Phone plays music after leaving the car !

Phone plays music after leaving the car !

Hi all,
I have a problem with my iphone, which is starting to play music, just after I leave the car.
When it is disconnected from car's bluetooth, it plays loudly music in my pocket, quite annoying.
I googled the problem, and I found out, that there is an opposite known problem, that after bluetooth connection, the car starts to play music from the phone.
There are even workarounds to it, like putting silent MP3 to your iPhone on top of music list.
But I don't notice that in my case. The car just plays the radio, like always.
Does anybody has this problem ?

PawelSokolowski | 22 marts 2019

I made some research, and the situation is just plain absurd !
The phone start playing music just after connecting to car's blutooth, but I couldn't hear it because the car played radio station.
When I am leaving the car, the phone is still playing music, it just switches to phone's speakers.
Problem is, I never listen to music on my phone, so there is no reason, that it plays after connecting to the car.
It would be logical, that it continues playing, when I enter the car, but only if I was listening before getting in.
The absurd is, that there is no solution for it. It's just software, I don't know why there is no switch to turn it off ?!
Making silent MP3 and putting it on top of the music list on the phone is laughable solution.
Is it just my Tesla ? or just my iPhone ?

jjgunn | 22 marts 2019

You have to click on the phone (instead of radio/streaming) to hear what's coming over bluetooth from the phone to the car. Probably need to turn up the volume too on both the car & phone & possibly app on the phone thats playing the music

bob | 25 marts 2019

@jj - but can you stop the phone from trying to play BT music every time it senses the connection. That's a loaded questions since all the research I've done says you can't, short of removing iTunes from the phone. It drives me crazy. I never asked it to play, and can't stop it from doing so every time I get into my Tesla. I have a Toyota with a BT connection to the same phone and it doesn't auto play, but Tesla clearly is blaming Apple as the problem.

freerster | 5 april 2019

Ahhh....I thought it was me until I read this thread. The same thing happens to me but my watch shows it playing too. I think I will go to the apple store and ask them about it tomorrow. I'll keep you updated if I find anything out.

Tdreamer | 5 april 2019

Same issue with my Model X & iPhone. It started happening for me with the first V9 firmware install and has been happening ever since. I really hope Tesla eventually fixes this. It's really annoying having to check my phone every time I get in the car to pause whatever the car has decided to start playing on my phone each time. | 9 april 2019

One solution that works reliably every time - use an Android phone. Ok, doubtful anyone will switch, but does fix the issue. Not sure why Apple products have such problems.

jjgunn | 9 april 2019

Just do not understand why people like Apple iPhone over Android.

My Pixel 2 XL with Android Pie has ZERO issues with my Model X - Z-E-R-O

bob | 10 april 2019

@jj first I’m not attempting to rehash the 30 yr old Mac vs pc debate... that said to respond to your comment about not understanding: My main production desktop is a Mac, I have a Mac laptop and use an iPad. So the iPhone fits seemlessly into that ecosystem. That said the aftermarket Kenwood system in my Toyota truck has way way better phone integration than my MX. Lastly ive got an android based smart tv that isn’t nearly as elegant of a Ui experience as iOS is.

jjgunn | 10 april 2019

Yeah.... I understand that. Especially when you have other Apple products. Makes sense.

The 1 apple product I really like is the Airport Extreme. I also like MacBook Pro too. Use one for work.

I used iPhone 4s, 5c, 6 & 8. As far as phones go, the Android blows it away IMO. Like a Model 3 beating a Ferrari 458 in an 1/8. >;-}