Delivery delays

Delivery delays

Hi. I wanted to post this words here instead in a open forum because I don't want Tesla haters around.
This is something that Tesla needs to take care: The promise delivery date.
Regardless when I place mi pre order, 20/02/17, the configuration page was ready to my on march 7 2019. I place my order and initial payment on march 9.
The page back then shows 6 weeks to delivery and immediately 6-8 weeks.
At week 8, I totally paid for the car. Now we are on week 13 and no sight for delivery yet (this Friday will be 80 days since order it). I have told that the webpage was wrong with the dates, or that M3 is in the border or that the car has troubles to come clear trough customs.
I am a believer of Tesla mission and I will be ok if I have a 15 weeks promise for delivery. What I don’t want is the way that the dates are constantly moving. Need to work on that.

sbeggs | 3 juni 2019

Where are you located? Could be a customs problem...

hectorarriaga | 3 juni 2019

Yes it could be. I have experience also importing machinery and goods from the USA, China and Europe. I know for a fact that documents need to ve ready days in advance. Thats why I know Tesla must control that process. The car was out from production on week 10 and keep one week waiting transportation, as my “delivery experience assistant” told me. I see “leaks of time” that can run smooth if the right people manage that.
By the way, I am 220 miles south El Paso Tx

barrybarrette | 5 juni 2019

I'm really curious to see what recent inside the US (even better in New England/NY) deliveries have been like. I ordered June 1st and am being told 2 weeks. Has anyone ordered within the past month or so and have you received your M3, if so how long was actual delivery?

FISHEV | 5 juni 2019

Ordered May 10, got it May 16th. Four working days. Red AWD LR. At the time, sales rep said there were no Red AWD LR on the West Coast in stock (he had been updating me on deals Tesla had with stock cars). Order said two weeks and it come six days later.

barrybarrette | 5 juni 2019

Thanks for the data point @FISHEV. 6 days on the west coast gives me hope that 2 weeks to NY is feasible. I'm getting a similar report from my rep that nothing is in stock, but he did confirm the 2 week estimate on the phone. Screw range anxiety, I got delivery anxiety mainly because I'm selling my ICE to cover part of the down payment.

Smalm | 5 juni 2019

Ordered May 25th, picked up June 5. In SoCal.

barrybarrette | 6 juni 2019

Interesting figure @Smalm, thanks for sharing.

llim3306 | 6 juni 2019

Ordered mine on 5/27 and my car was delivered on 6/4, and VIN# in 308, XXX range. I lived in the Bay Area.

Kary993 | 6 juni 2019

here are some numbers for Tesla this quarter and start of June.

barrybarrette | 6 juni 2019

Very interesting data, thanks @llim3306.

@Kary993 awesome to see a major network picking it up and getting a lot of the facts right! I read the Elektrek article right after it was posted and yeah I'd say based on what we're seeing on the forum and on reddit I'm feeling better about my pending delivery date!

That said, still no VIN here, ordered 6/1. Normally wouldn't be worried but if they plan to have it to me in NY in 9 days I feel like it should be known by now. My guess is I'm probably looking at the week after. As long as I get in before the tax rebate cutoff I'll be happy!

@Everyone How long did your VIN take to show up from order time?

jaird23 | 6 juni 2019

@barry I ordered too 6-1 nothing yet, ordered sr+ 19wheels, Gray.. im in socal

jaird23 | 6 juni 2019

@barry I ordered too 6-1 nothing yet, ordered sr+ 19wheels, Gray.. im in socal

RCA2019M3 | 7 juni 2019

Placed my order 5/22 for a LR RWD, Black/Black, Aero Wheels, and Autopilot. Been over two weeks and still no VIN. My Delivery Specialist told me it was "being built" 4 days ago, but haven't heard anything since. Not sure if it's taking too long because they have to build a car that's sold off-menu. Currently in FL.

coselectric | 7 juni 2019

If it makes anyone feel better, I waited apx 900 days for mine. Was even 13 weeks from the day I ordered until delivery. And I'd absolutely do it again.

bradwright1 | 7 juni 2019

Ordered 5/25 and I have heard nothing but crickets since. I ordered a standard range plus, red multi, sport wheels.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 7 juni 2019

Delivery delays? You mean people are still ordering this thing? Yahoo story said nobody was buying Teslas anymore.

barrybarrette | 7 juni 2019

@ranloague sorry to hear you're having delays. I'll be interested to see how mine compares with another east coast buyer.

