Just Ordered a New Inventory X P100D

Just Ordered a New Inventory X P100D

Do you guys know how long delivery would roughly be from Orange County to Las Vegas, NV?

jjgunn | 17 marts 2019

My best guess is 2 weeks.

LudicrousLenny | 17 marts 2019

just got the text and i ordered yesterday (16th) and it will be ready in 9 days, thank you @jjgunn

mbp11 | 18 marts 2019


I am bad. I have a MX 100D and ordered a "P" on eBay. I put it on the back last week to see if it messes with anybody. I will see if the service center notices it. A P that is not a p

keiki | 22 marts 2019

My experience about 1+ years ago with a Model X P100D inventory in Boston, Mas., shipped to Long Island NY (about same distance as yours) took 4 days. The delivery drive is only 200+ miles. Have to puss LV service to let car go early. They are the real sticking point from my experience.

inconel | 23 marts 2019

mbp11 I think you also need a red "D"