“Compact Only” Supercharging?

“Compact Only” Supercharging?

I used a Fairfield CA Supercharger where every space was labeled “Compact Only” and filled with model S and X, except one 3. Ample space for S and X which are NOT compact. What gives? Couldn’t find a stencil to paint “Charging” so used “Compact”? Is spelling difficult or is it model 3 only?

Someone should be embarrassed and repaint for free. Or make it clear only model 3s are invited... | 16 juni 2019

Likely local regulations require X number of compact spaces for a given site to encourage compact cars. Sort of silly as there seem to be few compacts, and every truck and massive SUV squeeze into these spots anyway. So when Tesla added the charging, it might have been in an area for compacts, so they were required to label the slots for compacts. Doubt Tesla had any say in it.

jordanrichard | 16 juni 2019

TT +1. At the urban supercharger site in Hartford CT, there are 6 stalls, but one of them is labeled as Handicap parking only. Same situation as TT explained, local regulations dictate the require ratio of handicap spots to the number of available spots.

If you think that is crazy, try this on for size. Though I retired from the Air Force, I got word that when they went to build some new basic trainging dorms, the contractor by law had to install toilet stalls and shower stalls to accomondate the handicap. Problem is, if you are handicap, you can’t join the military. So count that as wasted tax payer dollars........

stevenmaifert | 16 juni 2019

Those spaces once said "EV Charging Only". This is a year old picture. I wonder when they were relabeled:

EVRider | 17 juni 2019

Maybe to keep pickup trucks from ICEing them? :-)