FSD Pricing. Your head spinning yet?

FSD Pricing. Your head spinning yet?

Oh, buy!

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on!

grosenberg | 14 marts 2019

can someone educate me...I have HW 2.0. If I upgrade to 2.5, what will I notice as the driver? What benefits to upgrade? Thanks

kyle.handy | 14 marts 2019

Oct 2018 Model S here and dashboards is showing $4000 for AP and $11,000 for FSD... Called support today and lady said she would email someone that would be able to “change codes” to reflect lower pricing. Still a little nervous... I asked for her to send me an email recapping the conversation which she said she would, but I’ve not received. Figure if it doesn’t happen tomorrow, it’ll be hit or miss if they honor anything after Monday...

Tropopause | 14 marts 2019

That's a good recap. A bit confusing on 4 and 5. Wonder how accurate those statements are?

garyjtate | 14 marts 2019

AP 2.5 appears to be key for items 4&5?

bruno | 14 marts 2019

@grosenberg I am in the situation as you, what I was told is that even if it goes over Monday they would honor the price since it's a problem on their end. Hopefully it gets sorted out to everyone that is in the same situation.

jordanrichard | 15 marts 2019

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mbirnie51 | 15 marts 2019

@Tropopause...yeah, I'm hearing that ONLY M3s have Sentry mode at this time. My guy kept on having to put me on pause and check with another engineer with more expertize (sp) to get my answers, so I think once 2019.5 gets out to the MS and MX vehicles, we'll have Sentry on upgraded HW 2.0 units as long as you have the new MCU. It seems that for older HW 2.0 folks it's a 2 part upgrade, first the new MCU then the new 2019.5 OTA It's a little frustrating that the definitions of this upgrade are not nailed down and internal Tesla folks could at least explain what upgrading would entail. I went to a Tesla store near my home and the folks there could not give me any information, so I phoned the mother ship and got in the que to get my answers. | 15 marts 2019

@mbirnie51 - it's my understanding that HW2.5 (not MCU2) is required for Sentry mode and dashcam features, as there are HW2.5 cars with MCU1. Still it is not absolutely 100% clear.

There is no HW2.0 to 2.5 upgrade, but there is a HW2.0 to HW3.0 upgrade as part of FSD. What is not clear is if the HW3.0 retrofit provides the Sentry mode and dashcam features. HW3.0 retrofit has only been described as needed for FSD. | 16 marts 2019

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Ohmster | 16 marts 2019

Bought FSD at 2k+tax for S just now. Will do X later this evening.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on!

Ohmster | 17 marts 2019

Bought for X. I have no idea what I have done.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP, FSD, AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on!

bruno | 17 marts 2019

So apparently if you have purchased your car from a private party(owner) you are not eligible for the discounted price because it is post delivered? For the same reason, I cannot purchase extended warranty although their website explicitly says it is eligible if not purchased from a third party dealer.

Quote from application engineer:

We just wanted to reach out to you with regards to your recent inquiry about the discounted pricing regarding "Autopilot" and "Full Self Driving" however after escalating your concern at hand, it was determined by our engineering team that the reason why the vehicle in question was not reflecting the discounted pricing is because the vehicle in question is ineligible for for the discounted pricing. Reason being that post delivered vehicles are not eligible for the discounted pricing. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Tesla simply lost a customer and a Model Y preorder I have placed will now be cancelled if I am to be treated in such a way, nowhere in their website or any post says anything about the above.

SO | 17 marts 2019

@bruno - that’s okay. I’m sure other manufacturers can Install autopilot on their post delivered vehicles for much cheaper.

TranzNDance | 17 marts 2019

I got the discount pricing after over a year of ownership. On the bright side, you saved a lot more money from buying a used car than the discount for FSD.

rxlawdude | 17 marts 2019

@SO, that was classic!

Ohmster | 17 marts 2019

I purchased two FSDs this weekend. I either saved $2k, $4K, $6k (based on past previous options) or blew some portion of $4k.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on!

