Selling 2019 Model 3 AWD

Selling 2019 Model 3 AWD

Hello everyone,

Need to sell my 2019 Model 3 AWD
Midnight Silver Metallic
18 Aeros
Located in Lufkin, Texas (East Texas between Dallas and Houston)
See listing on Only Used Tesla

Wife decided to start working part time and go back to school so can't afford Alfred anymore. *tear emoji

rxlawdude | 20 august 2019

That price seems high. Brand new build your own for the same configuration is $48,990.

Teslafast | 20 august 2019

Your prices does not include the $1200 destination fee for a new car. :)

RayNLA | 20 august 2019

Rich Rebuilds did a video about this.

andy.connor.e | 20 august 2019

Price is too high. Its used, and anyone willing to spend that kind of money would take the couple grand hit and get brand new.

RayNLA | 20 august 2019

Not to mention the rebates

Teslafast | 20 august 2019

Might be high but all things negotiable. When you go buy a car from a used dealership, it is always high too, but you negotiate back and forth until you both agree on a price.

dmastro | 20 august 2019

I believe you can find similar pre-owned configurations for less directly from Tesla, but all it takes is one buyer. Good luck OP!

Teslafast | 20 august 2019

What do you think would be a good price?

rxlawdude | 20 august 2019

No more than $42K, in my opinion. Depreciation on a new car sucks, especially after only a couple of months.

Mikael13 | 20 august 2019

Took delivery the exact date. :-)

Yeah price is a tad too high. A brand new one now in the exact same configuration is $50,190 (includes $1,200 destination fee). Deduct federal credit of $1,875 = $48,315 so only a $1,815 discount to the buyer versus new.

I say check CarMax and see what they would offer. Appraisal is free and no pressure to sell.

Good luck!

Teslafast | 20 august 2019

I know. Elon keeps lowering the prices. Good for new buyers, bad for current owners, that might need to sell. I have not seen any used 2019 tesla's for 42k so that might be a little low. ;) Appreciate all the feedback though

RayNLA | 20 august 2019

You have to ask yourself what you would pay for it.
A good price to garner any real interest would probably be 41k
Another argument for ordering a new car would be the guarantee of getting the new self driving computer hardware.
Don’t mean to rain on your parade and totally understand that life changes happen but just being realistic.
Wish you and your family the best

Magic 8 Ball | 20 august 2019

Highest bidder on ebay will determine market price.

andy.connor.e | 20 august 2019

Same i have not seen any used Teslas for less than $43k.

Teslafast | 20 august 2019

I am assuming, on my extensive googling, that a final price will be between 43k and 46k. Or I am just change my mind, "Take your hands off of my Tesla!!!!". Best car ever driven. Too fast for me, it is hard to be responsible and not speed everywhere.

2015P90DI | 20 august 2019

My goodness people have too much time on their hands. Bash this guy for is ASKING price. Most people start off with a price they'd like to get and negotiate from there. It's just an asking price people. No need to bash the guy for putting a price on it. If you're interested in his car, then make him an offer. He either declines or accepts. Very simple. Remember, only Tesla direct sales have a set price that's non-negotiable. Just about every other auto sale involves some form of negotiation.

andy.connor.e | 20 august 2019

why are you selling?

Teslafast | 20 august 2019

Wife decided to switch jobs, go from full time to part time and go to graduate school. Income took a nose dive and expenses went way up.

Vsanva | 20 august 2019

I have AWD with EAP and sadly I think I’d be lucky to get $40k for it , I do have double your mileage.

Good luck if we need to sell we are screwed , the longer you hold it the better off you may be .... good luck and no way am I bashing.

andy.connor.e | 20 august 2019

Gotcha. Dont see why you'd want to hang on to it then. Hope you get what you want for it.

Teslafast | 20 august 2019

Yeah, I will still be able to afford to eat if I do not sell. Just trying to be responsible, at least for the next few years. Wife better get a good because I will probably want a Model Y after she finishes school. :)

Teslafast | 20 august 2019

I should really reread my posts before hitting save.

andy.connor.e | 20 august 2019

I've learned over the years to read my posts at least 2 or 3 times because there are missing words and extra letters i dont remember leaving out or typing.

Firewired | 20 august 2019

I went through selling our X last September and had no luck on Onlyusedtesla despite dropping the price several times. I got quotes from Tesla, Carmax, Carvana, and listed on eBay. I actually got highest quote from Carvana, and ended up selling on eBay for significantly more. I also listed on Autotrader and that was a waste of time, and got tons of calls trying to sell me an upgraded sales package. Hope that helps.

Kary993 | 20 august 2019

I sold an ICE SUV to and was very happy with the process and my final price. You might try them.

jjgunn | 20 august 2019

Give ya $25k for it.

tung1900 | 20 august 2019

I’ll not sell my M3 for now, cause E-long Musk said my car will worth more in value in ten years. Appreciate,not depreciated in Tesla car. That’s y I bought a M3 as an investment.

aaron85 | 20 august 2019

Does the new buyer qualify for fed/state credit for not being first owner? IMO -> 42k
39+10 for long range = 49k, depreciation 7k , 42k . If 2nd owner not qualified for fed/state credit then value may drop more !!

Lonestar10_1999 | 20 august 2019

@OP - I am not sure how the tax incentive works for you as the original purchaser. If you sell the car with less than 12 months of ownership, do you still qualify for the tax incentive? I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer but it’s just something to factor into your decision to sell right away.

shank15217 | 20 august 2019

DO NOT sell your car for financial reasons, if you want to get your monthly payment, I suggest driving for Uber/Lyft part time, renting car on Turo, creating an LLC and leasing to a friend/family. You are taking a massive loss for a temporary loss of income. Don't be a fool.

coleAK | 20 august 2019

What they said^^^

vschampaert | 20 august 2019

...or refinance the car over a longer time, like 78 months or so (check with your credit union). Shank15217 is correct - you would lose way too much in depreciation, especially since tax credits cannot be passed on (and potential buyers know that). Good luck!

2015P90DI | 20 august 2019

@lonestar10_1999. You don't have to keep your car for any specified period of time to claim the federal tax credit. Technically, you're not supposed to buy it with the intention of immediately reselling. Something that is very difficult to prove unless the owner attempted to list the car before taking delivery as many did when they first came out. But beyond that, if you buy the car, hate it and sell it the next day, you are still eligible for the Federal Tax Credit.

As far as the state rebates go, can't speak for every state, but in California, they mandate that you keep the car for three years. If you sell prior to then, they "could" come back and ask you to repay the tax credit. No idea if they actually check up on that? But the rule is clear when applying for that rebate.

I will say to the OP, I completely understand wanting to sell for financial reasons. I guess the only question would be, how much do you drive? Just had a long conversation with a person at the tire shop the other day. His daughter wanted a Tesla, but opted against it because of the "cost". However, as we spoke, he indicated that she spends $600 per month in gas. I pointed out the significant savings by driving an EV for that many miles (36,000 miles per year). He did the math and realized that the "cheaper" gas car actually costs her more per month than the Tesla would have, despite the higher payment. And that was prior to calculating maintenance costs of an ICE car (oil changes, brakes, etc).

Point being, do the math before you sell and put all your miles on an ICE car. If you don't drive that much, then maybe the ICE will be cheaper. But, if you drive over 15,000 miles per year, I think the math starts to add up for the Tesla, especially for those in California where gas prices are stupidly high.

Hope that helps

Teslafast | 22 august 2019

Appreciate all the comments and you make very good polints. I actually do not drive very much, only really 20 to 40 miles a day, typically. We will see.