is ok but not the answer. For sure not the answer for an SUV. OMG Teslas SUV is the dumbest SUV design. I am a surfer and a doer. I like to put a rack on my car so i can toss a large items like a surfboard, ladder, xmas tree, whatever on the roof and go. So the gull wing is not ok.

The auto door really needs to transform! Maybe hide under, or on the side of the auto.

I love the first mini van sliding door! This was a smart step in the automobile world but it was never designed into a functional way for all vehicles. That is a huge mistake for the well being of the consumer.

Please read this and understand I am trying to help you, help me, and this will help all.

May peace be with You.

Char Noonan | 4 marts 2019

Actually the falcon wing door design is one of the most popular reasons owners buy the Model X. If you want a minivan, there are a few hundred to pick from. I like that Tesla doesn't just regurgitate the same old tired designs that other car makers repeat year after year. Clearly a Tesla is no for everyone, nor may it fit every single lifestyle, but so far, they have no lack of buyers for the designs they currently offer.

Tesla is also planned a smaller SUV (the Model Y) that is expected to have four conventional doors, perhaps it will be more to your liking.

El Mirio | 4 marts 2019

Maybe the VW ID Buzz is for you

Uncle Paul | 4 marts 2019

While the Falcon Wing door is not good for people wanting to place a roof rack on top, the design is excellent for people with kids needing child seats. They are super easy to install as you can stand full upright as you buckle them in. Also easy to load the kids when taking them home from school or on a trip. The parent also does not get wet during this process and the winged doors act as an umbrella.
Elon has several kids and it is obvious that this need was part of the reason for the falcon wing doors. In addition Tesla did not want to use the sliding doors as very few people want the car they drive to be identified as a mini-van :(

The Falcon Wing doors are great for taking guests out to dinner, especially if they have mobility issues or are older. The kids love the space ship design and they are certainly attention getting and set the Model X apart from all other vehicles.

There may never again be a vehicle with that unique design, but for now it is part of the Tesla lore.

Yodrak. | 4 marts 2019

"I would guess that 100% of the people that use an automobile will agree that the design of the door must be changed. Everybody has been a vitcum of the automobiles bad design doors.

I've sent letter to auto makers for years about this. ... But the auto makers still are not paying attention."

So please, explain to us what your design for an acceptable automobile door is?

For myself, I have not had a problem with present or past door designs, so your guess that 100% of people agree that car doors are flawed, and then there are those people who design the doors and those who approve the designs, so your guess is off by at least some small percentage.

Rants like this explain why auto makers do not pay attention to you.

Darthamerica | 4 marts 2019

Model X isn't a panacea for SUVs... It's a LUXURY vehicle for people who want it. The Falcon Wing doors are their preference. If putting Xmas trees on a roof or surfing is your requirement then don't spend 6 figures on a Model X. There are many other vehicles that can do that for 20% of the price.

blue adept | 4 marts 2019


You should just get yourself an old VW bus, convert it to electric drive (as El Mirio suggests), and live happier, cleaner and stress free (knowing that you're no longer polluting the environment) from then on.

Mahalo brah!

blue adept | 4 marts 2019

Tesla, Musk that is, is purported to announce the development of their "Model Y" on Thursday!

There might even be artist renderings of what it'll look like, perhaps even the actual Model Y vehicle itself!!

carlk | 5 marts 2019

We own a Model X. Wife and I, and everyone who has sit in the back of the car, loved those falcon wing doors. They look way more cool than those sliding doors not to mention it opens up for much easier access.. You can just walk in the second row without having to worry about bumping your head and you don't have to perform those awkwark aerobatic acts to get in the third row that you'd have to with any other SUV or minivan. | 5 marts 2019

@blue adept - Yep, looking forward to the Y reveal. It's not this Thursday, but March 14. Tesla will be showing a completed drivable Y prototype, and will be giving test rides to those in attendance.

@char - I'll also add that I see less than 1% of vehicles with something on top. It looks stupid, adds costs, hurts range, and adds noise. Clearly a few people need a roof rack, but it's a very small percentage of the automotive world. Tesla vehicles do have a lot of room inside. At various times, I've taken 12 foot long conduit, 65" flat screen tv, and a 40 gallon water heater in the box in my S, with the windows and liftgate closed. Never needed to stick something on top.

SO | 5 marts 2019

“I would guess that 100% of the people that use an automobile will agree that the design of the door must be changed. Everybody has been a vitcum of the automobiles bad design doors.“

That’s why people keep putting down 100k plus....because they are so badly designed.


