Going on a 29 hour ferry! What to do?

Going on a 29 hour ferry! What to do?

We're going on a ferry tomorrow from the North of Germany to Helsinki, Finland. The ferry ride is 29 hours, and there is no electricity outlet available.

What are the things I need to look out for? Obviously, I'll need to turn the alarm, tilt, sentry off. But should I turn the whole car off? Any other suggestions? YTIA

EVRider | 18 juli 2019

Stop worrying and enjoy the ride. :-)

mickel.werner | 18 juli 2019

Funny... storm coming. Wife gets seasick real quickly, so it's gonna be fun.. ;-)

GHammer | 18 juli 2019

29 hours is nothing. I've parked for two weeks at a cruise terminal no problem.

Bighorn | 18 juli 2019

Same as for a 29 minute ferry ride.

lilbean | 18 juli 2019

I just plugged mine in after being unplugged since July 1st.

mickel.werner | 18 juli 2019

It’s not the non-electricity that has me scratching my head but the ferry ride. Few months we did a 1 hour ferry and did not turn off the alarm. 10 minutes into the ride the alarm went off. People were not allowed on car deck while at sea, so the captain had to give permission.

geo.teepe | 19 juli 2019

I was on a ferry from Skagway Alaska to Bellingham Wa (4 days) never gave it a thought.

TranzNDance | 19 juli 2019

Oh, so the special consideration was that the car would be on the ferry, not that you were going to be leaving it behind in a parking lot.

Bighorn | 19 juli 2019

Bring snacks because the concessions are waterway robbery.

A-Wimoweh | 19 juli 2019

Does your car have the air suspension? If so, the waves and rocking of the ferry may keep that working overtime, and cause it to overheat and or run down your battery. Might want to put it in jack mode after you park it to be safe.

Bighorn | 19 juli 2019

Air suspension is not active when the car is parked. Never had any issues on ferries with mine.

lilbean | 19 juli 2019

That’s a long ferry ride.

sentabo | 19 juli 2019

Is it one of these ferries? And I apologize in advance.

Ohmster | 19 juli 2019

^Cute. I wasn’t sure what to expect.....

barrykmd | 20 juli 2019

Bring a book