v2019.12 Regen weaker

v2019.12 Regen weaker

I've noticed over the past couple of weeks that 2109.12 brought some changes to regen. It is typically less powerful and seems that the curve has changed for the worse as well. Before, I could routinely come to a near stop at many intersections, but now I'm finding myself needing to hit the brakes using the same deceleration technique. Sometimes it works fine, but other times, it just seems to not kick in the same way. Anyone else notice this?

Sparky | 22 april 2019

Is the battery warm?

Kary993 | 22 april 2019

Is the battery full?

spuzzz123 | 22 april 2019

(speculation alert): I don't think that "stronger" necessarily means highest rate of energy recapture over the long term. I could be wrong, as I am no engineer, but I'd bet that regenerating at a smooth, longer period of stop is able to recapture more energy than a more sudden stop that spikes recharge rate for a short period. Of course this is harder on your friction brakes, but if they are trying to optimize range and efficiency then I am all for it.

CST | 22 april 2019

I'm seeing this behavior when driving in 70 degree weather. Battery hasn't been above 90%.

gordon_r_benson | 22 april 2019

Any chance you are seeing a 'Regen may be limited" message (green ! in front of it) on the picture of your car on the screen? I get that if the battery temperature is below 50 degrees. Otherwise I still only need to touch the brake for that final 5mph to come to a stop.

CST | 22 april 2019

No... Everything looks normal.

M3phan | 24 april 2019

Maybe you’ve just crossed the threshold of ownership to where you’ve gotten used to the effect? (Like when some last year felt like the car wasn’t as peppy after an update?)

derotam | 24 april 2019

I'm not trying to discount what you are saying but when you say that sometimes it is fine and other times it isn't, then it seems moe like just a situational thing that was always possible, or that it is normal variance in your behavior based on situation, time of day, traffic, your mood... etc.

...if you really think there have been changes you are going to need top get a little more scientific in your observations. I am not on 2019.12 yet so I'll try and see if I can figure out some good testing points on my normal drives to compare to after I get 2019.12