DonS | 5 marts 2019

The falcon wing doors are a work of art, but there are practical reasons that the Model X is unique. Lifting a door instead of swinging it horizontally requires a mechanism with more complexity, more weight, and higher cost. As if a gull wing wing wasn't complex enough, Tesla added a second hinge to create the falcon wing door.

jordanrichard | 9 marts 2019

For those not liking the FWDs, look at the profile of the X, where would you place the track to accomondate a sliding door?

sosmerc | 9 marts 2019

While waiting an 1 1/2 for my rental car at the Palm Springs airport I had a nice discussion with a lady that had a model X. She said the doors were a "marvel" and very attention getting for about a week. Then she ranted on about all of the issues they had with their X, including doors that didn't always open or windows that got stuck and then waiting weeks for parts and service. She was ready to put the lemon law in effect as their "amazing" car was no longer worth the trouble...and it seems dealing with Tesla was not a pleasant experience for these folks. She said that she was still very interested in what the Model Y was going to be like and hoped that it would not have "those crazy doors". Hey, I am just the messenger here and I am sure their are X owners that don't reflect their positive experience here on the forum.

carlk | 9 marts 2019

Yes. A messenger to spread FUD or anecdotal information at best.

sosmerc | 9 marts 2019

When I get home from our vacation I will check back with a Model X owner that I know and I will get back here with more specific details from their experience with their X. Anyone who visits these forums often knows that some people have had serious issues with their Tesla while others have been totally satisfied. Pretty much the same story could be told about other brands of cars as well. I have no interest in spreading FUD. I own quite a few Tesla shares AND I hope to buy a Tesla someday when they produce what I am looking for. I am VERY interested in the Y......but for me the Falcon wing doors are NOT something I want. I see no avantage to them...especially since the front doors still open like a normal door and require side clearance like a normal door. You probably are going to tell me I should buy a KIA. Hey, I just might as they are bringing some decent EV's to market that might work for me and many others.

SO | 9 marts 2019

@sosmerc - you don’t want the falcon wing doors.

Ok. Got it.

carlk | 9 marts 2019

Save your trouble reporting back. I have owned an X for three years. So do a close friend and a coworker with whom we talk about the car often. Guess what? We all know what the car is like.

sosmerc | 9 marts 2019

So the three of you all own Model X and have had zero issues? Ok, that's impressive.

Yodrak. | 9 marts 2019

"We all know what the car is like."

You all know what your cars are like. As the saying goes, "your mileage may vary". Apparently, for some people experience does vary from yours.

carlk | 9 marts 2019

@sosmerc If you mean the falcon wing door no I don't have any issue with it. Reasons we all like it have been stated in my posts earlier in this thread. Nothng else can match the easy access of second and third row seats it offers.

Nice of you for trying so hard to help convince me what my car is like. To show my appreciation I offer to investigate how your wife performs and report it back to you. No need?


By "we": I mean we owners.

People definitely can have different opinions. Althoug there are enough people who have real experiences we don't need someone to repeat hearsays or spread FUD here.

TAC | 9 marts 2019

Side mirros have to go.. sheesh what is this the 1800’s?

hcwhy | 9 marts 2019

The Sliding door rocks. Hopefully the Pacifica will take away some of the negative image associated with it.

sosmerc | 9 marts 2019

Some of the power sliding van /wagon doors are pretty appealing to me and I would rather see Tesla take this approach. I like the idea of also getting the space on the roof available for racks or sliding glass (or both). But different strokes for different folks. Tesla has always been anything but conventional and the X certainly showcases that aspect.
I understand the first Tesla Pickup is also going to be rather "out-there" and will not be mistaken for being conventional. Elon has already stated he doesn't expect it to appeal to everyone...but he can't wait to build it!

Ivan Zhegalin | 10 marts 2019

Automation conveyor or how to make Tesla for $ 25k.
The failure of measures to automate the assembly of the Model 3 was not due to the shortcomings of robotics, but the archeitecture of the Model 3 itself, designed in the image and likeness of previous models, which were originally created under manual assembly, which played a fatal role and the subsequent production hell.
What is needed now and the most important thing is absolutely realizable from a technical point of view with minimal material and time costs:
1. Monoblocks.
-Reducing the number of assembly units, which will allow the use of existing robots;
-Increase the performance of service centers.
2. Super connectors.
-Each monoblock is installed simultaneously connecting a single connector that unites all connectors into a single unit;
- Due to the high performance of the conveyor, there should be online monitoring of the correctness of the connection;
-Minimization of assembly time, the principle of "One block-one movement."
3. Refusal to tighten the bolts (minimizing these operations).
- monoblocks assembled are delivered to the conveyor with the bolts already attached to the quick-locking pins, which work in the manner of super connectors, which are included in the grooves and are fixed with welding force.
Solutions are based on adaptive layout for existing robots and classical mechanics.
No robotic vision and advanced artificial intelligence, no anthropomorphic robots required.

sosmerc | 10 marts 2019

I guess this is how you make better doors? | 10 marts 2019

@carlk +1 Best laugh of the day :)

Uncle Paul | 10 marts 2019

I used to drive pickup trucks. I love the way I can put 1/2 ton of gravel in the bed and it makes my work/play so much better.

I can't understand why all the 4 door cars don't offer this design. Their design sucks for haulihg gravel the way I am used to with the truck.

