Real Range on the P100D Model S?

Real Range on the P100D Model S?

I am considering the 100kw battery...... what’s a realistic number of miles I can go before Supercharging? I am trying to bypass the Kingman SC on my drive from Las Vegas to PHX.


Bighorn | 9 april 2019

You want to make a 300 mile trip with no stops? Not advisable.

Jcastillo18 | 9 april 2019

I agree with bighorn unless you go under 55 mph maybe . I tend to not let the battery below 15 percent | 9 april 2019

301 miles driving distance. At 65 mph at 70F, it should be possible with very little buffer, IF no hills, and is still risky. Going faster and/or using HVAC will not have enough range. Better to stop for 10-20 minutes along the way. Longer time if you're going 80 mph in 120 degree heat!

Bighorn | 9 april 2019

No doubt it's achievable and something I would have done in comparable circumstances before there were superchargers, but it wouldn't be pleasant. Absolutely no reason not to stop when you have the luxury of a supercharger on the route.

HeinekenMS100D | 9 april 2019

I have a 100D MS and I would not go 300 miles without stopping. Or I wouldn't stop intentionally but it would be close whether it would make it. When it was new, maybe, but the battery degrades over time so at some point, it probably wouldn't make it.

bishoppeak | 9 april 2019

My bladder wouldn't last that long!

Bill_75D | 9 april 2019

You can skip Kingman. Just be sure to charge at Wickenburg.

2015P90DI | 9 april 2019

I've tried the whole, go slower to get more range thing many times. Not worth it. Takes you longer. Simple way to think of it is, supercharger charges at 300+ miles per hour. That means you can recapture 50 miles of charge in just 10 minutes. For you to make it 300 miles, you'd have go stay under 60 MPH, in an area where speed limits are 75+. First, you'd be a moving road block and pissing off a lot people. Second, 300 miles at 60 MPH is 5 hours. 300 miles at 75 MPH is 4 hours. Would you rather spend the extra hour driving slow just to not stop? Or stop for 10 minutes to save an hour's worth of time?

Munka | 9 april 2019

It is possible but to get the 300mile you want 19" wheels with good pressure and/or a long range non performance and drive it just below the speed limit. Even then, you are a victim of head winds, traffic, hills etc. Buy the car you want and deal with a 10-30 minute stop. A break every 150-200 miles is good for the safety of you and your passengers anyway.

If you want to ignore that advice, going straight to Wickenburg, means you should be in quite a low SOC (about 20-30%) and get a really good charge rate. Apparently we will see 150KWH or more soon (*warning* Elon soon may be years!) with a software update. In that case 15 minutes would see you get from 30 to 60 charge, or 10 minutes from 30 to 50 etc. and comfortably on your way home.

Munka | 9 april 2019

err, 150kW not KWH. (need an edit button)

radio | 10 april 2019

I even went 400 miles (615 km) without charging, so it is easily possible, yes. I drove on AP behind trucks who have speed limit of 55 mph on the Autobahn here in Europe, so I wasn't blocking anybody. It's actually probably safer to go with "the big guys" than overtaking them. Arrived with 30 km after 8:47 but had a (non-charging) stop inbetween (see screenshot/ link)
It's up to everybody to decide for himself, for me it was perfect. So to answer the OP in a technical sense, it is very easy to do so, especially with a 100D, if there are no unusual circumstances (long uphill, extreme weather etc.).

2017 90D AP2 from Vienna, Austria

deepak | 22 januar 2020

What is the normal Wh/mi people get with the p100d, i just got mine a few weeks ago, driving on the heavy footed side, was getting 550 wh/mi. I tried to feather touch the accelerator, mixed motorway and city drive and got 320 wh/mi. Has anyone got below 300 Wh/mi on the p100d? Im in London, UK by the way so average of 10C

Tropopause | 22 januar 2020

My lifetime average is about 340 Wh/mi over nearly 2.5 years in California seasons, 31,000 miles.

inconel | 22 januar 2020

I think 320 is good for the S P100D. You could get below 300 in some ideal conditions or by hypermiling.

deepak | 22 januar 2020

@tropopause, do you ever drive heavy footed? And what are your average journeys?

Tropopause | 23 januar 2020

I'm a pretty conservative driver lately.

In the first year I enjoyed a formidable opponent now and then but lately I have been pretty chill. Driving my wife's Model 3 to/from work for the past year which is 150 miles round trip that my S did for its first year. Now the S takes me to the gym on sunny days and on the occasional road trip to visit family 300 miles away which I average 5 mph over the speed limit.

Had the MCU replaced last spring which caused me to lose my lifetime Wh/mi reading which was around 340 Wh/mi. Since the replacement I've been closer to 330 Wh/mi but the majority of my mileage was on the original MCU.

Of course winter weather will increase consumption and vice-versa in the summer.

BTW- I have 21" tires which probably increase Wh/mi by 20 vs. 19" tires.

TonyB.C120 | 25 januar 2020


Make adjustments for speed, A/C or heat, ambient temp (OAT for you pilots out there, lol), etc.