Short summary to a layperson of why to recommend the Model 3

Short summary to a layperson of why to recommend the Model 3

From time to time, I get asked about the Model 3 and my thoughts on whether I recommend it.
Obviously I do. But I wanted to give a brief compelling summary of the key reasons why this car is so great.
Below is my summary. I am interested in your suggestions on what to include or how to articulate it succinctly

We have owned our Model 3 for almost 1 year now. I had high hopes for this car. So far, it has exceeded them. Here is why this car is by far the best I’ve ever driven:
• No gas. Ever. There are so many reasons why that is great, even if you don’t care about the planet.
• Faster acceleration than a Porsche:
• Safest car ever tested by NHTSA, among many other safety accolades:
• Cost of ownership lower than a Honda Civic:
• Better handling than a BMW:
• Our car started out incredible. But with all of the over-the-air software pushes, our car has gotten even better over time. It is actually *faster* than when we first bought it a year ago, it has *longer* range, it has *shorter* stopping distance, it now leverages the cameras for enhanced security, among MANY other features that we got for free from software updates over the last year.
• The minimalist interior, the full glass roof, and absence of any engine noise makes the cockpit wonderfully zen and relaxing.
• Autopilot is actually pretty great, particularly on long drives. Plus we get ring-side seats to the coming revolution of full self-driving. If I believe Elon, our car will eventually be able to drive itself within my ownership of it. Even if I don’t fully believe Elon, we still will get close. For example, I have this capability today:
• The Tesla Model 3 has a top-notch sound system. I love music and this car is definitely the best listening experience I own.
• The majority of Tesla’s service tickets are solved by over-the-air software pushes. Nobody else in the industry is even close to touching this benefit:
• With the incredibly quick smooth acceleration, excellent handling, and tight accurate steering, the Model 3 is a blast to drive. But it is so much fun in other ways thanks to the useful yet playful software: onboard video games, fart mode (place a virtual whoopie cushion on any seat), romance mode (heat on max, Barry White on the stereo, crackling fireplace on the screen), more cowbell mode, dog mode, Mars mode, Santa mode, sentry mode, Mad Max mode…..and on and on….
The car is not without some foibles. And yes, the upfront cost can be a little more than your average sedan. But this thing is WAY worth it.

Sparky | 20 august 2019

Good summation but a friend of mine was sold on Fart Mode alone.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 august 2019


#1 Reason is fuel at home for me. More quality time at home instead of standing next to a toxic fume dispenser. But, yeah, once we got video games and fart mode there is no turning back.

tung1900 | 20 august 2019

T the T in Tesla got me buying M3.

ejcnj | 20 august 2019

Even more so when colorful custom Tesla decal in on the " T ". Eye catching!!! Saw it on someone's Tesla so I put it on ours too.

ahostmadsen | 20 august 2019

I guess we also bought the M3 because of fart mode! The kids was sold on the M3 once the Tesla person demonstrated it.

gballant4570 | 20 august 2019

I agree with the OP. Almost a year later and the car gets better and better.No more gas station stops. At least for this car....I gotta get rid of the other two ICE.....but I don't put gas in them much any more. I want the Tesla truck. I put a deposit down last week for a fellow in North Carolina to build me an electric boat. I bought a battery electric lawn mower this year, and then a battery operated weed whacker. Next is the leaf blower. Then the boat next year.....

Come on, Elon - where is that truck?

Kary993 | 20 august 2019

Summary is very good. i would add something about range anxiety...or the lack thereof...most people are really worried about that but with the SC network not an issue for the majority of the owners. for those with a garage or house, adding charging at home is the real m8b said, no fumes no waiting!

SamO | 20 august 2019

$5 fillups are the deal sealer.

lbowroom | 20 august 2019

Because after countless hours or research, FISHEV concluded that the Model 3 is the best EV on the market to buy.

M3phan | 20 august 2019

@synfendia, A great summary that I’m going to steal! Like @M8B I love home charging, and am going to put it in your first point about no gas ever. A great summary list for perspective buyers, curiosity seekers and even for FUDster defense.

