Screen Shut off completely while driving...

Screen Shut off completely while driving...

This past weekend while I was driving, my screen shut off completely. I was still able to control the acceleration and steering and so I made my way across a lane to the shoulder (I put my turn signal on but since screen was shut off, I am not sure if it was working). Once on shoulder, It rebooted or I forced the reboot (cant remember exactly) and then it was fine afterward.

Haven't had any issue since. Luckily it wasn't that busy as it was a bit late at night. Had it been a time like rush hour, I'm not sure what could have happened.

Anyone else experience something like this?
It was extremely weird and I cant figure out why it would do this.


Magic 8 Ball | 24 april 2019

This has been reported and is a known issue that will be addressed in future firmware releases.


Aneurysm | 24 april 2019

Just as I posted, I noticed another forum post describing exactly this.
Ignore my thread, I will just add my story in that other thread.

Thread name...
Vehicle's UI (screen) automatically went into "seizure mode" while driving

ajbutler45 | 24 april 2019

Lots of reports of this. I have had it once. Car stays working. My headlights stayed on. Only thing you don't have is speed but usually can approximate it close enough. I just t the double scroll wheel reset while I was driving. Don't think it is suggested but it worked fine. In two minutes everything back to normal.

Aneurysm | 24 april 2019

@Magic 8 Ball
Got it. thanks for that information.

lbowroom | 24 april 2019

No need to pull over...

Quinten | 24 april 2019

Same happen to me last week. I have firmware v2019.8.5 3aaa23d.

Autom≡lon | 24 april 2019

Mine had done this as well last week. Coincidentally, my phone also shut down at the same time. Both "devices" required a reboot.

Lorenzryanc | 24 april 2019

FYI The blinker still works, although you won't hear anything.

fazman | 24 april 2019

This happened to me as well about a week ago, screen went blank (like the screen app crashed and rebooted), took all of 10 seconds and the screen was back. Car drove perfectly fine during the entire event. $hit happens.

tbd2001_01 | 24 april 2019

How about display screen corrupt???

acasano | 24 april 2019

As already mentioned, when it happens, just continue driving. In my case, the car apparently was trying to reinitiate an interrupted firmware download. My home WIFI signal was to weak support a good download. A SC completed the download for me and then later when I parked my car the upgrade installed. As explained to me.

jonabramson | 24 april 2019

I had this happen on the highway on a long trip. Was listening to SiriusXM through my phone and black screen. Seems a bit freaky when it happened but I've done a few manual reboots so I know what it looks like. My wife says I'm just driving around my computer. Didn't know it would be like my Windows PC. Hopefully, the need to reboot resolves soon with an update.

cnk | 24 april 2019

Same thing for me in same timeframe. Drove on with no problem. Rebooted itself after a couple mins.

Hwhsu | 24 april 2019

Happened to me twice in last 30 days, while driving. Scared the heck out of me

mlspropertiesllc | 24 april 2019

Same here, just keep driving, it starts back up after a minute or so, car works normally during this time. Future updates they say will fix the issue.

Hf | 25 april 2019

happens all the time, and they still call it a safe car.....

Brunnells | 25 april 2019

Twice in the last week while interacting w Navigation. Took less than 2 minutes to apparently reboot. Scary.

Brunnells | 25 april 2019

Software v 2019.8.6 a0a6ece

alelee96 | 26 april 2019

Same happened to me today. I have firmware v2019.8.5 3aaa23d.

jimglas | 26 april 2019

Rumor that this problem is fixed with 2019.12.1 update

RickM3 | 26 april 2019

Same issue here, once per week, this week twice. reported to Tesla and response came the issue is the software (2019.8.5) to be solved in the next release.

Pants | 26 april 2019

@tbd2001_01 Same happened to me yesterday - it was some serious seizure-inducing flashing and flickering. While i continued driving, It rebooted itself 2 or 3 times and the crazyness persisted. it wasn't until i was parked and manually rebooted that things went back to normal. I've only had 2019.8.5 for a few days, but so far its felt like a regression.

sroh | 26 april 2019

Good to know @jimglas.