Kapi_Dhwaja | 17 marts 2019

I purchased FSD for 2K. I bought a 2016 AP 2.0 CPO from Tesla that had EAP... The previous owner paid for EAP and I ended up taking FSD. After the update ther hasn’t been any change. It looks like cars with AP 2.0 with a 2K purchase to FSD is a pre-order to getting more features added in the future. Any one else experience the same with the purchase?

nwfan | 18 marts 2019

@Ohmster, did the same but for S and 3. Did we throw money away? Or

Neech | 18 marts 2019

I decided to risk not getting the upgrade. They better not try and take away the navigation features that I already have with the $5000 EAP I bought with the car. I really just want the HW3 since I have AP2.0.

Ohmster | 18 marts 2019

Can anyone comment on the new pricing? Curious.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on!

roshni | 18 marts 2019

My feelings exactly...

Hammonddave | 18 marts 2019

Just pulled the trigger... I have a feeling that Nav on AP may disappear... and just for the sake of resale value, why not?

mikeTeslagoal | 18 marts 2019

About to pull the trigger....not sure. I think I want HW 3.0 have 2.5? Hummmmm should I stay or should I Go for it!

kcheng | 19 marts 2019

FSD is still showing as $2k for me. Not gonna buy it...

rxlawdude | 19 marts 2019

@kcheng, I guess Tesla's coffers won't go ka ching from your purchase! :-)

garyjtate | 20 marts 2019

Just received this from support this morning....

“Thank you for contacting Tesla. I apologize for the delayed response, and any inconvenience this may have caused. As you have Enhanced Auto Pilot you do need to purchase Autopilot, you already have the features included in Autopilot. The next upgrade for you would be Full Self Driving, however- at this time as you have Enhanced Auto Pilot you would not receive any new features until there are FSD features released. “

Bill_75D | 20 marts 2019

"As you have Enhanced Auto Pilot you do need to purchase Autopilot, you already have the features included in Autopilot."

I assume this should read "As you have Enhanced Auto Pilot you do NOT need to purchase Autopilot, you already have the features included in Autopilot."

avesraggiana | 20 marts 2019

In any case, now there's griping on the Model S Owners Facebook group that your $2000 payment won't necessarily include new hardware.

Musk's tweets notwithstanding, according to an email response from a Tesla customer service rep. there's no confirmation yet that Tesla will upgrade your hardware so as to be able to take full advantage of FSD.

Discuss. | 20 marts 2019

@avesraggiana - Why discuss? Everything we've seen from Tesla is FSD will get HW3. I've never seen anything from Tesla to disagree with it. Sure, there is no ironclad written contract to state this, but from a technical standpoint, it is also very clear to me that the current hardware cannot do FSD at the quality level necessary. It's not all that costly for Tesla to provide HW3 - I estimate to cost Tesla around $500 for a retrofit, and perhaps a lot less (not including development costs- which are fixed no matter how many are sold).

SO | 20 marts 2019

Other than a free trial, has there ever been anything added to your car and then taken away?

I don’t think Tesla is going to remove EAP features from existing customers with EAP.

Tropopause | 20 marts 2019

I paid $5k (and am waiting for the $1k refund) for FSD upgrade one day prior to the price reductions. I asked Tesla if they'd consider an adjustment but they said No, however I'd be admitted into the early adopter program.

Today I checked my CC account and was happy to see that Tesla honored the original grandfathered price of $4k as agreed upon at time of FSD upgrade. However, I was surprised to see Tesla also refunded me the sales tax difference.

garyjtate | 21 marts 2019

Autopilot went from 2K to 5k, still doesn’t say what you get....
Tesla this is just wrong.
I’ll pass again.

hnwiiI | 21 marts 2019

Price increase officially showing for me today - I never saw $2k, always $3k - but today it's showing $5k

avesraggiana | 21 marts 2019

I pulled the trigger just in time for my mum's July 2018 X100D and got FSD for $2000. My dad's S785D on the other hand, built in March 2017, now shows FSD available for $5000.

avesraggiana | 21 marts 2019

Should clarify - bought FSD last night for one Tesla before the 2359 hrs deadline. Checked again upon waking up this morning, and saw the price increase on the page for the other Tesla without FSD.

braca | 21 marts 2019

Mine went from 2k to 5k for FSD.
But before all of this it was 3k.