@coselectric I hear ya but that tax rebate is the main reason I'm able to do this right now. For me it's now or ~3 year wait :(

@bradwright that is quite alarming, have you tried contacting them? I check in with my rep daily. Where are you located?

@Neomaxizoomdweebie I gotta believe you're being sarcastic but if not, I'll just say I read that article and it's pure FUD. They failed to provide even one single concrete example, just broad sweeping baseless accusations. Meanwhile every owner I speak to on a daily basis praises it as the best car they've ever owned. If that's not enough, we'll let the sales numbers speak for themselves! (with a $0 advertising spend)

CharleyBC | 7 juni 2019

@hectorarriaga, you may be in new territory. I can't remember seeing anyone in Mexico on this forum taking delivery yet. Sometimes being first means you get all the troubles while things get figured out. ¡Buena suerte! It's a great car!

freeman727 | 7 juni 2019

I ordered on 4/30 and didn’t get a VIN until 5/30. I’m picking it up tomorrow. Midnight Silver LR AWD and 18” wheels.

coselectric | 7 juni 2019

Hector, got it. Forgot about the tax credit increase in 3 weeks. I guess you pay U.S. federal taxes?

If your order is screwed up for some reason, i wonder if it might be an option for you to buy an inventory vehicle in the U.S. that is similar to what you wanted to order? I did a quick check online... No vehicles in Texas, obviously, none in Albuquerque either. But there are inventory vehicles available in Phoenix. Six hour drive to El Paso, not including a couple of supercharger stops then I guess 3 more hours to get to your home. You could do it in a day. Certainly not as good as taking delivery close to home, but might be worth it for the tax credit. No idea how it works from an import/export standpoint.

Hugues1965 | 7 juni 2019

I live in Switzerland, ordered on April 29th, a week later added tow hitch, 2 weeks later got delivery estimate for June 18th, got a call yesterday to ask if I wanted to get it earlier, will get it next Saturday June 15th. Awesome!

llim3306 | 8 juni 2019

Hey guys when I ordered mine on 5/27, I did not get notified of a VIN#. I asked even my sales advisor after one week. I was advised of delivery date on 6/3 for delivery on 6/4 via email by a delivery team. I had to scrambled hard for financing because I was expecting 2-3+ weeks wait. I lived 30 miles from Fremont plan. You may not necessarily getting your VIN#. Seems to be disconnected between sales and delivery team.

llim3306 | 8 juni 2019

@barrybarrette, thoroughly enjoying my model 3. well worth the wait even if you have to wait for a few weeks. Huge consolations that model 3 built this year has great fit/finish, which were the majors complaints in earlier models.

@hectorarriaga, any updates on your order? TX is among several states that put up all kind of roadblocks to disallow direct sale to endusers. Good luck.
Great car. I don't even drive my other ICE cars.

bradwright1 | 8 juni 2019

I'm live 20 miles from the Fremont Factory. I spent an hour this week on hold with the Tesla support to get an Update on the delivery ETA. After an hour on hold, all that I learned was that support people have no access to the delivery schedule. This is does not give me a high amount of confidence that the car will be delivered before the Federal Tax credit step down at the end of this month. That would represent a loss of $1875.

barrybarrette | 8 juni 2019

@llim3306 thanks for that insight. I had a feeling the 2 were not communicating all that well. Guess all I can do at this point is continue my daily check ins and hope for a delivery date before the 1st. Its very uplifting to see all of you west coast folks getting yours ahead of schedule, gives me hope in the absence of good communication from the sales team that mine is quietly making its way across the country to me :)

M3phan | 8 juni 2019

I guess days or weeks seems long when you don’t know the delivery date. Day 1-er here waited 2 years 3 months. : )
Relax. It’ll all be worth it. Totally worth it.

sebs | 8 juni 2019

Possibly a dumb question, but don't you need a VIN to get insurance pre-arranged..?