Of course this is in jest, but no vehicle will fit everyones needs. If the Falcon Wing doors don't work for you, just pass. No need to insult the design.

On the other hand, I have seen people use creative ways to place racks on the top of the X. They use suction cups to mount a single rack on one side and realize that they must not open the door on that side. Gotta be careful, but it allows them to carry a single bike, a set of skis or a snowboard on their roof.

Now need to make a post that Corvettes suck because they cannot carry a 1/2 ton of gravel load :) | 10 marts 2019

@Ivan - valid points, but consider that Tesla production costs of the Model 3 appears to be well below any other automaker for the value and battery size. GM, who have been making cars for a while now, is believed to be losing money on every Bolt sold, and it's far from a competitive car with the Model 3 even though the M3 is priced a bit lower.

Tesla does appear to be working on an even more efficient production line for the Model Y. Every iteration of the production process keeps getting better. A lot of that goes to Elon for investing in smart engineers in both design and production and having them work together.

jordanrichard | 10 marts 2019

TT +1.

Some other cost factors that work against other companies. One, they have to buy their batteries from outside suppliers. Two, those batteries have to be shipped thousands of miles to their respective factories. The Gigafactory is all of 200 miles from Fremont. Three, the Model Y is set to be built at the Gigafactory which then eliminates the shipping cost and time, all together..

sosmerc | 20 marts 2019

So I finally connected with my neighbor that winters down in Palm Springs (with her first Model Yr production X).
They bought it down there, but live most of the year in Seattle and then have a summer place over here by me on Hood Canal, WA. She drives the X exclusively. Her Words..."when everything is working, she loves it! But there have been many small nagging issues with things like the radio, front wheel well molding falling off, trim issues" However, the service dept has been excellent and has always provided a loaner when needed. She especially loves the performance. I asked her specifically about the doors....she says it is one of the features that she dislikes the most. The other thing she doesn't like is the visibility out of the rear view mirror due to the rear seats being too high and blocking her view. She is pretty short so that may be the real problem. But other than that, she said she would buy another one. Just FYI as I said I would report back when I could.

SO | 20 marts 2019

Perhaps Tesla could create a Model X SDE (Sliding door edition) and make a killing.

sosmerc | 20 marts 2019

@SO.....that's something that I might like, but not so much for others here...especially X owners.
Probably better to wait until Tesla does a Van....and I think they will SOMEDAY :).......

sosmerc | 21 marts 2019

Testing, testing....will the Model Y have a power lift-gate?

TabascoGuy | 21 marts 2019

Yup. Most likely human powered.

sosmerc | 21 marts 2019

Darn, was hoping to be able to just kick the darn bumper when my arms are full and the trunk would magically open.
Guess that's just a "Ford thing".......:) | 22 marts 2019

@sosmerc - I prefer not to smash my bumper to open the trunk, but I suppose if you leave the trunk unlocked and you hit the bumper hard enough it might swing open. I can see with a Ford that people don't care about denting the bumper when you kick the car.

Ok, I couldn't resist. There are patents for the feature where you wave your foot under the bumper to open and may explain why some other automakers haven't included the feature.

Also it is a popular requested feature with 62 votes:

DonS | 22 marts 2019

In the 1950's, hot rodders removed door handles and installed switches under the rocker panels to give the body a clean uninterrupted line. Today's technology can use proximity sensors, but it is basically the reuse of an old idea.

Yodrak. | 23 marts 2019

"There are patents for the feature where you wave your foot under the bumper to open ..."

I expect the fob needs to be present? It would not be fun if a bird, squirrel, or blowing plastic bag passed under the bumper and the hatch or trunk lid opened the car to the public.

nothotpocket | 24 marts 2019

Yes, the fob needs to be outside the car within a few feet of the bumper - then you just sweep your foot under the bumper and back to open the trunk or sliding doors. It's a fantastic feature that's on the Chrysler Pacifica minivan and I'm sure quite a few others.

jimglas | 7 april 2019

flag this troll

edalcommerce | 7 april 2019

Aint a Troll, I just was thinking about the design of these toys, otherwise speaking about doors, I think the best design is the falcon wing door in Tesla X, is awesome how it opens, looks like Lambo.
I got Tesla model 2 and is quite basic, even opening the door with the controller, I would like something else.

SO | 7 april 2019

What’s a Tesla Model 2?

harissohail196520 | 8 april 2019

Indeed, the coxcomb should be outside the vehicle inside a couple of feet of the guard - at that point, you simply clear your foot under the guard and back to open the storage compartment or sliding entryways. It's a fabulous component that is on the Chrysler Pacifica minivan and I'm certain many others.

andy.connor.e | 10 april 2019

Why are we still dealing with stupid car door designs? Because people continue to buy them.

lilbean | 10 april 2019

Why are we will dealing with this stupid thread?

andy.connor.e | 10 april 2019

Because people like me continue to make a comment.

rglossin | 18 august 2019

This is quit interesting and practical.

andy.connor.e | 19 august 2019

Tesla Model 3?