New Model naming

New Model naming

our man in the front office has named the models already:


We have Semi

Where is he going with the naming next IYHO?

Bear in mind Ford's penchant for ownership, it cut out E, but he got thru with 3 even though BMW own that.
It cuts out A (Ford A) but recall Ford had lots of old names. Perhaps the old ones are past their date, so we could see anything Ford doesnt have on current copyright.

Any anagrams jumping out at you?

NKYTA | 2 april 2019

EXPRESS! | 2 april 2019

Minor note - copyrights do not protect a product name, but trademarks do. For a trademark to remain valid, it has to be in use or plan to be used in a short period of time. Ford got the Model E trademark around 2013 for a future car (yet to be used). Tesla could perhap have fought it since it wasn't really being used, but usually no one comes out ahead in those battles, and better to choose a different name.

While the Model A and Model T likely had trademarks, they may have long expired. Still sometimes it's not wise to duplicate the name of a prior old model, so I doubt Tesla would use A or T, even if they could. Model P is doubtful since it could be confused with Performance "P" that Tesla uses. Would a performance pickup truck be a PP :) Not so likely.

Anyway, back to unused letters and anagrams, perhaps beyond my meger skill level!

TabascoGuy | 2 april 2019

How about WTF?

(Watt the Fruck) | 2 april 2019

@TabascoGuy - added today (slightly different)! | 2 april 2019

Opps, wrong thread. Thought you wanted me to add WTF to my acronyms table.

TabascoGuy | 2 april 2019

Sorry about that TT

Ross1 | 2 april 2019

How would EM think?
(my old mantra here was "to think like a genius you need to be a genius")

Answer?: He tends to think immaturely (S#XY)
He tends to scifi film refs:
He tends to surprise us.

...sort of thing.
I wouldnt put it past him to spell out SAFE S3X
Or...hopefully not ....T R U M P