Tesla Autopilot vs Mount Washington, NH

Tesla Autopilot vs Mount Washington, NH

My question is has anyone successfully gotten any Tesla model to successfully drive on autopilot from the base to the summit of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

For those of you who are not from New England, the land of the "this car climbed Mt. Washington" bumper sticker. There is a very narrow and winding road up the side of Mount Washington. The road comes very close to some fairly steep drops though not many sheer cliff faces. It does require the driver to pay close attention especially on the occasion someone is traveling down the mountain in the other lane.

I have been hunting through various forums and youtube videos and haven't found any good examples.

I have found new stories about a poorly planned attempt in a P85D. The car made it with no problem but the SuperCharger network was less robust years ago in the area and there was range anxiety about making it home according to the article found here with all of the details and typos ( )

I have also found some youtube videos of people attempting to activate autopilot only to get too nervous and take full control back moments later.

Now I realize the current v9 Autopilot is only officially for highways and V10 is supposed to add city streets.

I am curious though if anyone has successfully made it to the top on autopilot. I would also love Tesla's take on this and their confidence of the system being able to make it to the summit on its own (be it v9 or v10). Perhaps a demonstration would be fantastic. If it could navigate this road, with twists, turns, steep climbs, and steeper cliffs... all with lets just say less than standard road markings and little margin for error.

Would be glad for any info that is out there.

EVRider | 17 august 2019

I would never attempt that drive with Autopilot, and I think anyone who does is putting themselves and others in danger.

Tesla2018 | 17 august 2019

I am going there in a few weeks but not taking my Tesla otherwise I would try it.
Have never driven it since every time I have been around there we take one of my friends sports cars to the hotel around there for lunch and he is paranoid about his cars and doesnt want to drive on dirt or gravel roads. I will take the rental this time just to see how bad the road is.
I was in Little Switzerland in either Georgia or South Carolina a few years ago in a rental SUV and thought I was going to die since the roads were winding and narrow with no visability of what was coming around the bend and sheer dropoffs on the side of the road.

EVRider | 18 august 2019

@Tesla2018: You would try using AP on that road, or just drive on it?

Tesla2018 | 18 august 2019

Ev Rider. If you mean Mt Washington-If I had the Tesla, I would try it, but probably would take control if things got scary. Never driven up it before but will try it since its a rental to see if I think the Tesla could do it on autopilot.
If you mean Little Switzerland- no way. The road has too many blind turns and if I think their isnt a center lane marker. You have to slow down to 5 mph to make sure nothing is coming at you as you go around blind curves with a cliff on your passenger side.
I will probably do Mt Washinton on a weekday after Labor Day so traffic wont be bad. I wonder how if would be if I was following another car if I had autopilot since the Tesla would slow down sooner than if it had nothing in front of it and braked at the last second. Also I have no idea of what the speed limit is. Doesnt AP only work if the speed limit is above a certaint minimum. It doesnt work on the street I live on since there are no center lines and the speed limit is only 15 mph.

EVRider | 18 august 2019

I meant Mt. Washington. I've been on that road before, and although it was a long time ago, I don't think it's the kind of road that AP is capable of handling today. Maybe they've improved it a lot since I was there.

I would certainly drive a Tesla on that road, and having the regen braking would be a big help for the trip down. Many years ago we did the trip in a friend's car, a big old Plymouth Fury, and he had stop frequently on the way down because the brakes were overheating.

Scarab | 18 august 2019

@EVRider I am definitely with you. I would actually be shocked if the v9 Autopilot could make the climb, especially since it isn't built for non-highways. And even on highways I find myself need to take over at least once even on short trips. I simply think that if the autopilot could handle it that would be insanely impressive. This should be a goal because driving on safe clearly marked roads is great but I want an autopilot to be able to take over in areas I don't feel comfortable doing it on my own (like sometimes with parallel parking) not just when when I expect to be fatigued by the endless repetition of highway driving.

reed_lewis | 19 august 2019

I have driven the MT Washington Auto Road a few times in different cars, but not in the past 5 years. My concerns with using AP is that the side of the road which is on the outside has no lines, and is a dropoff with no guardrail. I would love to drive my Tesla up the road because it would be really cool to get a negative kWh/mile rating when travelling back down.

But I would never use AP on that road now.