Taptes mud guard install? UPDATED WITH INSTALL PICS

Taptes mud guard install? UPDATED WITH INSTALL PICS

I don't know how many people have installed the Taptes mug guards, but I'm struggling.

Seems like the clips they provide go into the hole, and then the guard goes between it and the original liner retainer clips.

The only problem is that for the life of me, I can't get the orignals to insert at all when everything is lined up. Seems like the Taptes provided inserts are a bit too narrow.

Am I missing something? Any advice on what I might be doing wrong?

raqball | 3 august 2019

There is a thread here with a link to some install photos.. Maybe it can be of help.

Good luck!

alisse | 3 august 2019

Ugh. Never mind. I missed the plugs that came with it. I'm a dummy. Nothing to see here, move along

Lonestar10_1999 | 3 august 2019

@alisse - don’t beat yourself up. The marketing of the mud guards suggests that any dummy can install it, even those with no mechanical inclination.

Please follow up after the installation is completed. This is one product that piqued my interest.

Plug-n-Play | 3 august 2019

Just so others who may see this in the future via a search need to deal with this - make sure you replace the OEM fasteners with the ones that come with the splash guard kit. It is in two pieces, a receiver part that fits into the hole, and the push pin part that goes into the receiver. Once you snap the push in into place, the receiver part widens and forms a snug fit against the hole. Now put your OEM fasteners away for safe keeping in case you ever need them again.

As for the top self-tapping screw on the front guards, do yourself a favor and drill a small pilot hole first. It'll make it easier to screw in. The plastic liner you're screwing in to isn't firmly set in place so without that pilot hole, it'll be somewhat of a pain to self-tap.

jebinc | 3 august 2019

Installation of Amazon-sourced molded mud flaps made in China

I received my flaps on Friday, 8/2/19. I selected an Amazon supplier that had them in stock and who got them to me two days after ordering. The first thing I noticed when opening the box was a strong toxic odor from the flaps - so strong that I put them outside over-night to degas. The installation was very straight forward and didn't take more than 1/2 hour to do all four, and that includes the time it took me to remove a set of flat plastic flaps. Overall, the fit and finish is fairly good. I will say that the thickness of these molded flaps is less than OEM molded flaps you can find on Honda or Subaru vehicles. Not sure how that may affect the long-term viability at this point. Attached are some picture of these flaps installed on my MSM LR AWD M3. Pictures can be seen here...

alisse | 3 august 2019

So in order to redeem myself, here's a set of pix from the completed install.

A few things worth noting:
- Inspect the parts. I confidently ignored this. As there was no instructions I assumed how it would work. My bad.
- They give you a bunch of extra hardware, so don't be afraid to mess up
- As others have noted I drilled a small hole in the liner after the guards were installed with the clips, using the hole in the guard as the target.
- You only need the screws for the fronts
- Rear placement was not obvious (to me) as I was already out of my mind from my misinformation in the beginning. They go on the trunk side of the rear tire. :)
- The guards themselves are clearly marked as to where they should be placed (RR, FR, RL, FR).
- If I had to do it again, I could probably do so in about 15 minutes.

They definitely look pretty good. I will report back on if they are worth the trouble.