I paid 5k for EAP on 12/21/18

Bighorn | 21 marts 2019

It should have been $3k before purchase and $4k afterward. It’s unclear whether the $5k shown now would be honored at a grandfathered $4k.

Hammonddave | 21 marts 2019

You guys missed the boat. No reason to piss and moan... you had your chance. Funny about the different prices. About four weeks ago I remember FSD on my page for $3000 (I already have AAP). I thought about upgrading for the future then but didn't pull the trigger. When it went to $2000 I said "What the Hell?" Time will tell if this was a good decision.

dkaygee | 21 marts 2019

Purchased AP after the fact for $6K - S75D '18 AWD. FSD was $5K for along time. Then it was $3K for a couple weeks, then it hit $2K and I bought it. My account notes the credit and the option to purchase FSD is gone. No software updates since 2018.49.20. Glad I did it. Can't wait :-)

Tropopause | 21 marts 2019

My Model 3 has neither AP or FSD. Was showing $3k & $2k prior but today shows $3.5k & $5.5k.

Halmaguer43 | 21 marts 2019

Hello everyone, although improvements are needed, I’m thankful for my EAP features especially on the highway. I’m not interested in FSD on surface streets as EAP is very helpful in heavy traffic as well. I do expect delivery of all EAP features that were to be included in the price I paid.
All the EAP features must match the safety levels offered in FSD. Perhaps upgrading the hardware to HW3 will be required on all EAP vehicles as Tesla embraces the limitations of HW 2.0 and 2.5
I find the situation with Boeing in several investigations concerning the 737 max series crashes where it surfaced that two safety features were only available at an additional cost to the customer a bit too “close to home”

mskiby | 21 marts 2019

I didn't buy, couldn't' after feeling screwd over by the price drop on the March 2019 prices.

The new prices pretty much is cheaper and includes FSD, after taking delivery just at end of 2018. Not keen on donating more money to Tesla, EAP is pretty much full features for now, FSD might happen depending on your local gov.

Tesla unfortunately has shown a record of being willing to screw is customer base that has committed, it's like the ... we value our 'new' customers and give them a better deal that our existing customers.

Is anyone else is the pre March 2019 value depreciation bucket? I like the car, just not a fan of how Tesla is handling themselves right now. ;o( | 21 marts 2019

@mskiby - FSD is not included for free. It's a $8K option.

Consider every dealer on the planet changes prices all the time. When you visit the dealer, the next person in may be charged $10K more or $10K less than you, but you have no way of knowing. At least with Tesla they are up-front about the pricing when you buy the car. Everyone else that buys the car on that day gets the same price. Yes, the prices do change over time, as do most products. Still, if you prefer dealers where you don't exactly know how badly you get screwed - go for it.

Also not sure why you want to sell your car a few days after purchase - worse time for resale on any car. Most like to keep it for 3-5 years or longer. At that point, the various price changes will have very little effect to resale values.

SO | 21 marts 2019

@mskiby - did you or did you not sign a contract to purchase at the agreed upon price?

Had Tesla raised the price by several thousands a day after you signed, would you offer to pay them the difference?

emeizing.xu | 21 marts 2019

no way!

cmichael | 22 marts 2019

What features did buyers of FSD who had EAP get with their purchase on a S? Nav on Autopilot?

Is the promise of a a hardware upgrade still valid or if Nav on Autopilot works on your S, are you done - no upgrade needed? Is that hardware upgrade assumed to be MCU3 or some other item? Other posts seem to assume MCU3, but it seems to be something else.

I assumed my Documents would have had an official service description which would clarify, but alas nope, thus this response.


NKYTA | 22 marts 2019

And here we go. Facepalm!

Ohmster | 22 marts 2019

Flagged. Posted only to be #100 in this thread. :) | 23 marts 2019

@cmichael - The best (we as owners know) is:

1) There is no MCU3 yet talked about or needed. There is HW3 which Tesla has already committed to retrofitting to all owner's cars that bought FSD and have HW2.0 or HW2.5.

2) Nav on Autopilot is a feature already included in EAP today - no need for HW3.

3) There has never been talk about a free HW3 retrofit for those that only bought EAP, nor is it expected.