Zeus140 | 20 august 2019

Also no MUFFLER to go bad,
no OIL changes,
no RADIATOR leaks,
no BRAKE PAD replacements (if you use regen standard mode),
no TRANSMISSION fluid/CLUTCH replacements
fart mode is, of course, the clincher.

rdh37 | 21 august 2019

@zeus140, actually there are air filters. Only they are in the cabin. Other than that, not buying gas and no maintenance schedule (other than tire rotations and every two years) was key for us. Also important, remotely conditioning the cabin. We have a 1 car garage and my wife really prefers keeping her ICE in it. I am fine with that so long as my 3 can be either toasty warm or cool before I get in it. Gotta love the app. Finally, my absolute fav feature is brake hold. Love, love, love it at ridiculously long traffic lights. It is wonderful, especially for those, like me, with arthritis or other joint pain. Really takes some pain away. Then should I mention TACC and or AP in horrid DC traffic? I think you get the idea. Generally I run out of time with people before I finish enumerating all the wonderful things about my 3. Any yes, I do also speak to some of the negatives about the car and Tesla in general. Giving people a balanced review is important. Have a nice day.

TickTock | 21 august 2019

I love this thread. I, too, get asked about it and find myself stammering to remember all the great features. I hope the OP doesn't mind, but I made a more concise version so I could print it out on index card to keep with me (maybe keep a few to give away when asked):

* No gas ever
* Amazing accelelration
* Faster than most cars under $300K
* Better handling than most cars under $300K
* Safest car ever tested by NHTSA
* Cost of ownership lower than Honda Civic or Toyota Camry
* Over-the-air updates
* Minimalist interior
* Autopilot (EAP, TACC)
* Phenomenal (Bang & Olufsen) Sound system
* Made in USA (may not be as compelling for overseas owners :-)
* Super Charger infrastructure
* $5 fillup
* No {oil, brake pad, clutch, spark plugs, oil filter, engine air filter} replacement

TickTock | 21 august 2019

Can I safely say faster and better handling than *all* stock cars under $300K?

synfendia | 21 august 2019

Great feedback, gang. Much appreciated!

httran26 | 21 august 2019

Don't forget no longer need to mess with the dealer.

I also have a BMW i3. The 12v battery went bad. Dealer wants $500+ for it to be replaced. I bought the battery and replaced it myself. Now I need to register the battery (tell the car it's a new battery so it will charge correctly). One dealer wanted $150 to register and another wants $60. Screw them. I'm buying an OBD device for $90 to do it myself.

I'm annoyed the car company is in cohoots with the dealers. Why would they create a setting that requires a dealer visit. Mofo.

httran26 | 21 august 2019

Look at how the software has changed over the years which we all get.

alexmd2 | 21 august 2019

Charging at home, no maintenance and AP does it for me.

bddaughe | 21 august 2019

@httran26, wow! Thanks for sharing. I hadn't seen some of the earliest iterations. Of if I did, I've already forgotten! haha

ICEMELT | 21 august 2019

Love this thread!

DirkFirkin | 21 august 2019

Very simply, to be driving what the rest of the world will be driving in 10 years‘ time. End of...

Sasquatch2001 | 21 august 2019

I think people still curious about EVs and Teslas don't really pay attention to the environmental reasons, they just get heard somewhere that there is a company called Tesla that makes electric cars... wonder how that can inform the "elevator pitch" we make to them? Also, dispelling the crazy lies in the media etc is another part of the pitch unfortunately. What does twitter have to do with the car I drive???

Clyffe3 | 21 august 2019

Love all of these. I also like not having to lock or unlock the car or start/ turn off. No keys to carry around. Just walk up, drive, (or not!- let it do the work!) And just walk away when done.

finman100 | 21 august 2019

my Model 3 volume adjustment (far right of the touchscreen) goes left and right. version 24.4.

tonyhd727 | 21 august 2019

This thread is great, we need more threads like this!

I love my model 3, I think its the greatest thing I have ever spent money on.

So fun and cheap to drive!!

All the reasons previously listed here and

Brake Hold
Phone as key! with app support!!!
Massive storage for sedan of its size!

Range anxiety is not real (I have Performance). Plenty of supercharges, home charging is the best! (only downside i still visit the gas station to clean my windshield lol)
V2 supercharging already so FAST! can add 150 + miles of range in 20 minutes and V3 still to come! Stopping to use the bathroom or stretch you legs every few hours is not a big deal. Gas stations are not instant!

