FSD Pricing. Your head spinning yet?

FSD Pricing. Your head spinning yet?

Oh, buy!

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on!

cmichael | 23 marts 2019 My EAP experience seems to be different. I did get EAP with purchase of 17 100D S. I do not recall having Nav on Autopilot prior to me taking the opportunity for 2K and tax for FSD. About a day after purchase the console displayed a message about features now being available. I attributed this to tge recent purchase. Nav on autopilot beta seemed to be the only new thing I could detect. Could it have happened with a software update? Maybe.

Forum posts seem to all over on the hardware. I have seen posts that "correct" the MCU assumption. Actual text to support a potential "hardware" upgrade seems to be the Musk tweet which seems vague. So I am really confused as to what "hardware" may be replaced. I have a MCU 2.0 so O am biased and hopeful this component becomes one of the "if needed" upgrade components alluded to.

But, to the wider group is the FSD features on shown still applicable for those that have FSD now?


raffidesigns | 23 marts 2019
1. Elon did Tweet as some point about a new MCU with HW3, (which in my opinion does make sense) Also there have been talks about a new MCU since the existing have yellow bands. my Service Center cancelled my appointment advising a new one is coming the summer.

2. Nav On Autopilot for EAP users will stop receiving updates after last weeks no confirmation. Those with HW3 will have the city NoAP.

2.A. For those who doublt HW3, Tesla does "confirm" in their press information. (go to and you will see the below statement.

"With the future introduction of our Tesla-developed AI chip, the speed at which our system processes data will increase by an order of magnitude. While this processing power is not needed for Autopilot, it is a meaningful leap toward our full self-driving future."

3. Correct. HW3 is only for those on FSD. Which as of now should be beginning. No Confirm NoAP and Enhanced summon is the final nail on the EAP coffin. Anything after is big fixes and general new features not related to autonomous functionality. Ex. Sentry Mode, Camper Mode, Dog Mode, Dash-Cam, Enhanced Summon improvements.

braca | 23 marts 2019

They should give us another few weeks to buy FSD @2k.

SO | 23 marts 2019

Perhaps someday in the future, it will be 2k again for FSD.

Boonedocks | 23 marts 2019

“braca | March 23, 2019
They should give us another few weeks to buy FSD @2k.”

Tesla is always looking for another demand lever to pull at quarters end.....maybe 3 months from now you’ll see it again.

avesraggiana | 24 marts 2019

@raffidesigns. I'm presuming you're like myself, and are NOT a lawyer. Distinction needs to be made between replacing the MCU and replacing the MCU SCREEN.

For those customers like myself who have suffered the yellow banding around the MCU screen, it's only the screen and not the MCU itself that Tesla have agreed to replace at a future date. Soon.

sldelta58 | 24 marts 2019

I purchased a new inventory S when the priced dropped 3 weeks ago. I was told by several people within the company that my vehicle included FSD even though my dashboard said it was a 3k upgrade. Now it shows 5k for the upgrade. I did get a hand written promise upon delivery that said FSD was included. Has anyone else heard of this during the past month with a new purchase and FSD promise? Am I getting screwed with this Promise since the upgrade still shows a 5k price on my Tesla home page? | 24 marts 2019

@sldelta58 - Why not talk to Tesla? No one here can help. Seems like if you have a written statement you get FSD, then you get get FSD. The indicator on your Manage page that it is $5K indicates it is not active (although it doesn't actually do anything yet). Plenty of time to get this resolved with Tesla. Might also help not to immediately jump to "being screwed" when you haven't even asked anyone at Tesla. Bad attitudes are rarely helpful in resolving a problem. | 24 marts 2019

@raffidesigns - There are two MCUs - MCU1 and MCU2 (the newer one). I've never heard of MCU3, other than a few posts by owners who have been confused about HW3. If you can point to the Elon post about MCU3, that would be great. He has talked about the new MCU, which is MCU2.

The MCU has very little (nothing?) to do with AutoPilot. There is an entirely separate module and processor for AutoPilot. There is a new Tesla designed AP processor expected for FSD, commonly referred to as HW3. It's possible HW3 include more than just the AP processor, but so far, that's all we know. I'd be stunned if a new MCU would be required for FSD.

MCUs with the yellow band is a display manufacturing problem and can be fixed by a display swap out. Not sure any MCU2 has this issue, but it started with MCU1 manufactured in late 2016. Nothing to do with AP.

