HPWC Charging Problem

HPWC Charging Problem

I have a HPWC and two Tesla vehicles. For some strange reason the cars sometimes would only charged at 6 amps or less. Generally if I stopped the charging and restarted the process the cars would charge at a higher rate 16 amps or more. What I found was that the dip switches inside the wall connectors which determine the type of car were set incorrectly. After they were correctly set everything worked as expected. Check with Tesla to determine what are the correct settings for your car.

jimglas | 1 maj 2019

the dip switches and wheel are set for the circuit, not the car

dmturner1718 | 1 maj 2019

Not sure what you mean by this. My switches were set for the legacy roadster charging and not for the Model S and X. Once they were set for the Model S and X things started to work. Maybe there are some setting for the circuit also? These suggestions come from Tesla and the electrician that installed the equipment. This is not something I deduced on my own.

EVRider | 2 maj 2019

jimglas is correct, the switches are set based on the circuit wiring and amperage, not the car. This is documented in the wall connector owner’s manual: (PDF page 23)

dmturner1718 | 2 maj 2019

I am not sure why I am getting push back on this issue. Tesla home charging support used this terminology and so did the the Tesla certified electrician who sent a photo to Tesla charging support. When I read the manual all it says is that dip switch 2 should be up. It does not say why. True this is in the "Set Operating Current" section of the manual. Tesla Support and the Electrician say this is a legacy mode setting for the Tesla Roadster. My setting was down when it was moved up it corrected the problem I was having. If you are anyone does not want to check this that is fine with me, but it did correct my problem so I was just trying to pass this information to other customers that may be experiencing the issue. It seems to me the rotary switch does more to controls the amps. I do not know if either of you are engineers at Tesla and I thank you for your response. If this happened to meet could happen to other customers and many may not notice it. The problem did not happen every time. So this is something to check and eliminate.

EVRider | 3 maj 2019

@dmturner1718: Looking at the instructions again, I agree with you — the documentation says dip switch 2 should always be up, without explanation, so I’m guessing it was down to support charging the Roadster. Dip switch 1 and the rotary switch are set based on the amperage and wiring. | 4 maj 2019

It makes no sense that the switch is for the original Roadster - the Roadster uses a different style connector, that has never been used in the HPWC or the S/X/3. The Roadster had its own unique wall adapter that looks nothing like the current HPWC. Now perhaps there was some internal plan to make the HPWC dual purpose and support the Roadster somehow that never made it out of the labs, but I sort of doubt it.

I'd expect the Roadster 2020 to use the same design as the S/X/3 and also not require any specific setting in the HPWC as well.

loraflipo | 4 maj 2019

Same here brother...