Short People Solution For Washing Car...

Short People Solution For Washing Car...

I am a fan of Shark Tank and came across an old episode featuring Moki Door Step :) Fantastic idea, placed my order online! I hope it helps me in washing the glass top...

vmulla | 11 juni 2019

Step stool? Inverted bucket? Inverted milk crate?

Towel on the door sill to step on?

M3phan | 12 juni 2019

Tall neighbor.
High heels.
Great Dane trained to stand on hind legs who has phenomenal dexterity.

M3D | 12 juni 2019

Ceramic coating so whatever you stand on it goes faster

billtphotoman | 12 juni 2019

What I need is a device which will allow me to clean the inside of the rear windshield without requiring yoga moves.

M3phan | 12 juni 2019

@billtphotoman: I like this device for front and back wondow interiors.

M3phan | 12 juni 2019

Has an extending handle. Plus comes with the best car glass cleaner, IMO

gmkellogg | 12 juni 2019

I'm a big fan of investing in the great Dane.

wiboater4 | 12 juni 2019

I use a squeegie on the roof glass.

lilbean | 12 juni 2019

Bad idea, that is not what the door striker is for.