Is Anyone Rushing to Purchase Before the March 18th Price Increases?

Is Anyone Rushing to Purchase Before the March 18th Price Increases?

I'm curious. With the recently announced 3% price increases coming, is anyone rushing to get their purchase in before the cost goes up? If so, what are you looking to buy?

I'm planning on getting:

Model 3
Long Range
Black Interior
Red or White (I haven't decided yet). I want to visit a store and see the colors in person.

jimglas | 11 marts 2019

Red is spectacular, I now wish I had got red

sbradfor | 11 marts 2019

It looks really great in some of the pictures, but in others, it looks a little orange. I want a blood red.

jimglas | 11 marts 2019

reminds me of what we used to call "candy apple red", not like chevy red

jeff | 11 marts 2019

Ordered my blue model 3 AWD black interior, autopilot, 19 Inch rims this morning when I saw the price jump. Been on the fence between that and the Performance since they dropped the prices and this mornings news motivated me to make a decision and go for it. The $8000 Quebec EV credit helped to make the decision though, if it didn't exclude the performance I probably would have gone in that direction.

mavraamides | 11 marts 2019

I wish I could rush out and get it before the price increase but I'm still 2 years away. Stuck in a lease.

But, OTOH, I feel like in 2 years 1 of 2 things will happen:
1) Prices will go down anyway as battery tech gets cheaper and refinements are made to the production process.
2) Or, sadly, Tesla will no longer be. I hope to GorN that doesn't happen but it is a possibility as it seems that demand is down quite a bit right now. And let's face it, there is a bit of inconsistency from the company as prices and plans seem to change on almost a weekly basis.

But if I were buying now, damned right I'd try to grab it before the 18th.

jimglas | 11 marts 2019

demand isnt down, international deliveries have just started on the 3

mavraamides | 11 marts 2019

@jimglas - I hope you're right but this guy thinks it's down 33%. I guess we'll find out in a month or so...

johnse | 12 marts 2019


Don’t believe anything on Seeking “Home of Tesla short sellers” Alpha.

sbradfor | 12 marts 2019

jimglas | March 11, 2019
reminds me of what we used to call "candy apple red", not like chevy red

Thank you jimglas. I know exactly what you mean.

Tropopause | 12 marts 2019

I have red Model 3. Definitely no orange tones going on. Pure red!

edaghigh | 12 marts 2019

Does anyone know if the prices are changing on Monday or after Monday? I.e. 12:01am on Monday or 12:01 am on Tuesday?

Swarm | 13 marts 2019

I am looking at placing an order for one in the next couple of days.

The wife and I want the following:
Model 3
Long Range
White Interior

SO | 13 marts 2019

@mavraamides - US sales are always down in Jan and Feb.

I’m not even going to bother reading that seeking alpha drivel.

NoMoPetrol | 14 marts 2019

Buy when your time is right. If it dovetails nicely with a favorable price, great. If not, it is still the best deal for YOU.

Mdoss | 15 marts 2019

I'm in a leased vehicle until May. I plan to order my Model 3 in mid-April, because right now it says delivery in 2-4 weeks.

I hate that the price is going to go up one month before I order mine. But oh well...

Think I'm going with:

Model 3
Standard Range Plus

My lease that I'm getting rid of is a 2016 Nissan Leaf - so whatever Tesla I pick, IT'S AN UPGRADE!!!!!

Blue is my favorite color - but that red is gorgeous.

Rt002k | 15 marts 2019

I was debating between red and blue on my Model 3 and ended up with blue. I've never been a red guy, but it looked so good I almost went for it. I love how it looks in blue, but I think you can't go wrong either way.

I am on the fence of purchasing the FSD upgrade for the discounted $2k. I don't like the idea of purchasing something that I receive nothing for right now, and who knows when anything will materialize. There's also no firm commitment on HW3 being included in the FSD upgrade, which was supported by my inquiry to customer service (their reply below). I do believe that if FSD does come out and works that the price will go up because then there's actually something to buy rather than the promise of something.

Reply from Tesla customer service: Thank you for reaching out to us to help address your concerns for the FSD upgrade. At this time, we do not have the full details for the release of HW3. Additional information is going to be sent out when the full suite of FSD features is released.

Éléonore | 15 marts 2019

Ordered my silver Model 3 today! :)

19in wheels
Black interior
Long range

sbradfor | 18 marts 2019

Prices are still good. I ordered mine in red yesterday!

Tesla-Sekar | 18 marts 2019

Ordered mine on the 15th. M3 LR RWD, Blue/Black, Aero.

Checked the prices just now (520p ET on 3/18). Hasn't moved an inch, no 3% increase yet.

darron | 18 marts 2019

We ordered an X last week. A local gallery emailed us, said an inventory car from December was an exact match to our choices and was $3K less... so we switched to that. I took a look at the "View Specs" link, and what do you know it's actually only $600 less. Huh? They confirmed... said they couldn't explain how they miscalculated that. Cue the frantic calls on Friday to get the original factory build reservation back before the prices go up on Monday.

We have another car lease for a few more months. $3K would have been worth eating the last several months of that lease. $600 is not.

I expected bad math from car dealerships (EVERY time in the past for me)... not from Tesla. Possibly an honest mistake... but damn. There's probably immense pressure to move cars on the galleries now that they've only managed a temporary reprieve.

alexweimers | 18 marts 2019

I can't order one until I trade in my car or sell it privately. However, Tesla can't give me an estimate for my car until I place an order which I find kind of insane. Some help would be nice if anyone here knows about the procedures.

jason | 19 marts 2019

I ordered mine on a Sunday in anticipation of the 3% increase. I can’t believe the prices still haven’t gone up. What’s going on?? Will they ever raise prices?

Anyway, I ordered as follows:

Model 3
Dual motor Long Range

Can’t wait!!! No word yet. Wonder if they’ll find me a car or if I’ll have to wait for a new production run.

Celis_mick | 19 marts 2019

Placed order on a P100D with Ludicrous... don't know what to expect from the price increase. Car was 55K EURO more expensive on February 27th 2019.
At this moment prices have still not changed... 3% on average could be much more on the top models and much less on the base models.

Mdoss | 19 marts 2019

They just announced that the prices are now going up WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. They got overwhelmed with orders Monday night and are getting caught up from that!!

Tropopause | 19 marts 2019

The Anti-Sale Sales Event has been extended.

Sollien | 19 marts 2019

Musk is a businessman. This was a smart trick to boost sales...!!!

Model S Lover | 19 marts 2019

ordered a P100D, ludi, black/white, 21”, FSD ... aggressive !

delivery forecast ... june (can’t wait to jump in !!)

agree with Mick ... 50+k saved compared to just three weeks ago (iper-lucky, miracled, to get the much needed price reduction few days after, triggering the decision)

good offer for my used car (bmw touring 535xd, 2012)

sbradfor | 21 marts 2019

Prices have now been raised. The car I purchased went up by $1,500 (Long range model 3, black interior, AWD, 18" Aero wheels, autopilot, FSD in red). Price went from $57,500 to 59,000). It is being reported that Tesla had a lot of orders before the price increase.