DRIVE Electric - a Tesla app for Galaxy Watch/Samsung Gear (Tizen)

DRIVE Electric - a Tesla app for Galaxy Watch/Samsung Gear (Tizen)

There are many iOS and Android based watch apps out there, but sadly not many for the great Tizen based watches made by Samsung.
I hope my small contribution will create some happiness for you guys... :)

Check out the 'DRIVE - Electric' app on Galaxy Store.

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KnightRyder | 1 juni 2019


Is there anyway to make this app be able to be added in the widget section that way it's quicker to access from the watch? Thanks!

bo.carlsson | 16 juni 2019

Thank you for this! Just bought one and trying it out. Say hello to future wealth :)

Lando.Calrissian | 20 juni 2019

Trying to give this app a go, but having issues downloading it. Is it regionally locked or something? Will this app work in North America (Canada)?

rklokk | 21 juni 2019

@KnightRyder The app is not a very good candidate for a widget as it takes too long time to wake the car and get useful information from it. For a widget that should only take a few seconds. The same goes for any command. It just would be strange to use it with such a delay. Maybe some day I will give it a try.

@bo.carlsson I can assure you this isn't securing my retirement plans... :)

@Lando.Calrissian It is not regionally locked (except from China). Many downloads from Canada. Is it the transfer from Galaxy Store to the watch that fails? A few people have reported they had to restart the watch and even clear the app cache on other apps installed on the watch. If no go, use the report functionality to Galaxy Store that should pop up as these errors should be handled by Samsung.

DiavelDes | 16 juli 2019

Thankyou for this. The one thing that's been missing for my M3 purchase. Once the car arrives I'll give this a good testing.

tamngo3 | 9 august 2019

@rklokk debating between samsung galaxy watch and android wear. On your app page it says enables keyless driving. Just to clarify...

If I run your app on the watch and don't carry my phone with me, will I be able to unlock and drive my car M3? I think it's over Bluetooth but if I need an LTE watch please let me know.


rklokk | 13 august 2019

Without the phone you will need the LTE version. The Keyless Drive option refers to the same feature as the Remote Start feature on your official app. You need to enter your password each time and drive off within 2 minutes. It is not the same feature as phone-as-key which is a locked Bluetooth API. Hope this clarified your question. Regards :)