Wind noise on highway

Wind noise on highway

I have been noticing significantly high wind noise from driver side on my LR AWD. Has the car for about a month now. I used my phone decibel meter and have been consistently measuring around 70db noise level while driving above 60mph. Is this common? My 10 yr old Honda Accord has similar cabin noise so not very happy. Planning to take it to service center.

Anyone else feel the cabin noise is high or not like Lexus or Audi?

cornellio | 5 marts 2019

No wind noise in mine. it was reported on some early production cars but generally got better. have them check it.

-TheJohn- | 5 marts 2019

I'm 100% convinced that complaints of wind noise stem from the fact we no longer have an engine adding its mix to the white noise machine that is a car. Same for tire noise complaints. The triple threat of engine, tires and wind noise buzzed it all into one sound imho. It's being able to readily pick out the individual audio components that's triggering people.
That doesn't mean I'm right. Or that there aren't legitimate cases where such and such thing was genuinely causing excessive annoyance.
2 cents.

davidsilk | 5 marts 2019

Before I got my 3 I purchased a thin rubber tubing for the roof from RPM Tesla. Very little wind noise issue now:

Model 3 Wind Noise Reduction Kit Only $24 with 20% Off

kcheng | 5 marts 2019

70db seems a couple db high. How's the gasket around the door window sealing? Look carefully at the driver door mirror, to see if any bits of plastic are not fully in place. Look at the roof glass, to see if any leading edges are raised above the trailing edges of the windshield. Anything that sticks up into the wind flow has the potential to cause noise that might intrude into the cabin. As the post above mine shows, there's a product that might help if your roof glass is not flush with the windshield glass. Before you buy that, just tape the seams, and drive around to see if that helps. If it does, then buy the gasket. If it doesn't, then the gasket won't help.

Carl Thompson | 5 marts 2019

Wind noise has gotten better with later cars but it's still more noise than I would expect from a premium car.

Here's a different version of rubber tubing approach to quiet things down if you don't like RPMTesla for some reason:

Reflex | 5 marts 2019

It's quite a bit louder than my last four cars (Golf, 228i, CX-5, and X3).
It's one of the reasons I struggle to understand when people call this car "amazing."

rkalbiarEV | 5 marts 2019

Which wheels tires do you have. With 19” wheels, that is about right. Of course the dB meter cannot differentiate wind from road noise.

The Model 3s are my third and fouth EVs. No, it is not the lack of ICE. The Model 3s have more wind noise than they should. It is what it is.

ODWms | 6 marts 2019

This car and it’s amazing tech are so ahead of their time it may lead us to unrealistic expectations. But I wonder if there wouldn’t be some way to incorporate some sound compensation technology into the audio system to cancel out those tire/wind and other noises.

wiboater4 | 6 marts 2019

I don't have any noticeable wind noise in mine. Maybe your driving into strong winds??

weluvm3 | 6 marts 2019

Yes, it's been noisy since the day I drove it home. Once you get over 50 mph or so it gets really noticeable. it was quite a surprise on the day I picked it up, because I'd gone from driving a lovely, quiet Bolt to a Model 3.

The Model 3's technology beats the Bolt in many respects but, I have to admit, GM does seem to know how to sound isolate the interior of their cars. Even one with an otherwise pretty cheapish interior build quality. My Bolt is honestly so much quieter.

Given that so many people report that their Model 3 is quiet, I guess it could be a quality control issue. I'm sure that, on paper, the Model 3 was designed to be quiet, too. But they just cannot manage to reliably execute on the design. I imagine that, if you want to prevent wind noise, the tolerances need to be pretty tight and exact. Sounds like they are getting at building them, if reports of higher number VINs being more quiet on average are true. I guess the OP just got unlucky.

It is possible that GM's design was somehow more forgiving, and years of experience manufacturing cars sometimes comes in handy, too.

gmr6415 | 6 marts 2019

I purchased the same kit as smooth-as-silk. It helped quite a bit. That said the black plastic, triangle shaped piece on both of my mirrors is sticking out at the top. It's my understanding that this is a known culprit too. I had read Tesla was working on a new part that fixes this problem, but I don't know if it's available yet. I've also read of SCs gluing the that piece at the top to hold it in better.

