TACC is driving drunk after software “upgrade”

TACC is driving drunk after software “upgrade”

Wow. What the heck Tesla?

Now my MS 75D drives like its drunk on TACC in moderate traffic. Horrible phantom braking and crazy jerky acceleration in TACC. So much I had to disable it.

I’ve driven close to 10k miles on the old “it ain’t broke” TACC software. It was smooth and predictable if settings were right.



2019.5.15 update

SoCal Buzz | 11 marts 2019

I noticed some strange behavior / phantom braking as well, but only using NOA. It seemed to occur mostly in HOV lanes, and really struggled with transitions. But TACC was stable in general over 100 miles.

Daisy the Road ... | 12 marts 2019

It does seem to be a bit too jumpy about nearby cars not staying centered in their lanes. The previous version was better.

diamonds2 | 12 marts 2019

These issues started for me with the 2019.4.2 upgrade. Before that, TACC was a pleasure to use, now it has the same issues as described here. I was hoping that when I get 2019.5.15 it would be fixed, but after reading the above posts, my optimism has been dashed.

I'll report back once I get the next upgrade. | 12 marts 2019

Have you tried a reboot? Often fixed strange issues, especially after an update. Hope you'll try it and report back.

diamonds2 | 12 marts 2019

Yes, I have rebooted.

Now that I see 3 other posters have had the same issues, I don't have to worry that it is only a problem with my car.

BPSoCal | 12 marts 2019

It’s actually uncomfortable to ride with TACC on because of the constant accel/decel. Not to mention it gave me a collision warning with a red car and full brake for a car in the next lane.

This has become downright dangerous, I’m just glad I wasn’t being tailgated at the time.

I sent feedback to Tesla. Help do the same so they unfix this!

BP | 13 marts 2019

@diamonds2 - Thanks for the progress update. Don't have 5.15 yet, but installing a new update now. I'll watch out for it. | 13 marts 2019

Ok, installed 2019.8.1 this morning and drive 20 miles or so on the freeway with AP2. Worked about the same (fine) as my prior version 50.6. Slowed appropriately as cars in front slowed, and sped up as needed. Zero phantom braking. No reboots needed. I didn't have 4.2, but if there was an issue, it looks like it has been fixed.

To be clear, tested using AP2, and not TACC, but I wouldn't expect any difference, but it's possible.

jordanrichard | 15 marts 2019

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rhys.wilson | 15 maj 2019

Renewing my request that Tesla delete the new "decelerate in exit lane" feature added to TACC. Please let me decide how fast I want to go (exit lane or not) when I am steering the vehicle. Understand the need for this with Autosteer, but not with TACC.