These were some smart kids!

These were some smart kids!

Coworker asked if I could show her 10 year old nephew the inside of my 3 (he’s apparently a Tesla fan). I say sure but how about a test ride too? She says He would love that! So she takes me by her office and her nephew is there with his brother and her two sons. Hahaha. It was going to be a full car.
Here’s where I started to get real impressed with these kids (age range from 8-12): as we walk to the car, they are asking all sorts of excited questions and they’re using the right terminology! None of this “Does your car drive by itself?” nonsense, no, they knew to ask “Does your car have Autopilot?”
They continued:
“Can you show us Summon?”
“Show us the air conditioning screen with the air flow!”
“How fast can it get to 60?”
“How many miles do you get when you charge it?”
“It must be great to not need gas.”
“Everything runs through that screen, right?”
This was impressive; smart kids knew their Teslas. Unlike some adults who ask less informed questions.
During the ride, the first time in a Tesla for all four, they were squealing with every launch, loved the smoothness and relative quietness, and of course Fart mode and Beach Buggy Racing were big hits. I think Fart mode got more Oohs and Aahs than AP. Lol!
After the ride, they were chatty and excited, and later that evening, my coworker sent a picture of her two sons sitting at the computer: one was on the Tesla configuration page, the other was sitting next to him with pad and pencil. My friend said they were figuring out how much money they’d need to save to buy one, and what kind of job they’d need to earn enough money to save. : )

Like I said, these were some smart kids!

82bert | 13 juli 2019

There is hope for the future...

Shesmyne2 | 13 juli 2019

I agree. The kids know more than the grown ups at times.
Pretty cool. Lots of new Tesla owners as years go by...
Encouraging story.

Still Grinning ;-)

M3phan | 13 juli 2019

One tweak to my post: I should’ve said the Fart mode demo got more Oohs and Aaaaaaaaaaahhhs...
; )

vmulla | 13 juli 2019

Yup, many of us know the feeling you're taking about. I feel fortunate to share the enthusiasm when that happens
The other strong fan base are the folks who know they don't have much time to see a more advanced car, they have a nice direct point of view when they experience the car.

-TheJohn- | 13 juli 2019

Whenever I drive past a group of elementary aged kids on a tour of the local planetarium or the like at least a third of them turn and stare while pointing etc.
They get it.

TranzNDance | 13 juli 2019

Kids don't have the emotional and financial baggage that makes many adults hold on to toxic noisy sluggish vehicles.

Lonestar10_1999 | 13 juli 2019

The fart app, Santa Claus, and all the video games appeal to the young at heart.

M3phan | 13 juli 2019

...a video game about a farting Santa, now that’d be something...
@TranzNDance, good thought.
@-TheJohn-, yes, same experience

gballant4570 | 13 juli 2019

I've got to say the fart app is one of my favorites. But when I'm showing off the car, it takes me a while to get to it....there is just a lot to talk bout. I wish more people I show it off to were as smart as those kids.

M3phan | 13 juli 2019

Know your customer: Preteen boys, future Tesla can I convince them....ah yes, farts.

GrumpyinAZ | 14 juli 2019

Don't forget to give them your Referral Code!

M3phan | 14 juli 2019

Oh man....good catch! Wonder if that’ll still be a thing in 15-20 years?