This has happened to me a bunch of times. The first few times, it was a bit unnerving. Not a big deal, but it will be good when it's fixed.

wiboater4 | 26 april 2019

Happened to me this Wednesday. I had read post about it so did nothing , After a couple of minutes it auto rebooted back up and everything was fine.

jer1776 | 26 april 2019

Happened to me yesterday. Screen did not turn on when I entered the car and then waited about a minute and then it booted up. I did notice that the AC was not going, but the fan was. The screen went blank about a minute or two after this and this time I was driving, but luckily it was in my neighborhood, but scared the crap out of me. The car was still drivable, but again noticed that the fan was on, but it did not seem to be blowing AC. Stopped the car and did a reboot. On 2019.8.5. I also notice I get a lot of brake checking while on Autopilot with this update. Hopefully that will be fixed in 12.1

soyfoo | 26 april 2019

Happened to me 3x now. I'm on 2019.8.5 Slightly different scenarios. Twice while driving; I didn't stop, screen comes back with a couple of minutes. Tonight, the screen stayed black when I got in the car so I couldn't initiate driving. But came on within a minute or so.

xtcTesla | 27 april 2019

So its Plagued with the BSOD Blue Screen Of Desth.
I really might have to reconsider my purchase now. My wife would absolutely panic if it appeared to her, that she lost control of the car.
As much as i want this car, i really wouldnt want to loose my wife over something like this.
I had a Cadillac once, that would randomly shut off the headlights and they coyldnt figure it out. It was out of warranty and i wasnt going to spend thousands of dollars to figure it out. For a while it waa my day driving car and i ended up getting rid of it.
Not really sure if i want to experience life threatening electronic gremlins again.
I am so glad there are forums

ShaunyD | 27 april 2019

It happened to me too last week. I did a bug report. Not a big deal, but it was embarrassing as I was demoing for friends. :( LOL

Carl Thompson | 28 april 2019


Couldn't you just educate your wife that if it happens she doesn't have to panic? Just keep driving and it will be fine?

Maxxer | 28 april 2019

My 5 last cars had no screen
When it goes blank It just feels regular
When it turn back on after I reset it, I feel I'm driving with an illegal iPad turned on.
Happened to me about 10 times last week over 700km.

Evie3 | 28 april 2019

Same issues of screen going black on me and my screen flickering or showing these strange symbols.

vincejojo | 28 april 2019


Zsar | 28 april 2019

might be out of the topic here bought my model 3 last week of march 2019 never have that screen blackout...and my firmware version is 2019 5.15. Anyway what is the latest firmware update? How does tesla figure out who gets what firmware.

Repiecesvolt | 29 april 2019

Also encountering the issue.

RP3 | 29 april 2019

count me in as one who never experienced a screen rebooting itself while driving (or when entering the car) before this latest release (v2019.8.5 3aaa23d) and it happened to me twice in one 10 minute drive and I've also had the screen go all wonky on me too (mainly on the map portion) for the first time. Been through quite a few releases too since I've had the car over a year now.

jjgunn | 29 april 2019

Had it happen to me this morning. Parked in a parking spot. Listening to radio. Reboot. Everything came back up as normal.

christerlundholm5 | 29 april 2019

Had it 2 times last week. Scary.

phinallydone03 | 29 april 2019

Y2K??. It happened to me when I was driving on HW last weekend. I kept driving and reset (hold down both wheels and release) and screen was back on after 30 secs.

marcelletaglecornell | 11 maj 2019

It happened to me twice a couple of days after software update. Both times I was driving on the freeway. The first time, screen shut off for a few seconds then rebooted. The second time around , I was driving with family on the freeway on the way from Tucson to Phoenix. It started with flickering screen then it shut off. It was kinda scary as I didn’t know whether my car would stall in the middle of the freeway. I exited on the first exit I saw, did not know how to reboot the car. When we finally figured how to reboot the car, it did not take long . No further issues since then.

jamilworm | 11 maj 2019

I just had the screen reboot on its own today with version 2019.12.1.2. I had just given a voice command to make a phone call and then the screen went black. But it rebooted right away and was fine in a minute.

SalisburySam | 12 maj 2019

Bad news for those expected a fix in isn’t fixed. In fact, for me it was introduced in 12.1.2. I’ve never experienced a screen issue in 10 months and lots of firmware updates until 12.1.2. Driving north up I-85 to Greensboro airport, with TACC, AutoSteer, and NavOnAP engaged at 70mph, not interacting with screen nor iPhone7 at the time, the screen goes totally black, remains so for several seconds, the Tesla logo appears, and shortly thereafter the screen is back to normal. I kept driving, or rather the car did, throughout the screen seizure remaining in lane and at speed, though I was very much considering pulling over or an on-the-go reboot but I did neither. After the reboot, TACC and AutoSteer were still active and never disabled, but NavOnAP had been turned off. I re-enabled NavOnAP and the vehicle behaved well since. No idea what this was about, but I submitted two bug reports after the screen came back, one for the blackout/reboot, and one a few minutes later when I noted the NavOnAP disabled. Weird.

melmoe53 | 11 juli 2019

Anyone tried lemon law on this?

