Low Key Fob Battery Warning Solution

Low Key Fob Battery Warning Solution

After getting the "Low Key Fob Battery" warning, I changed the batteries in my two Fobs. However the warning banner would not go away. I did a computer reset several times, nothing. Then went to the Agoura Hills, CA service center to ask what to do. Service Tech said to schedule a mobile unit visit. Nothing easier I asked, "no" was the response. Out in the parking lot I decided to press both my Fob keys (center position) simultaneously and hold. Yes, that made the warning banner disappear from my screen. I went back into the Service Center and told the Tech this. His response, "sweet"! And so it goes...

ST70 | 2 juli 2019


gridley1950 | 3 juli 2019

Definitely sweet!

p.c.mcavoy | 4 juli 2019

Yes nice you didn’t need to wait for a mobile service visit, but not really that sweet that one of Tesla’s techs does know basics like the car needing to see and respond to both fobs, including potentially not just the passive entry recognition but actually pressing top of fob to lock/unlock the car.

If you do a google search for ‘Tesla key fob battery low battery reset’ you can find threads on this forum where people report replacing batteries in both fobs and then locking and unlocking doors with both fobs (not just passive entry, but actually press the top of the fob to lock unlock). There’s one on TMC that goes as far back as 2014-2015 where you’ll find a comment around locking/unlocking with both fobs.

ldbarker | 3 august 2019

Thanks Roland, for your low key fob battery warning solution, worked for me!

bobrobert | 4 august 2019

Thanx here, too. I'd swapped which fob I used as primary after replacing about 4 batteries in the first, but the warning message remained on the dash when using the 2nd. I replaced the battery in the 1st because the car didn't respond to it at all anymore and then did the 2-fob press. Warning msg is gone, but I'm still not confident in the 1st fob because it had been completely draining new batteries in about a week. Well, service visit scheduled for next week anyway for another matter.

bobrobert | 14 august 2019

Nope, didn't help. That 1st fob still prompted the warning after about 10 days. Evidently the warning is sticky because it remains on the dash even when using the 2nd. Told the SC about this and they tested the voltage output of both fobs - nothing more, other than speculations about moisture, etc. Well, one more battery just to clear the msg, then a decision whether I need two fobs - I do have that phone app for backup.

akikiki | 14 august 2019

Hey bobrobert, I can't recall the last time I saw a post from you. You okay?

Can't address the issue of 1st fob draining fast. But we know you that one way to clear the fob message is to have both fobs in the car at one time. I think then, you perform a reboot. But it does require both in the car at the same time.

bobrobert | 15 august 2019

Thanx for the thought, akikiki. Not gone, just matured beyond warranty. No amount of vinyl wrap and glass coat can shield me from repair costs any longer. Tesla sparkle not gone, but there are scratches

shaia8 | 5 januar 2020

@ roland.woerner You’re a Genius ... or at least the most excellent provider of accurate information through which my problem was resolved. :)

shaia8 | 5 januar 2020

@roland.woerner You’re a Genius ... or at least the most excellent provider of accurate information through which my problem was resolved. :)

pascal.van.putten | 11 januar 2020

This is a software bug! Not the key FOB is empty, but the 12 Volt battery is empty/ broken. In identical case we eperienced the car stopped completely and had to call on-site road assistance (4 hours later) to get the car towed away. Now Tesla is claiming that it is not their problem and not coverd by warranty. But it is in fact a software / firmware bug that the "12 volt battery low" warning is mis-interpreted and shown on the main dashboard as "Low Key Fob Battery" warning.

jordanrichard | 11 januar 2020

Pascal.van.putten, I recently had the “low Key FOB” warning and I placed the battery in my FOB and the warning went away. I tested the battery and it showed 2.7v and the new out of the package battery read 3.2v.

So it is not factual that there is a bug.