Sparky | 6 marts 2019

I've got the RPM gap sealer as well and my car is quiet at speed. I don't know how much it helps but it's got to be some and whether you go with the RPM option or the AY one they're both inexpensive and apparently effective without changing the look of the car at all.

tompapadopoulos | 28 juni 2019

I have taken my car in 3 times for this issue with no resolve.

You would think that as expensive as these cars are and the fact there is no engine noise, that Tesla would apply a couple hundred dollars worth of sound dampening material in the factory.

I find it hard to believe that both the service center and body shop claim that people are not complaining about this issue.
I spoke to a 3rd party auto installer that told me they get a Tesla vehicle every week for Sound Dampening install, and I am now considering it due to how embarrassing the noise is in my 2013 Model S.

I also Just spoke to a 2018 P100D owner who had to have sound dampening installed and upgrade speaker system to improve the quality. : /

Lonestar10_1999 | 28 juni 2019

Tom, even ICE cars have after market sound deadening solutions, its a common complaint with many vehicles. Hopefully the solutions available for the M3 won’t violate the warranty.

bpatter123 | 28 juni 2019

I am one of those folks who do not detect any significant wind noise. But the Road noise on rough pavement is significant- and seems to emanate from the rear of the car. Part of the issue may be the 4"x 8" port in the rear package shelf for connection to the subwoofer in the trunk. This also allows road rumble to enter. I took parts of the trunk liner out to see very little or zero sound material on the wheel wells and subtrunk. My current plan is to add sound mats to this area- we'll see.

X8IB | 28 juni 2019

I agree with @bpatter123. Last winter I folded down the back seats to haul tires, and I can tell there are road noise came from there. Please post your results.

calvin940 | 28 juni 2019


This is a model 3 forum.

Kary993 | 28 juni 2019

I have not measured it but we proved through a long road trip that the noice (between 65-75mph) is created by the tires and the road surface. I posted this in another thread, but when we hit a road surface like smooth asphalt, the noise reduced by well over half. On grooved concrete freeway in California, terrible wind noice.

After a few weeks of owning I had taken the car in because while using bluetooth and talking on phone while on freeway no one could hear me that well. Turns out it was the tires and road surface not the car quality.....

suddled | 28 juni 2019

See if the small Black triangle pieces next to the side mirrors are loose. I heard some people say that those can cause noise at higher speeds if they are a little loose and need to be glued/taped back down.

jim0266 | 28 juni 2019

The wind noise on my passenger side was pretty bad. A Ranger adjusted the seals that run vertically on the outside of the B pillar. Near the top as you ran your finger along those channels they were pressed it lesss than at the bottom. That adjustment definitely helped to lower the wind noise but the right side of the car is still louder than the driver side. He was not able to address the black triangle piece that is not tight to the car along with the gasket that has a hump in the middle. When I taped over the triangle and gasket it didn't help lower the noise. Will have Tesla look at them when I take the car in next week to address a rattle issue.

Would love to try this test if I could find someone with a compressed air unit:

SonnyP | 27 august 2019

I did not have any wind noise issue until I got my driver side mirror motor replaced last week by mobile service. I don't know what he did when changing the mirror motor but now every time I drive over 45-50 mph there's a loud wind gushing noise from driver window area. To make it worse the schedule service option has gone missing from the app.

St☰v☰ | 27 august 2019

I'm not getting a lot of wind noise, but I sure hear a lot of tire noise, and not just mine, seems I'm hearing everyone's tires especially those huge 4x4's and raised trucks with off-roads tires.

