So when I purchased in late April of this year, I was told that I and my referral friend would receive 5K free SC miles. So my Advisor in San Diego added my friend's code for our SC miles. It has been 3 months now and they managers have supposedly presented a spreadsheet to their regional managers with customers names who DID NOT RECEIVE THE CREDITS. Now they are telling us that the EXCEL SPREADSHEET was denied nay those same regional mgrs. I find this unacceptable and against the law to advertise this and not receive the credits. I have reached out again and again to get this resolved. As much as we pay for these vehicles and for TESLA NOT TO HONOR their advertised (at the time) offer SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED IN ANY CASE.

Apparently someone was told that there was a "glitch" when we ordered and the referrals didn't go through. But that is not the fault of the customer and should be rectified by the company. If there is someone out there who can help get this resolved please email me at

Thanks in ADVANCE!

ricoant | 22 juli 2019

I was told by the SD advisor that the miles would show up "in a few weeks". Well I believe I have waited more than enough time for them to fix this. TESLA please comment!

SilverSp33d3r | 22 juli 2019

I had a referral during this period as well. Same response and same outcome no supercharging miles added.

ttien22 | 24 juli 2019

Same situation here. I ordered mine through the UTC showroom. I received a similar response saying it should show up in my loot box in a couple weeks. That was a month ago.

Passion2Fly | 25 juli 2019

You should get 1000 miles as soon as the car is marked as “delivered”. Another 4000 miles a month later... I got mine in San Diego...

gtimbers | 25 juli 2019

Same here. I've been waiting for almost 3 months. My friend who bought the referred Tesla has received nada as well.

Passion2Fly | 25 juli 2019

Make sure that your referral shows up on your account. Check the phone App!