While I could have missed it, I've never heard Tesla state EAP updates would end, only sales of EAP has ended. There is every expectation that EAP owners will get Auto-lane change with Nav on AP, and advanced Summon later this year. Agree that City Nav on AP may be FSD only feature, but even that is not entirely clear.

cmichael | 24 marts 2019

If only I would have waited to post a week.

This subject is covered at

It seems MCU3, Hardware 3, and APH4 mean the same thing. MCU3 is the computer, not the screen as a recent post says.

With that said, will someone who has purchased FSD on a non APH4 vehicle get a feature that requires MCU3/Hardware 3? All I have is a tweet, but a tweet appears to be a powerful thing these days (*cough* SEC).

Looking forward to 2019. FSD functions roll out, a new screen to eliminate my (and others) yellow band issue, a new MCU to speed console functions for no additional cost beyond FSD, and a new chromium browser. Bonus points if Spotify comes to US vehicles and/or USB music is revamped.


cmichael | 24 marts 2019 | 24 marts 2019

@cmichael NO! Please do not use MCU3! It doesn't exist and the MCU has nothing to do with AP and HW2/HW2.5 or HW3.

MCU is module that houses the multimedia computer, memory, cellular connection, bluetooth, WiFi audio amplifiers the main 17" display and more. It has nothing to do with FSD or AP. The display can be replaced in the MCU, but it is considered part of the MCU. If you replace the MCU, you get a new display.

There are over 50 processors in the car, and each do different things for the car. Not sure why a couple of people keep talking about a non-existent and non-planned MCU3. There is HW3, which relates to the new AutoPilot hardware needed for FSD. Ok rant over :(

raffidesigns | 24 marts 2019 New MCU by Elon himself. Whatever that is the screen itself or the whole thing is anyone's guess.

s_wilcox63 | 24 marts 2019

Tesla does lie a lot of the time. People should not believe anything they say. They said if you buy FSD at the time of purchase that will be the cheapest you can get it for which we all know was a huge lie. Tesla lies all the time people need to stop trusting them.

NKYTA | 24 marts 2019

Diction? Missing a comma?

I’ve been driving a Tesla since 2012.

You? Yeh, thought so.

packpike | 25 marts 2019

@raffidesigns - that tweet is in reference to the MCU2 upgrade. Unless I've completely missed something over the last few weeks, what TT is describing is correct. There are unfortunately a lot of people that get MCU/HW/AP confused and use them interchangeably (incorrectly).

The MCU was upgraded completely separate from the HW upgrades. So for example, my '17 MX is a HW2.0 vehicle that has MCU1. I missed HW2.5 by 1 week, and those vehicles produced 1 week later would have been HW2.5 with MCU1. A few months later, I don't recall the exact timing, MCU2 came out. The MCU2 is supposed to speed up the response time when doing stuff on the screen. My '18 MS is a HW2.5 MCU2 vehicle. So you can have HW1 (aka AP1), HW2 with MCU1, HW2.5 with MCU1, HW2.5 with MCU2. There are 2 potential upgrades available in the future that are being discussed. Moving from HW2/2.5 to HW3 which is what will/should be needed for FSD. This is what everyone who has paid for FSD is expecting to get for free. People have also asked about MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade which will potentially improve the speed of your screen lag (possibly some other behind the scenes stuff too, but this has been the main stated benefit). Everyone is expecting that to be a paid upgrade if you so choose, but as of now, no one is expecting this upgrade to be needed for any type of FSD features, just for convenience. | 25 marts 2019

@raffidesigns as packpike points out, Elon is talking about MCU2. Notice the tweet never talks about the non-existent MCU3.

@packpike - thanks for the additional details.

@s_wilcox63 - Lots of hate today? I've never heard Tesla state when you buy something it will be the cheapest you can get it for life. They did say the price would be more expensive if you bought it after purchase AT THAT TIME. Tesla, like all companies, does not commit to a lifetime of fixed prices. I assume you purchased FSD with the car for $3K and were told it is $4K after purchase - which is was for 2+ years. Today it's $5K, so you got a good deal. Yes, there was a short-term sale for $2K for a few weeks. Nice when they can offer a sale.

Tropopause | 25 marts 2019

My MS is all in! My M3 is all out! (Although my M3 has a 30-day EAP trial currently.)

We'll see where the chips fall.