Driving your Tesla in extreme heat

Driving your Tesla in extreme heat

Has anyone taken a long drive through the desert when the temps are over 100+ F??

How does the car handle it? Any issues to be aware of? Will the battery need extra cooling?

Heat & electronics just simply do not mix - am a little leery about driving long distances at temps over 100+ F

Just wondering if anyone has tried it & tested it out?

Example: Driving up 95 from Vegas to Reno - something like that

lilbean | 22 marts 2019

I’ve heard stories on the forum about the AC shutting off.

chuckgrim | 22 marts 2019

The battery AC cooling system should keep the batteries cool enough

COrich | 22 marts 2019

We took a summer trip from Colorado to the Olympic National Park a couple years ago. While going through Utah, southern Idaho and eastern Oregon we had the temperatures reaching as high as 110 F for most of the day. There were no issues at all with the AC and battery cooling. Was a very comfortable drive, but man did we feel the heat when we would get out of the car.

ScooterJim | 22 marts 2019

In the summer of 2017, I drove from San Diego to Atlanta on I-8 and I-10. Certain portions of CA and AZ were around 105F with the highest around 107F. I set the cabin temperature to 72F and the AC had no problems. I tinted ALL the window with a film tint over the factory windows:, 70% front window shield, 30% driver/passenger, 50% FWD/rear hatch.

jjgunn | 22 marts 2019

Why would anyone want to use the browser on the car? It's so effing slow. What's the point? Can't use it while you're driving anyway

jjgunn | 22 marts 2019

Please ignore previous post - Damn this forum software sucks - hahahha

jjgunn | 22 marts 2019

Thx for the tips everyone. I do have 3M Crystalline on Drivers & Passenger windows. Does an excellent job of keeping heat out.

Just worried about charging in the desert heat but your experiences help.

raffidesigns | 23 marts 2019

Here in MA, last year we had high 95 on the summer. The car handled well battery wise. Less vampire drain and more accurate range loss when driving. As far as A/C is concerned, I believe I had it set to auto or some days just have the windows open.

The Cabin overhead protection works wounders in summer. Interior wise, I have seen my car show over 100 degrees.

bonhari03 | 23 marts 2019

Rode from Rancho Cucamonga (temp 104) to Baker (temp 112) to Vegas (temp 108). No problems but be prepared to experience lower mileage while driving and to lose some juice if you have cabin protection activated.

Uncle Paul | 23 marts 2019

Also have driven long highway miles in +100º heat with no issues.

When it gets really hot I put the Sun shade on, but otherwise it performs like most other cars.

When it is super hot you will hear loud fans come on when Supercharging. The car is equipped with systems to cool down the batteries. I believe the X will even shunt air conditioning to the batteries when charging. Still stays cool inside at the same time.

mathwhiz | 23 marts 2019

+1 Uncle Paul ... I've also had plenty of experience driving (both my Model S 85 and Model X P100D) through NV via Vegas into Utah and through AZ via Pheonix in around 120 degree heat. No problems, but I'd also recommend using the provided sun (screen) shade.

jjgunn | 23 marts 2019

These experiences are great to hear. Makes me feel much better & at ease. Thanks everyone.

lilbean | 23 marts 2019

I drove for an hour in 115 degree heat. I don't have Crystalline but I had the sunshade. I only had to set the AC to 74, fan speed 1 (v8).

Redmiata98 | 25 marts 2019

Speaking of the sunshade, anyone know how to get a replacement? Mine seems to have disappeared and the only one offerd on the Tesla webpage is for the model which I am pretty sure will not fit.

lilbean | 25 marts 2019

The Model 3 one won't fit.

mohamed79 | 27 maj 2019

I live in Abu Dhabi, UAE.. the weather get up to 120F during the day, and I got MX P100D. I noticed that if you perform few ludicrous accelerations the AC blows less cool air.. I guess because it diverts the AC to cool off the battery! The car is still new (500 miles) Still discovering!

rdenny | 20 februar 2020

Thank you everyone, I am a prospective Phoenix area MX buyer who will drive to LA across the desert at 105++ temps. I was concerned.

Bighorn | 20 februar 2020

Driving through Death Valley at 115F, you’re cognizant of the signs to turn off your air conditioning to prevent overheating. I was tired, so I pulled off to the side and took a nap with the AC keeping us nice and cool.

jjgunn | 21 februar 2020

Hey this thread got resurrected! Haha

Those signs to turn off AC are because a regular ICE car may overheat & blow a hose.

No such issue with a Tesla.

I've driven through the desert a few times now. Zero issues, but I'm always prepared with a cooler & iced down drinks just in case as you would with an ICE.

I can't imagine going back to gasoline & oil. It would be like going from HD TV back to a STD def tube TV.

jimglas | 21 februar 2020

In black and white