TickTock | 21 august 2019

Oh yeah. Sentry mode and Tesla Cam.

aaron85 | 21 august 2019

* No gas ever
* Amazing accelelration
* Faster than most cars under $300K
* Better handling than most cars under $300K
* Safest car ever tested by NHTSA
* Cost of ownership lower than Honda Civic or Toyota Camry
* Over-the-air updates
* Minimalist interior
* Autopilot (EAP, TACC)
* Phenomenal (Bang & Olufsen) Sound system
* Made in USA (may not be as compelling for overseas owners :-)
* Super Charger infrastructure
* $5 fillup
* No {oil, brake pad, clutch, spark plugs, oil filter, engine air filter} replacement
+* Use tesla app to do whole bunch of things : lock/unlock/heat/temp control/schedule roadside assistance/schedule service appt/Use dashcam , sentrymode to help monitoring your car/ basically list is endless, what you can do with this car
+* There is always a smile when you leave every other car behind on the signal whereas your tesla has reached next :)
Lets keep updating this list till we can list all the things this car can do for you !!

bfenster | 21 august 2019

Ha - I just sent a list yesterday to my brother who asked what I thought of my 3. Lots of similarities. Here are a few additions, or things that are similar but that I worded differently:
- always leave house with a “full tank”
- >300 miles (for some reason, most people don’t know this)
- 20min “fill up” (w/ 200 kW chargers)
- Supercharger network easier to use than gas stations
- Low maintenance & repair costs (no lubricants/filters & 100X fewer moving parts than an ICE)
- Handling most often compared to Porsche Cayman (low center of gravity & best polar moment of inertia)
- Autopilot that is constantly getting better (esp driving tired, long trips, wine tasting)
- Surprisingly large interior - similar interior volume & luggage capacity to CUV
- great for any size person (I fit great @ 6’6”)

don.lind | 21 august 2019

Good lists...

@Zeus140 and others

You left out some common longer-term ICE issues that aren't "a thing" on a Tesla:
no Catalytic Converter to replace
no Muffler to replace
no Exhaust Manifold to replace
no automatic transmission to replace (not the fluid, the whole stinkin' transmission)
no alternator to replace

And, no SMOG checks - ever.

SO many things can and do go wrong with ICEs... I did all of that stuff and more on a 8 year old Equinox over the past couple of years. OK, well, the alternator was on a 2001 Suzuki.

synfendia | 21 august 2019

Honestly, it was this cartoon by "The Oatmeal" that initially caught my interest in Tesla several years ago. It does a fantastic job of spelling out the virtues of owning a Tesla (albeit, a Model S):

Effopec | 21 august 2019

The top one that gets people's interest is when I say that I charge at home and get about 40 miles from $1 of electricity (I pay around $0.10/kWh), which is equivalent cost as 100 mpg at $2.50/gal.

If I can charge at work it's free
If I go shopping at Whole Foods or others it's free
If I stay at a hotel with a complimentary charger (which I try to do) it's free
If I charge at a Supercharger it's about 20 miles/$1, so still cheaper than gas

I went on a ~400 mile road trip for business a few weeks ago. My sales guy would normally drive but I volunteered (and he was excited to ride in the 3). It cost me about $13 in supercharging. I got reimbursed $234 for personal car mileage. Just need to do that 13 more times to pay for the FSD I ordered last week.

FISHEV | 21 august 2019

1. It's an EV and we all need to be switching to non-emissions vehicles.
2. It's US made good for US economy and jobs.

After that it is what EV features best fit the person's requirements. Talking people into Tesla's when a Leaf or an Ioniq will do better for their economic and driving needs actually works against Tesla's mission of converting transportation to EV's to cut green house gas emissions.

Joshan | 21 august 2019

I think people can decide what they can afford without going to a forum. They come here to learn about Tesla not figure out if they can afford a Leaf.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 21 august 2019

Talking people into a BOLT, LEAF, IONIQ, or I-Pace when a Tesla will do better for their mind, body, soul, demeanor, driving style, and spiritual outlook on Life, the Universe, and Everything would be a severe disservice to the very concept of Friendship.

'Friends Don't Let Friends Drive POS EVs.'

RubyRed | 21 august 2019

We should add the amazing, and quite useful, Summon feature, which will also only get better over time. I showed this feature to a friend, whom I had never heard say a curse before. After he saw the car start up and move itself, with no one behind the wheel, he said quite a few not so nice words...over and over again.

KAM6 | 21 august 2019

This is a great thread because people know Tesla exists but they don't even consider it as a legitimate alternative. The most amazing thing for me so far is that there is really no sacrifice involved in switching to a Tesla.

nhunguyen | 21 august 2019

You are hired!
By the way don’t tell them the seats are terrible!


KAM6 | 21 august 2019

There seats are terrible? That was the first thing I was impressed with... To each their own I suppose.

kevin_rf | 21 august 2019

Simple, it's red, it's shiny, and it goes fast... Sell's the Model 3 every time!!!

nhunguyen | 21 august 2019

@kamitchell, need Advil every tine for a long trip, SJ to LA!

