2017 75D Voice command problems and Slacker music drops

2017 75D Voice command problems and Slacker music drops

I did not get the premium stereo. I do have auto pilot if that matters.
I have driven the car 30K+ and spend up 1.5 hrs a day commuting in Charlotte, NC. I enjoy the car every-time I drive it but:

I have always had intermittent dropped signals while listening to slacker.
Lately in the last 3 months when I try to use the voice command while listening to the stereo it goes into inhibit (swirl) and will not let me access the voice command.

What is even more maddening it will not reset and let me listen to the stereo most of the time.

I took it into the service center and they could not replicate the problem. I think it is a signal issue due to the internet connection.
I rarely have more than 2 bars of signal strength. At home connected to wifi it is not an issue.

Anyone else having the same connection problems? | 20 juni 2019

It seems like you may have some cellular dead spots in your commute? This would affect both Slacker and voice commands. Slacker does buffer the music, so short cellular dropouts would not bother it, but when a new song loads, if there is no cellular, it will go silent until the car gets an LTE signal.

The 2 bars is typical and not much of a concern. I've had no problems even at 1 bar. The car's cellular bar indicator seems to always show lower than my phone - likely just calibrated differently.

If you have AT&T, as a test, you could make a call at the start of your commute to someone and see if it stays stable for the entire trip. My guess is you'll find dead spots along the way.

Not sure about the voice command "swirl", but voice commands do use the cellular connection. No connection, no voice commands.