Auto-steer issues with 2019.20.2.1

Auto-steer issues with 2019.20.2.1

I have been noticing that I have to intervene more often with the latest firmware update:

Lane change: (I have mad max enabled)

Sometimes it changes to the passing lame when you are close to the next exit. This is problematic when there is a lot of traffic.
Sometimes mover to the passing lane and then moves right back into the previous lane.
Will tell you it is going to change lanes and then wait in the mean time another vehicle come up on the side and the car starts to change and then swerves back.

Merging traffic.

Will not slow down when traffic is merging from 2 to three lanes and then either I or the car brakes hard to avoid collisions.

I am more sensitive to this because my car insurance (Nationwide) has me using a app to evaluate my driving and one of the things it measures is hard breaking. I have had several incidents because of AP. I tend to let the car try to handle situations and only takeover when it is getting to close for comfort.

What have others noticed?

Also the setting to get updates early does not seem to be having any effect.

It would be a nice feature if the car told you that you had a update pending but it has not been able to download yet (i.e. no strong WIFI). I think this would save support a lot of calls

marika.appell | 6 juli 2019

You are not alone! I think you are experiencing common problems, just confirming a long way to FSD.

RedJ | 6 juli 2019

@bill at this point if there’s an update pending the car does tell you to hook up to WiFi. You just need to select software in the menu.

Rheumboy | 6 juli 2019

Auto steer has taken me into Taco Bell 3 times now....... hate it!

bill | 10 juli 2019

Mine keeps taking me to Ruth's Chris! Better have yours checked!

judge | 19 juli 2019

I agree. Seems to run more towards the right of center and pops out when being passed on thei right

dland007 | 20 juli 2019

I've also noticed this. Just back from a 500 mile round trip - all interstate - and had to intervene no less than 5 times during this trip. Primary cases: car wanting to follow lines to an off ramp when road was inclining (couldn't see >500' straight ahead) and secondly (and much worse) the car pulled me WAY TOO CLOSE to semis in the next lane (on my right). On that point, I've noticed that auto steer often hugs the right hand side of the lane - instead of center. It also over shoots to the far right every time when returning to that lane from passing. One last point, when I signal to change lanes (I'm in a pre-update 2016), sometimes it performs flawlessly; however sometimes it will start to change lanes, but then brake - thinking there is someone in front of me...but there isn't.

PagemakersS75 | 20 juli 2019

Without question this version up to and including 20.4.2 are the worst versions of autopilot I’ve had in my car in the past 3 years.

Lane change is nothing short of dangerous (new European 5 second thing). Autopilot is jerky and uncomfortable. It’s five steps back from how good it was before.