andy.connor.e | 27 august 2019

must be teslas fault

vincelorto | 27 august 2019

Kriss, I also had a lot of wind noise. My issue was solved by the service center after two visits by the mobile tech. In my case, the driver side window was not flush with the black support beam (not sure what this is called) the separates the front and rear windows. Whereas the back window is clearly slush, the front, rolled up, was perhaps 2/32 raised and not flush. I set up a mobile tech call. On the first pass, the mobile tech said it was within Tesla's parameters for being ok. He took it out did some.jiggling around and put it back. He also ordered a new receiver for the driver side seat belt as it was rattling. After a few weeks waiting for that part, he texted to set up a following appointment for the install of the seat belt holder. This time, I complained about the window again but also showed him a pick of water coming through this window. After installing the seat belt thingy, he went ahead and replaced the seal around the window. I forgot what he called it. This improved the noise a little bit but the moisture was able to come through a bit. He himself set up the service center appointment with his notes. When I arrived there, they called over one of their techs and this gentleman immediately saw the issue and said that the window barely touched the seal. They gve me a loaner model S p85 and got to work. By the end of the day, the called and said the car was ready. The replaced the window. The original mobile tech thought that the window curvature was off. The new window is now flush when up with the support beam and rear window and the wind noise is greatly reduced. I only hear it now at speeds above 85 mph. My biggest noise issue is now road and tire noise. I went ahead and bought door seals anyway but I dont think itll give me any better reduction on the wind noise vs what they repaired. Hopefully this helps.

Resist | 29 august 2019

Most of the wind noise in my Model 3 seem to be coming from all the door windows and not the roof glass seams.

TrexTesla | 29 august 2019

My wind noise seems to come from the passenger front area...annoying and still trying to isolate it. I saw someone do a video where they placed duct tape in various areas and then driving to help narrow it down. Sounds like a good plan, but I don't want to drive around town with duct tape on the car and look like my car is already falling apart...looking for a good clear tape that may accomplish the same thing. I bought the gasket kit that was mentioned earlier which included the roof seal and the door seals. Nothing changed. I have the loose triangles in the front corner of my windows. I did tape those down with black tape, but hasn't changed the noise. I'll have to look at the window issue mentioned above. Mobile tech is coming next week to install new tires/wheels so I'll ask him then.

sjm4660 | 29 august 2019

I cut the end off my wife's old stethoscope and use that inside to localize the source of the leak while my son shoots the area outside with a jet of compressed air. In my case the front door seals were leaking at the 'b' pillar where the glass meets the door frame

yudansha™ | 29 august 2019

The tech used a dollar bill to see if my noise complaint was valid. He said the top of the driver's window near the b-pillar has a gap.

bddaughe | 29 august 2019

The best way to solve the issue is to blast your favorite music at a level greater than 70 decibels. No more wind noise and you get quality of life improvement by listening to something you enjoy! :-)

Mr. Spacely | 29 august 2019

Never had ANY wind noise in my car at all. Occasionally some tire noise depending on the pavement, but never wind noise...

TrexTesla | 29 august 2019

I blasted my music but the wind is still affecting the clarity of my Yanni music... :)

yudansha™ | 29 august 2019

@petergalindez Your music is not loud enough. :)

bddaughe | 29 august 2019

@petergalindez, you need to blast the song "Desire" from Yanni. That one gets the sub going!

TrexTesla | 29 august 2019

LOL! I will say the added wind does add a certain 3-D surround effect to my Zamfir….

tnguyen430 | 8 oktober 2019

@TrexTesla - did the tech give you any update about the wind noise?

@vincelorto - i might take your post and just show the mobile guy when he comes out next week. i've had 2 mobile people come and the issue is still the same. do you have any sort of invoice/work order that described the issue in more detail?


vincelorto | 8 oktober 2019

Actually I dont remember getting a final work order. I remember getting upset that they texted when complete and told me the car was ready and that the invoice would be ready too. When I replied with a WTF? Am I getting charged for something that should be under warranty, their reply was that there was no charge. When I picked up the car, they just pulled it out and I drove away without paperwork. Sorry.

andy.connor.e | 8 oktober 2019

Never leave without paperwork. You cant be sure anything that was done to your car was actually documented.

dhbedinger | 8 oktober 2019

I hear a sort of "vrrrrrpppp" noise at around 85 mph. Sounds like wind is fluttering a seal, and it sounds like it is coming from over the drivers head. Any thoughts?