Loud suspension creaking noise when turning steering wheel

Loud suspension creaking noise when turning steering wheel

I reached out to my service center about this loud creaking noise from the front suspension when turning the steering wheel full lock left or right and they said it was normal. Just want to confirm if anyone else hears this as this is the first time I’ve heard it in the 4 month of ownership. Similar sounds when backing out of our garage and onto the street.

It really sounds like something is binding.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 marts 2019

Does it make the noise if car is moving, even slowly?n

Naudi123 | 15 marts 2019

It makes a similar noise backing out of the driveway and cranking full left to get onto the road.

Naudi123 | 15 marts 2019

Just curious if someone can test if their cars make a similar noise while on the brake pedal at a complete stop and turned full lock left or right.

patswin | 15 marts 2019

Do you have it set to creep? If not when you push brake and it’s on “hold “, the brakes will make the noise you describe when turning the wheel. This is normal

M3phan | 15 marts 2019

Good lord doesn’t sound normal to me at all. Did the SC even inspect the suspension? Or just hear it and say Normal.

Carl Thompson | 15 marts 2019

My car has never made a sound like that. Definitely not normal. Make a service center appointment.

ccash | 15 marts 2019

If I back out of my garage or a parking spot and turn the wheel hard while stopped, I hear a sound like this.

M3phan | 16 marts 2019

Wow, i have never heard anything like that under that scenario. I’d take it by the SC.

Magic 8 Ball | 16 marts 2019

Not normal.

patswin | 16 marts 2019

Before saying you never heard it or it’s not normal please try it out. With car in park turn wheel back and forth.. nice and quiet like you would expect. Put car in drive, press brake until brake hold light comes on. Now turn wheel back and forth and you will hear a creaking noise. It is not suspension but are the brakes making that noise. Something to do with brake hold function and it’s normal. Someone did a YouTube video on just this

ngatoronto | 17 juni 2019

Yea, i hear the loud noise when turning left or right, just started out of no way. I am going to call service center to find out as this definitely is not normal.
Also my lane or blind spots are no longer active hence my autopilot is not working as well. Not sure if it is all related and need a maintenance service.

PECo CT | 17 juni 2019

@Naudi123 - Yes, my Model 3 also makes that noise when I back out of the garage, turn and stop. I never worried about it, because my old Jeep does something similar. It's amazing how quickly some brake rotors will get a light coating of surface rust on them. I consider it to be normal.

Pepperidge | 18 september 2019

I diagnosed similar squeaking sound with an automotive stethoscope. It was upper control arm ball join in my case. Tesla SC replaced for free (limited warranty) in one day.

dbwitt | 18 september 2019

I currently have 2 creaking issues, which I think are unrelated. One is similar to the original video linked above in which without being in motion, turning the wheels far in either direction. The mobile tech last week showed me how this sound does not happen when you are pressing the brake and turning the wheels. He indicated as @PECo said, that it was due to infrequent use of the brakes and build-up on the pads which then rub on the rotors. He said the best thing to do is to (in a safe controlled way) use the brakes really hard a few times to help wear off that coating that develops. He also used the term "unfortunate, but normal" for this.

The second creaking sound is similar, but I believe that it is the previously mentioned issue with the upper control arm ball joint. Going to the service center next week to have this hopefully fixed. This is the one that happens on bumps and anytime the car shifts weight going around turns, slowing down or speeding up.