Over on the My Solar City forums in order to start a new thread you had to post a picture. It was a bit of a pain because it just doesn't work for every subject. Now that this forum seem to be the natural replacement for that forum when it goes away at the end of the month I am glad to see that pictures are no required, but I would like to know if they can be included in posts when needed and what format should be used to make them show right in the post if possible?

Thank You

markbraukman | 9 juli 2019

Other than including a link to something like Dropbox, I don't know of a way to add a picture. I've not even tried adding a link, not sure that would work. Some forums are picky.

edwardneal2222 | 9 juli 2019

I have a smug mug account that I can host pictures on so it is easy to test that - here is a link

can you tell me if that works for you

j.bowden | 3 februar 2020

Hmm am I the only one to respond to this? I can see it!