Both keyfobs stopped working at the same time

Both keyfobs stopped working at the same time

I was on the road for three weeks. My MS90D was garaged and plugged in the entire time.

When I got home, I tried to open the car to do a system update. Neither keyfob worked. One is my daily driver (and sits out of range). The other is my backup and sits in a lock box. I was able to open the car with my mobile phone and did the update. I tried both keyfobs again... nothing. I tried all the fixes that I could think of... changed the battery in each keyfob, rebooted the car, etc. As a final test, I tried putting the keyfobs in the positions that the manual says will work if the battery is dead. Nothing. I called roadside assistance and was told it had to go into service.

I made an appointment on the mobile app. A ranger was scheduled to come to my house... (wait for it) in 3 WEEKS!

Following the suggestion of the non-trolls (people who don't use terms like RTFM) of several people in the forum, I showed up at the service center this morning. The check-in staffer did everything I did to no avail. The car was handed off to a tech. Two hours later both of my keyfobs were working. The car had to be reprogrammed to recognize them. No complaint about the service in general. They did open the units to check for "water damage" which was one of the reasons it took so long. I guess they have had people try to scam them for the new 80-bit keyfobs or something.

The tech said this was a first for him. He had no explanation. It was just 'one of those things'.

Bighorn | 24 juni 2019

Glad they took care of you. That’s always been my experience.

Anthony J. Parisio | 25 juni 2019

I'm glad it was easily resolved for you.

EVRider | 25 juni 2019

So anyone who suggests reading the manual is a troll?

TeslaKU | 27 juni 2019

Trolls are a$$holes who have nothing positive to add and make comments with nothing other than RTFM.

In my original post, I didn't feel like writing a book, just looking for a quick fix if there were one. Several people told me to RTFM. I did everything I could to no avail. As it turned out, only the service center could fix it. Rebooting multiple times, changing the batteries, and putting the keyfob under the 12V (and on the windshield) did nothing.

murphyS90D | 28 juni 2019

What you are describing sounds like the key memory in the car got corrupted or cleared. I hope they are investigating how that happened. That is not supposed to be able to happen. All cars, that I am aware of, that have key fobs work the same way. A key is programmed to the car by storing its unique serial number into the car's key memory.