I ordered on May 30. My delivery ETA was quoted at 2-4 weeks. Have financing and everything else set up, but assumed I'd be getting the VIN online and would then have time to sort out insurance. But it sounds like ppl are getting their cars without seeing the VIN prior..?

gballant4570 | 8 juni 2019

I didn't need a VIN to get my insurance set up - just called my agent to let them know what I was doing. I was given a two week grace period to get them the car info after delivery. I got a printable insurance card via e-mail for the delivery SC.

gballant4570 | 8 juni 2019

BTW, to the OP - I understand your issue I think, but from what I am reading on this thread Tesla is doing far better with holding the promised delivery date today than ever before. I was not in your situation, so I did not pay anything until I had my hands on the car. But my delivery date got pushed out several times, last fall.

barrybarrette | 9 juni 2019

@sebs not a dumb question at all and currently the situation I'm in. My insurance requires both VIN and policy start date. Since I don't have either a VIN or a delivery date I can't finish insurance which means I can't get my purchase agreement to even finalize my financing. I'm curious how you were able to close financing without a purchase agreement?

bradwright1 | 9 juni 2019

All is good now, I received my VIN number and scheduled my delivery appointment.

llim3306 | 9 juni 2019

@barrbarrette, you don't need VIN to get insurance if you have active car insurance with other cars. In CA as in most states you have 30 days to get insurance after the date of taking delivery of your new vehicle. And some other states, you have 14 days after the date of delivery.

I hope this helps. We are all so used to dealer purchases that direct manufacturer to enduser purchases seem quite confusing. The buyers have to do the work. No wonder Texas wont allow Tesla to sell their cars in the state.

barrybarrette | 9 juni 2019

@bradwright1 congratulations! I'm right there with ya hoping to not lose out on half my tax rebate!

@llim3306 Interesting, I did not know that. I live in NH which is one of the few places I know of in the country where you don't need insurance so I haven't been carrying it because I'm a really good driver and my current ICE car just isn't valuable enough to be worth insuring.

The thing is I don't mind doing the work, but its the lack of clear direction on Tesla's part that's stressing me out. The website says "We are drafting up your contract and will contact you when you can make your final payment." The only other thing I see is "click here to update insurance information", which just brings me to the next tab where there is no place to enter insurance information. So of course I call my sales rep for clarification.

When I spoke to my sales rep he told me to just get insurance and upload it to my account. I explain the above to him and he says just upload the insurance to this text message thread once I have it. He all but got me off the phone when I stopped and asked if I needed the VIN in order to get the insurance which he only then told me that I did. It just feels like I've been leading the conversation every time I speak to a rep where they really should be the experts on their system and the process to complete an order successfully.

rxlawdude | 9 juni 2019

He means upload YOUR EXISTING POLICY information. No one expects you to insure a vehicle you haven't received.

sebs | 9 juni 2019

Sounds like I'm not the only one confused by the insurance process! I'll reach out to my broker tomorrow and see if they can get something lined up without having a VIN...

@barrybarrette - I was able to finalize the financing on my Tesla Account no problem. Maybe the online account differs depending on region? I'm in Canada. There are only 4 items on my account, 1) Registration, 2) Insurance, 3) Trade-in, 4) Payment. Everything is finalized except insurance. As for financing, I just filled out all the fields in Tesla's financing application, and got an answer back in less than 48 hrs saying I was approved. It now just says "Final payment details will be provided 24-48 hours before delivery."