Tronguy | 11 juli 2019

FWIW: Back in March/April, saw all the comments about the screen going black. Then, whilst driving down the inimitable Garden State Parkway, it happened. I was driving, pointed it out to the SO, and while being careful to drive down the road without endangering anybody, was getting set to hit the double-wheel reset.
Before I had a chance to the screen came back to life.
That was the first time and the last time. @mlmoe53, have you actually experienced this lately, or are you dredging through old posts in an attempt to drag up FUD?

Xerogas | 11 juli 2019

@xtcTesla: "I really might have to reconsider my purchase now. My wife would absolutely panic if it appeared to her, that she lost control of the car."
------ long as we’re resurrecting necro-threads, there’s always this goodie ;)

@xtcTesla, you’re saying your wife would lose control of her car if the ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM stopped working for 30 seconds?!? Please tell us where you live, so we can avoid driving in your neighborhood.

kaushal | 11 juli 2019

Screen is not just an entertainment system. screen shutting off while driving can cause serious damage to the car as well as the driver. You can also easily get a speeding ticket if you don't know the speed at which you're driving, or, is there another gauge I'm missing, I've only had the car a couple of months.

leo33 | 12 juli 2019

@kaushal You are mistaken. It won't damage the car. I've intentionally rebooted the screen while driving, and everything else still works fine. Even the blinkers (though you can't hear them).

It is disconcerting, and can cause anxiety if you don't expect it and don't understand what's happening, but beyond that it's not a safety issue. Just don't drive faster than the cars around you during the 60 seconds or so that it takes for the UI to reboot.

leo33 | 12 juli 2019

Fish's "legal issue" is so contrived it's absurd. But contrivances and exaggerations are typical for him, as are his misrepresentations of what others on this forum say or "promote". What a piece of work.

DanFoster1 | 12 juli 2019

Wow, a bunch of you are, sadly, but unsurprisingly, completely neurotic.

1. You can reboot the screen (or not while) driving. No risk of damage; you’ll lose AC for like 8 seconds…ooohhhh

2. If you could ‘easily get a speeding ticket because you don’t know how fast you’re going,’ your judgement is too poor to safety drive any car—turn in your license at once and retire from driving.

3. If you’ve never had an actual emergency in a car, you’ve not driven much in your whole life—don’t worry, you’ll get there. Try not to act hysterical in an actual emergency. Panic really isn’t safe. Seriously.

Let’s compare a screen going blank for a 90 seconds to a few of my favorite personal experiences in cars (only those that were beyond my control):

• Rush hour on the highway, 1998: my car was stuck by a large rock that flew off a truck: destroyed left front wheel in less than the blink of an eye, had to make my way out of hostile, unyielding traffic while ‘skating’ on metal (what was left of my left front suspension)…big fun. People around you in cars are complete assholes when you’re having an emergency.

• Proceeding slowly down a steep, narrow, twisty hill, 2008: right front ball joint broke, right front tire folded in, car skidded into guardrail, nearly hopped it, would likely have fallen into the ravine had I not been exercising caution when I choose my speed. Nearly died alone that day. Limped the car down the hill to safety anyway, dragging the right tire on its side the whole way.

• Rush hour on the highway, 1996: underside of car was struck by large piece of broken truck tire which smashed the hose off power-steering pump. Fluid exploded inside engine compartment including all the way up to the exhaust manifold where it started to burn, releasing acrid black smoke which choked me, and made it difficult to see. Of course, no power steering while fighting my way out of New Jersey traffic on a busy highway. I cleaned that crap off the accessory belt and drove the next 180 miles home with no power steering, the alternator barely turning, and the lingering stench of burnt steering fluid. Good times.

The next time your screen glitches, press reboot (or don’t); keep driving (or don’t), and just get over it.

calvin940 | 12 juli 2019



jithesh | 12 juli 2019

@kaushal thats not true. Screen reboot does not damage the car in anyway. Screen works independently of the powertrain of the car because it is controlled by a different board. I had screen reboot few times and all the car's driving features worked perfectly fine including Autopilot.