TickTock | 22 august 2019

I often squeeze all three of my kids in the back and the one in the middle loves that there is no hump in the middle of the floor back there like our other cars.

TickTock | 22 august 2019

My updated talking points list:

Tesla Model 3:
• Amazing acceleration
• Faster and better handling that cars costing over 5X
• Safest car ever tested by NHTSA (lowest probability of injury)
• >300 miles range
• Autopilot (EAP, TACC, Lane assist, NOA)
• Cost of ownership lower than Honda Civic or Toyota Camry
• Over-the-air updates
• Minimalist interior
• Phenomenal (Bang & Olufsen) Sound system
• Made in USA (may not be as compelling for overseas owners :-)
• Super Charger infrastructure. 20 minute "fillup"
• the frunk
• No emissions inspection
• Sentry mode - already caught many criminals and miscreants.
• Tesla Cam - the final word on what really happened should you have a mishap with another driver
• TeslaApp - lock/unlock doors/trunk/frunk, ac control, roadside assistance, service, etc.
• Emissions mode, games, easter eggs, etc
• No hump in the floor in the back

EV's in general:
• No gas ever, <2 cents per mile (AZ SRP off-peak rates), full tank every morning
• Free charging at various venues
• Paired with solar --> true zero emissions
• Low maintenance. No {oil, brake pad, clutch, spark plugs, oil filter, engine air filter, etc.} replacement.

calvin940 | 22 august 2019

I agree with all of the great reasons to have bought one.

The best one for me was my 9 year old daughter saying to me "Dad, I am glad you bought the Tesla. I don't want to have a car that pollutes our planet."

Kids are very aware of what is happening around us. Sometimes more than we are. She will also be completely right after we get our solar panels next month.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 22 august 2019

calvin940: Children just 'get it'. I knew at age four that I didn't like tobacco smoke. I knew instinctively at age six that electric cars would simply be better. I learned at age eight that tobacco smoke was responsible for lung disease, emphysema, and caused Cancer. I was also eight when I learned that pollution from oil spills, burning coal, and similar industrial activities were bad for the environment. I nearly cry today every time I see someone younger than me lighting up a cigarette or proudly revving a HEMI.

synfendia | 22 august 2019

I forgot this one: Teslas are 90% less likely to be stolen.

Madatgascar | 24 august 2019

I always add to my list that they are the most reliable cars. People hear and believe the FUD and it needs to be dispelled. Don’t care what they may have heard in the media or Consumer Reports, it’s all a massive smear campaign. I have owned 6 of them now, all but the first trouble-free - not a statistically significant sampling, but good enough for me to be comfortable in my recommendation.

After I tell people I have driven nothing but Teslas for the last 6 years, the most common question is “how long do they take to charge?” To which I always respond, “I have no idea,” and wait for the light bulb to go on.

rxlawdude | 24 august 2019

"fart mode is, of course, the clincher."

Wouldn't a clincher NOT fart? ;-)

SamO | 25 august 2019


TickTock | 18 oktober 2019

This was a great thread - been a while so I thought I'd give it a bump to see if anyone has more to add.

FISHEV | 18 oktober 2019

I tell folks I love it, hate it.

For someone considering an EV and not deep into the details of EV's, I tell them to steer clear of the Model 3 unless they are committed enough to the "Tesla Way" of doing things from service to car operations. You really have to be committed to EV's. I do suggest that Model X and S are bit more conventional if they can afford it.

Turo'd an X and S for friend looking at EV. They hated the big screens, the gull wings in the X and some of the Telsaness and ended up with an e-Tron which they love.

Better folks get an EV they'll love vs. getting one that will turn them off to EV's. One co-worker had original Model S and gave it up due to being in shop too much. He went to F-Pace as did his partner. Two possible i-Pace sales.

For a pure driver, they'll love it's performance and ride as long as they don't value adaptive cruise, lane keeping, blind side indicators and rear cross traffic alerts that they may have come to appreciate on their other cars.

I let them drive mine and point out the AP issues I have (random braking has lost Tesla a couple sales for sure as it freaks people out) I have. It may or may not be important to them.

1. Great performance. Fun and guilt free driving is back.
2. Looks good.
3. Is EV so no emissions or oil wars.


4. AP functions quirky to non-existent.
5. Range and charging issues (true for all EV's)
6. Single screen control issues (lights, heat, wipers, should have dedicated controls)
7. Future issues. The MCU failure issue at four years, battery degradation (again all EVs)