Minimum Powerwall order is 2

Minimum Powerwall order is 2

Back in October 2018, we ordered and put down a deposit for one powerwall. We do not have nor will we have solar (we are...elderly). But we wanted a powerwall for emergency outage, if only to run the fridge, freezer, and some portable heaters. The order was accepted without comment.

Subsequently, our order page showed an order for 2 Powerwalls. I was unable to edit the quantity back down to 1. So we waited until, finally, we were called. I was informed that the minimum Powerwall order is, indeed, two units. Why this was not (and still is not) made clear on the order
page I do not know. Neither did the representative with whom I conversed. We now await the refund of our deposit.

We are on our second model S (first one was early 2013) so I am familiar with Tesla's occasionally inexplicable procedures. But a simple indication on the Powerwall order page that the minimum order is two units would have saved both us and the company time and trouble. We will now look
into similar (and presumeably unrestricted) systems from Siemens et al. Pity.

jerrykham | 10 maj 2019

Oh, now that is odd. I know when I ordered solar and powerwall (got the solar right away, waited one year for the powerwall) they were willing to sell me just one. The caveat was that you can only do whole house backup if you have 2 or more. With just 1, they needed to put in a subpanel that would then contain the circuits that you wanted to backup. Maybe now they have decided that is too much work and are not offering it anymore?

darwin.e | 11 maj 2019

I can't speak to whether or not it is typical for Tesla to install a single PowerWall without solar, but I could understand why this might fall below the the minimum criteria for a system that a company like Tesla would be willing to invest their efforts in.

Have you looked at having another vendor install your PowerWall? I went with a local PW authorized installer when I added a PW to my existing solar. My local installer coordinated directly with Tesla to obtain the battery, and they did a great job with the installation. I'm not sure if Siemens would be willing to perform your installation if you end up going with one of their batteries either.