Adding the "memory" part to memory seats

Adding the "memory" part to memory seats

I bought a CPO Model S that is an early vin (under 8,000 number), it came with version 1 seats, before they installed the box that has the memory function on it. I tries to get it upgraded through Tesla but they told me they no longer make the wiring harness needed to install memory seats (if that is the actual truth, I will never know). My question for the DIYs out here.. is it possible if I just get my hands on the memory box, that I can install it myself adding it to the current seats I have? Thank you!

tes-s | 10 august 2019

Mine is 13,000 and has them. I feel better that my car actually has something other cars do not - makes me miss folding mirrors and parking sensors less. | 10 august 2019

@Renzo - To be a bit clearer, even the very first Teslas came with the memory seat (driver only). Memory seat feature was always included with leather, but in the first ~10 months of production for cloth seats didn't get the memory function.

Now, my guess is the wiring harness is in your car. I'm about 90% all early cars came with the same wiring harness, no matter which options you bought. At least it did on my s/n 3xxx car. Check under your seat to see if you find the connector. In some cases Tesla wrapped the unused connector to the wiring harness - so if you see a big bulge in the wiring harness under the seat - that's the connector. So if you have the connector, next check to see if you have the connector from the seat itself that goes to the module. If so, you're likely 95% there. If there is no connector from the seat, you may need to buy an entire seat.

Look for a seat memory module on eBay. A real quick look didn't find one, but this is close:

You need one for your era car (2012-2013) as I'm fairly sure it changed in the 2014 or 2015 time frame with the new gen seats.

Renzo | 10 august 2019

@tes-s, I was actually able to get Tesla to add folding mirrors because the car I bought had the tech package and on the Tesla website it listed that tech package included a list of functions, driver profiles being one of them. I have been going back and forth with Tesla for seven months and got them to install power folding mirrors but they says driving profiles was a no go because of harness. @teslatap my car vin is under 8k and it has cloth seats not leather... I will check tomorrow and write back. Thank you for the great info as always!

Renzo | 17 august 2019

@TeslaTap GUESS WHAT!? I found a 2013 Memory Seat Module on ebay and I bought it! it was delivered yesterday, so I excitedly I looked under my seat... and the seat has a memory seat module in there!!!! with connectors! there are two connectors under the seat going into the memory seat module... it looks exactly like the one I I have... I was thinking maybe mine is defective? I was thinking of swapping them to see if that got the driver profiles working. do you have a Tesla Motor Club forum username? so this way maybe I can tap into your knowledge base and send you some pictures so you can give me some guidance? or can you email me if you dont have a TMC username? my email is

Looking forward to solve this puzzle together!!

Renzo | 17 august 2019

just for more context, I was told by tesla service that they no longer made the wiring harness... so I assumed that meant that there was no memory seat module under there, this is why I began the post with stating I did not have a memory seat module... I am starting to get into the tinkering of the car, but now I am kicking myself for not looking under the seat sooner. | 17 august 2019

I was locked out of TMC because I wrote a book on the Model S. I guess they thought readers would get answers from the book rather than the TMC forum. Seemed silly to me.

Ok, cool that you have the module already and that means the wiring is all in place. What you then need is Tesla service to enable the memory seat feature. I expect this is fairly easy to be done, but unclear if they are allowed or willing to do it for you. If you have the car in for some other service, they may be more willing to make the change. I'll drop you an email, but not sure what additional help I can provide.

Renzo | 17 august 2019

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Renzo | 17 august 2019

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