Supercharger vandalism?

Supercharger vandalism?

I found that the nub in the Supercharger that holds the charging cable on was broken off at 4 of the 8 Superchargers at Rawlins, Wyoming. Rawlins is adjacent to the oil refinery company town of Sinclair (named for the oil company).

Four broken ones seems to be too much for normal wear. | 24 juni 2019

Never seen a broken one in all my travels, so yes, seems like vandalism. I hope you let Tesla know about it so they can repair them. Are there any buildings nearby that may have caught it on camera?

finman100 | 24 juni 2019

VERY cold weather makes plastic brittle? those nubs may be prone to a stiff "frozen" cable being hung up more aggressively during winter, due to not being flexible, etc.

Yes i realize it's summer.

so how long have those been broken? if recently, during warmer temps, then my theory is bunk. I'm only playing devil's advocate here, since the instances of other Supercharger damage was indeed vandalism.

jimglas | 24 juni 2019

it doesnt got much colder than Duluth, never seen a broken charger "nub"
Must be vandalism

Earl and Nagin ... | 25 juni 2019

I've seen a few broken ones but only one at a location. This does sound likely to be intentional

sbeggs | 26 juni 2019

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TommyT | 26 juni 2019

I was at this SpC towards the end of Oct. '18 during an early winter storm. Charged to 80-90% when arrived in the evening and stayed at the HIE next door. Before breakfast next morning returned to top off charge and warm the battery, it was 13 F and blowing stink. When I drove up I noticed that two of the charging "hoses" were on the ground so after I hooked up to one of the others I replaced the one next to me in its "holster". A gust of wind promptly blew it back on the ground. Given the weather I did not do a close exam to see if the "holster" was damaged. Given my sample set of one, it could simply be weather.
I was grateful for the info I had accumulated on the forum such that I knew to do the bulk of my charging when I arrived while the battery was warm and to warm the battery at the charger in the morning before setting out against the headwind in the cold.

jimglas | 10 juli 2019

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