FSD @ $2000

FSD @ $2000

I bought my 75D X last year in August, very happy so far. Today i logged into my account and saw that they reduced price from $5K to 2K. I would like to if is it worth to buy at 2K. Is this price reduction due to recent price changes?

jjgunn | 18 marts 2019

You bought FSD - You're on HW 2.5 - You get the hardware upgrade to HW 3.0.... "Soon!"

Same as me....just have to wait it out until they're ready to release the next step in FSD (Stop Signs/Lights at limit line in city driving)

avesraggiana | 18 marts 2019

So what exactly, or theoretically, will I get for my $2000?

July 2018 build X100D with EAP and AP 2.5. I can’t remember anymore whether we got the new MCU processor. Too confusing to remember what we did and did not get with our latest Tesla purchase.

jimglas | 18 marts 2019

as far as I can see, for now, all we will get is the new processor when its available

avesraggiana | 18 marts 2019

@jimglas. Thanks for your prompt reply. $2000 for a processor that doesn’t exist yet...Hmmm....decisions, decisions.

avesraggiana | 19 marts 2019

It’s now 050 hrs on Tuesday the 19th. The price is still $2000. This is a curse for procrastinators like me.

jjgunn | 19 marts 2019

It's worth the $2k to keep upgrading your vehicle.

Any other manufacturer would tell you..."Buy a new car"

Vawlkus | 21 marts 2019

Hmmm..... I have a hard time crediting the reasoning for 4 and 5, it doesn’t fly for me.

mskiby | 21 marts 2019

I toke delivery of model x 100d in October 2019.
No rebates since I'm in Ontario Canada.

This month lost 15k on the value of my vehicle.
Even with the 3 percent increase. Again.

When Tesla so graciously offered for me to pay another 2600 CAD (2k USD) on top of my kids of 14k. I said no thanks. I don't need to donate more money that I don't have.

As I see it. Tesla will continue to drop their prices until parity is achieved with ICE engines. Those who already bought FSD were offered EAP (whoo hoo, really).
Jokes. They have shown their unstable policies. And their lack of taking care of existing owners.

Instead they take any chance to screw you owner and have brand new owners take the loss.

No thanks. And now advising my clients to wait.

Tesla sadly is not the company it once used to be.

Uncle Paul | 21 marts 2019

Talking a fresh look, it seems that now that their vehicles no longer are elegible for the full tax credits, Tesla has reduced their prices to remain competitive and viable in the marketplace.

Their new pricing will allow this to happen, and the value of their products are now very compelling.

They provide cars from $35,000 to well over $100,000.

Previous customers may be upset that they paid more, but Tesla is doing what they must to maintain a market for all the hundreds of thousands of cars they plan to produce over the coming months.

Their cars are becoming more well made, autopilot is getting better, range and performance are being increased.

Believe this is what Tesla knows it must do to survive and thrive.

LTR | 21 marts 2019

Uncle Paul - good point! Yes, I did 'pay more'... but I also didn't pay $7,500 of tax liability this year. So in reality, I paid just a little bit more than someone buying the X today. I never thought of it that way...but now thinking it through, I feel better about the whole re-pricing that Tesla has gone through over the past month.'s still the most incredible car I could ever imagine!

MyMXRed | 22 marts 2019

It looks like if i want to summarize the new FSD @2000....
1. The existing EAP 2.5 features stay like Lane change alert, auto pilot and Navigate on AP
2. OTA software updates for new features like advance summon which will bring the vehicle where you want.
3. Hardware / chip included when its available at service centers (cost included)
4. All future EAP and fsd OTA updates
5. When Self drive is approved, the feature will be updated with software updates (hoping that tesla would not again charge or come up with lame excuse as a hardware upgrade).

I paid last Friday the $2K, i had only EAP originally.

Please chime in if i have missed anything.