"Nearby Destination Charging' - how did they get there and what does it mean?

"Nearby Destination Charging' - how did they get there and what does it mean?

On the app...When I click on charging...Scroll past the super chargers...There's destination charging locations listed.....How does the app know about them? Does each establishment submit something to Tesla or a different website? And what exactly does destination charging mean - in the sense - can it be a regular old 120 volt outlet? Or does it mean they offer level 2?

Would advice be to call each place before visiting to inquire as what they offer?


EVRider | 19 april 2019

Both the Tesla web site and in-car navigation know where destination chargers are located, so sharing that data with the app isn’t a big deal. These are businesses that have worked with Tesla to provide charging to owners, and usually have at least a Tesla wall connector, though I don’t know if that’s a requirement.

vswendsen | 19 april 2019

I think in most cases Tesla pays for the chargers and the installation for the destination charger and Clipper Creek J1772 system. Power output will vary though so don't expect all to put out 80 amps. I frequently stay at the BWI Holiday Inn Express and the destination chargers there charge at 24 mph. Not fast but fast enough to charge overnight. And if you need faster charging than that there is a Supercharger about 9 miles away. I talked with a B&B in northern GA a few years ago and they were amazed at how fast Tesla took care of everything. It only took a few days after sending Tesla the bill for installation that they were payed.

gmr6415 | 19 april 2019

As stated above it's usually just a Tesla Wall charger on a post or a generic J1772 charger-sometimes both. What wasn't mentioned is generally speaking they are for patrons of the business only. In other words if you are staying at the hotel, eating at the restaurant, etc. I've found some at public parking but they are usually J1772 and you'll need your adapter. Some of those in public parking require either an account, provide a way to swipe a credit card or you can use a PlugShare account.

I've found 1 or 2 listed as "open for the public", yet if you ask the establishment they tell you that's an error on the Tesla map. I've also found that if you ask in many cases they will tell you can go ahead and use it and just ask for a phone number in case a patron needs to use it.

jordanrichard | 19 april 2019

Destination Charging or what most people call destination chargers, are given to businesses, but the said business has to pay for both the install and electricity cost. Since the business applies to be part of the program, Tesla knows where they are and hence show up on the app.

Mike UpNorth_ | 19 april 2019

Thanks everyone - great info.