Back to insurance, I question that they are referring to an existing policy (how could that be, as some buyers may not have an existing policy?). The insurance section in my account says "Upload Proof of Insurance. Proof of insurance is required to take delivery, and must be valid for the next 60-90 days."

dallinjhales | 9 juni 2019

We ordered the SR+, white, yesterday! I've already checked like 20 times to see if a vin was assigned (nope). Just a little excited! We had planned to get the SR but went for the SR+ that came with autopilot. Figured that extra 20 miles will come in handy!

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 9 juni 2019

My insurance company of 22 years (USAA) would not add my Tesla to the policy until I gave them a VIN. I could get an estimate, no problem. Once I had the VIN I had my policy updated within minutes. Super easy.

BuffaloBillsFan | 9 juni 2019

Wait! I thought there was no demand for the M3!

FTR I ordered mine in early April (M3 performance Blue with FSD) and got it in early May. Pretty good turn-around, if you ask me. Please be patient. The wait is worth it!

barrybarrette | 9 juni 2019

@sebs Ah ok now I see the difference. Sounds like you financed through Tesla; I have 3rd party since Tesla isn't able to do financing in my state.

@BuffaloBillsFan I'll be patient right up until the end of the month. The tax rebate cutting in half is a really big deal :(

llim3306 | 9 juni 2019

@barrybarrett and to those with insurance issues need to heed rxlawdude advise or follow my earlier threads. Upload your current insurance policy and your issues will be resolved. So long you have current insurance, you can take delivery. Your new car will be covered with your existing insurance pollicy according to your state law, 14 to 30 days. Your insurance company will then retroactively charge you to the day you took delivery. I hope this would resolve your insurance issue.

Don't bother to discuss this issue with your sales representatives. They have no ideas and may inadvertently mislead. They are 20s something with no experience and this is probably their very first job.

gballant4570 | 9 juni 2019

barrybarrette, the value of the car is not the most significant factor in determining your insurance needs.....your liability exposure has zero connection to that.

TeslaJimmy | 10 juni 2019

ordered June 3 and have no vin number yet. I feel like a high schooler checking the mail to see if I got into my favorite college. Hopefully can sneak this delivery in before tax rebate expires.

M3BlueGeorgia | 10 juni 2019


Lot of critical missing information, especially
1) Where are you
2) What configuration did you order

barrybarrette | 10 juni 2019

@llim3306 I mentioned already I don't currently carry insurance. My state doesn't require it.

@gballant4570 I understand I'm taking a risk on liability, however with 0 accidents in 14 years I stopped carrying it and have saved a boatload of money for it. In the case of the model 3 I will definitely carry full coverage both because of the autopilot features exposing me to liability I may not be prepared for and of course the overall value of the vehicle itself.

SwitchedToReluctance | 10 juni 2019

Ordered LR RWD May 26. Waiting on VIN. @ranloague I am in FL too. Worried about off menu, but there were no inventory cars available... there was one on May 25 but someone snapped it up between 6pm the night before and noon the next day.

SwitchedToReluctance | 10 juni 2019

Ordered LR RWD May 26. Waiting on VIN. @ranloague I am in FL too. Worried about off menu, but there were no inventory cars available... there was one on May 25 but someone snapped it up between 6pm the night before and noon the next day.

gballant4570 | 10 juni 2019

What state does not require insurance? That state needs to be an "avoid" option in Navigation....

rficdude | 10 juni 2019

@SwitchedToReluctance I am in the same boat. Ordered LR RWD May 28 from the east coast.
No VIN yet. Hoping to make the June 30 deadline, but it isn't clear whether it will happen or not.

r1200gs4ok | 10 juni 2019

ordered LR AWD, 100% self-drive on Friday, 57 Jun 19 and delivery is set for Sunday, 16 Jun VIN # today.....

r1200gs4ok | 10 juni 2019

type: ordered 7 Jun 19.....