(2 birds with one stone) - Wireless Charger and Dashcam Storage

(2 birds with one stone) - Wireless Charger and Dashcam Storage

Hello everyone,

My name is John. My team and I have created this unique combination to solve 2 problems that we've seen in the community: Wireless phone charging and Dashcam & Sentry Videos storage. We would love to have your support. We've been working so hard since last year to perfect our wireless charger to the best of our ability. Our Micro SD Card is using the same chipset as Samsung. We've also performed extensive testing to verify that it works reliably for Dashcam and Sentry recording. They are now ready and we would love to have your support to get this to production. Below is our Kickstarter campaign. Thank you very much for your support!

p.s. Our charger was uniquely and thoughtfully designed by us and created from the ground up, not just another generic one you see on Amazon.

johntran | 24 april 2019

p.s. 2

I forgot to add. Our current fund raising is a huge discount at only $66 per bundle.


LoveMyM3 | 26 april 2019

Somehow the videos don't play on my desktop!

T__T | 26 april 2019

@johntran Is the charger Qi compatible? What's the charging speed, 5w, 7.5w, 10w on each side? Built in battery size?

johntran | 26 april 2019

@LoveMyM3 Could it be that your browser need an update?

@T__T Yes, it is Qi compatible. The charging speed is ranging from 4.5w - 7.5w for each side. But as the current wireless technology, it doesn't stay put at a certain rate. The charging rate depends on many factors such as the phone's battery health, battery temperature, etc. We've got it to charge up to 8w at one point. The battery is 6000 mAh. Thanks.

johntran | 26 april 2019

I'm sorry guys if this is a duplicate. I thought this post did not make it to the forum so wrote another post similar to this. I'll answer questions in both.

Thank you.