How do I tell if my car is "uncorked"?

How do I tell if my car is "uncorked"?

Subject says it all! 3/17 S90D

EVRider | 2 juli 2019

If you have the Tesla Remote (formerly Remote S) app, you can check the car’s configuration data. Based on the thread, an uncorked car will have perf_config set to P1.

RedJ | 3 juli 2019

If I remember correctly uncorking only applies to 75D vehicles. Of course I could be remembering incorrectly.

EVRider | 3 juli 2019

Looking at some more old threads about this, I believe RedJ is correct -- only certain 75D vehicles could be uncorked.

Ohmster | 3 juli 2019

And 75s. This required the new drive unit that was introduced sometime early second half of 2017.

There are very few 75s that have it as that configuration was discontinued a few months later.

‘17 S75 + ‘17 X75D Both: Uncorked [E]AP FSD AP2.5 MCU1 20.4.2 Grin on!

Uncle Paul | 4 juli 2019

My early January 2017 75X was decorked later that year. Performance gain was immediately noticable. Car had more power at all speeds. Off the line it became much quicker as well.

Needed to take it into service center. Did it while I waited.

Uncle Paul | 4 juli 2019

If you want to know for sure if your car has been uncorked, a call to your friendly neighborhood service center, with the VIN should give you a reliable answer.

geo.teepe | 20 juli 2019

What does uncorked and recorked mean?

EVRider | 20 juli 2019

Uncorking provided a performance boost to certain Tesla 75D models. Recorking isn’t a thing. Maybe you meant decorking from Uncle Paul’s first comment, which is the same as uncorking.